So after a while playing with Sword & Shield, I managed to get my hands on the Devil May Cry event and finish it with several red orbs that allow me to craft Dante’s armor set – minus the wig of course. While I don’t have the full set, a rare drop of Odogaron’s gem allow me to craft the weapon in the set – Dante’s Devil Sword which is a Charge Blade in disguise. I decided to give this weapon a try, as it’s quite popular in the Monster Hunter. Here is my Monster Hunter World Charge Blade Guide for the hunters who want to try out this weapon.

This will cover the basic moveset, advanced tactics and list out some recommendation skills & weapons for your liking. At the end of this post, I will also introduce the “Thunder Knight” build where we utilize the Sparda’s Sword to hunt monsters.


I did give a quick look at Charge Blade back then when Monster Hunter World release:

Monster Hunter World – Morphin Time!

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade is classified as a technical weapon in Monster Hunters, meaning you will need to learn some “techniques” to master the weapons. To start, let’s take a quick look at these icons you got on the screen when picking yourself a new shiny charge blade.

Charge Blade Guide - Phials
There are 5 phials as default

This basically the UI to indicate your Charge Blade current power or status. You can quickly notice the phials, a Shield and a Sword icon on this. In the beginning, these phials will be shown as empty. More on this below:

Basic Attacks & Combo

Sword Mode

  • Basic combo (Guard Point)


This basic combo is quick, easy to perform and end with a roundhouse slash. A well-balanced combo to start an assault.

  • Charged Slash – Charge Attack [1]


During attack if you hold Circle, the hunter will perform a pull like motion to draw the energy and throw out a double slash, this is more powerful than the normal attack and also your first attack to charge the blade quickly (Every attack in sword mode will charge up the phials, but some will provide a faster rate)

  • Slide Attack (Guard Point)

L Analog -Any DirectionaddCircle(during an attack)

During Sword mode attacks, if you incorporate the input with Circle, the hunter will slide in any direction ranger style and perform a roundhouse slash. Quick to execute and also serve as a cool looking “dash” attack. It does take some time to get used to this though.

  • Forward Slash


Simple as the name, a quick slash forward using the sword, this can be used to initiate the fight and be a starter for subsequent attacks.

  • Shield Thrust – Charge Attack [2]

(During attacks)TriangleaddCircle

If you press both buttons during a combo string this will initiate a quick thrust using your shield, this is your second attack to charge the phials.

  • Roundhouse Slash (Guard Point)

(After Double Slash or any strong attack) Triangle

This is the same as the last attack of the basic combo, this roundhouse slash is stronger than the normal attacks and is also trigger Guard Point.

  • Morph Slash (Guard Point)

R2 + Triangle

As the name state, this will morph your sword and shield into the axe and perform an overhead slash using the axe. This can serve as a quick method to change the form of the weapon while you are in need. At the beginning of this attack, your shield is also presented in front of the character hence it will also a Guard Point.

Axe Mode 

Here it is, the classic animation that starts it all, who thought a shield and a sword can be combined?

To change to Axe mode, you can press R2 during neutral position or use Morph Slash to quickly form the axe.

  • Vertical Attacks


Two simple upswing using the Axe. This is an infinite combo but is very slow and pretty situational. If you want to hit some flying monsters, use this.

  • Element Slash


Using the power stored in the Phials unleash the element attacks using Axe mode. Each swing will release the elemental attribute of the weapon.

  • Amped Element Discharge (AED)


The ultimate attack of monster hunter world Charge Blade. This will cost all of your phials for one powerful swing to the monster. The animation is super badass but also give a lot of opening if not use at the right time.

  • Super Amped Element Discharge (SAED)

TriangleaddCircle (while Shield is already Charged)

This is the upgrade version of the AES only accessible when you shield is charged (more below)

  • Roundhouse slash (Guard Point)

(During Axe mode) R2

During Axe mode, R2 will trigger the roundhouse slash and morph back to Sword Mode.

Charge Moves

  • Charge Up the power:

R1 +  Circle 

Using the shield as the holder, your sword energy will be charged into the phials, ready for discharge later.

  • Charge energy to your shield (Guard Point)

During AED Transition R2 

Given that you have the phials filled, during your normal Amped Element Discharge move, pressing R2 will trigger a roundhouse slash that morphs the axe back in to the sword and charge up your shield. This also triggers a UI effect where all your stored phials are put into the shield and shield icon will show up like this:

MHW Charge Blade Guide - Shield Charged
  • Condensed Element Slash (Charge Energy to your sword)

During Charge up R1 +  Circle TransitionTriangle (hold) 

New to MHW is the sword icon next to the shield – which means you can charge it up as well! But this can only be trigger while your shield is charged and glowing red. While in this state, hitting R2 + O again and holding Triangle in this animation will then result in an Overhead slash with the Sword.

Remember to release Triangle when the sword glow! Otherwise, this will result in a simple upswing.

If you have your shield charged, this attack will dish out elemental similar to the Axe Elemental attacks but in Sword form. After this, your sword icon will glow as well. This will also grant you the Mind Eye effect – meaning your attacks won’t be bounce anymore – handy.

Sword Charged.png
Both the sword & shield are charged, ready for your use!

This will strengthen your sword attacks and shield block. This in turn complete the introduction on why this is called a “Charge” Blade

Advance Attacks & Tactics

The key to using Monster Hunter World Charge Blade is to master the Charge mechanic of this weapon. During sword mode, the phials will begin to glow changing from white to bright red.

When its red, all the attacks will be bounced off – as the energy is at it’s peak. This is where you should perform the Charge and put all those energy into the phials for later use.

The general flow is like this:

Perform Sword mode attacks >> Phials glow red >> Shield Charge >> Unleash Elemental Slash (situational)/ or continue attacking >> Unleash SAED…

There are two moves that can get you to the “charged” state very quickly: The Double Slash and Shield Thrust. Most hunters will use these two attacks as a combo to charge the phials. Below are some combo to charge

Charge Combo

To effectively using the CB, a number of combo is needed to charge your phials quickly

  • Forward Slash >> Double Slash >> Roundhouse slash >> Double Slash …


This combo can be initiated really quick when the fight start allow you to get some phials before continuing the fight. This also can be looped infinitely. However, as this roundhouse slash will move the character forward, make sure to utilize it at the correct time.

  • Shield Thrust >> Double Slash >> … 

(During attack) TriangleaddCircleTransitionCircle(hold)TransitionTriangleaddCircleTransitionCircle(hold)…

This can be loop infinitely and is one of the great way to charge your blade, you can also get used to the Shield Thrust to later unleash the SAED right off this combo when needed.

Tips: During these attacks, remember you have a slide attacks that can be trigger any time by input L Analog -Any DirectionaddCircle This maneuver will help to dodge and repositioning yourself. If you notice this is also a roundhouse slash meaning you can trigger the Guard Point as well.

(Super) Amped Element Discharge (AED/SAED)

These two attacks are the most powerful attacks of Charge Blade and is a signature move for this weapon. However, if you are used to the quick flow weapons like Sword & Shield/ Dual Blades… This process can get quite frustrating and take a long time to get the learning curves. Below are the most common way Charge Blade players used to unleash this move.

  • Forward Slash >> Shield Thrust >> AED/ SAED

TriangleaddCircle(Forward Slash)TransitionTriangleaddCircle(Shield Thrust)TransitionTriangleaddCircle AED/SAED

During Shield Thrust you can go directly to AED by pressing both Triangle & Circle one more time. This also one of the easiest way to go straight to AED/ SAED from Sword Mode. If the monster somehow escape this, you can either cancel this by pressing R2 (Morph back to Sword with an roundhouse slash) Remember to press R2 right at the beginning, otherwise, the motion will continue.

  • Element Slash >> AED/ SAED (Axe mode)


If you follow the element slash to the end, this will trigger the AED/ SAED. This attacks deal great damage but should be used when there is guarantee that you got no interruption, as the combo take quite sometime to recover and give out lot of vulnerabilities.

  • Morph Slash >> AED/ SAED

(In Sword Mode) TransitionR2 + TriangleTransitionTriangleaddCircle

During sword mode, if you want to sneak in an overhead axe slash, and go straight through to AED, this is your go to move. This also trigger the Guard Point (more to this below)

Guard Point(s)

One of the special traits of the Charge Blade, this trait allow you to block attacks during your combo, given the timing is right. In World, this ability is described briefly as “blocking frame” in the weapons guide.

Quite complicated if you ask me. To sum up, you will get Guard Points in certain attacks

  • At the end of the roundhouse slash
  • At the beginning of the Morph Slash

Basically, It’s when your shield is present in front of the character. If the monster attacks at this time, You will automatically block the attack, reflect damage (if the shield is charged) And if your phial type is Impact, it is capable of stunning the monster. One thing worth mention is that this “block” is stronger than your normal block (have +2 Guard bonus)

The interesting part is what you can do right at this moment. Normally, hunters will go straight to the AED/SAED

This does take sometime to get use to the mechanism though. It’s best to practice with monster that prefer to charge cough…Diabl…cough I did have some pretty good training session with him and his mate.

Play Style & Builds

The most powerful attack of the Charge Blade are coming from the Super Amped Element Charge attacks (SAED) With that in mind you will want to maximize this attack damage as much as possible.

With that said, the below skills are widely accepted by hunters as core skills of CB.

  • Artillery – Strengthens explosive attacks like gunlance shells, Wyvern’s Fire, charge blade phial attacks, and sticky ammo.

This skill will strengthen those tiny phial blasts when you perform the AED/SAED. With 30% (lvl 3 Artillery) this boost your DPS by a great deal

  • Capacity Boost – Increases the Gunlance’s shell capacity and charge blade’s phial capacity

1 level increase a new phial to your existing phials. This give you additional damage as well as time for your shield charge

  • Focus – Increases the fill rate for weapons with gauges and the charge rate for weapons with charge attacks.

This speed up the charge time for your phials (meaning it will turn red more quickly) as well as shorten the time for the Double Slash and Condensed Element Slash (20% at level 3) as both are charged attacks.

  • Non-Elemental Boost – Powers up non-elemental weapons you have equipped.

This is a special armor skill you get when equipping 4 pieces of Diablo Armor Set (Both Negro and the normal set give out this bonus)

Of course, there are still other skills that can be put in to suit your playstyle and further empower the DPS of this technical weapon.

  • Attack Boosts – Pretty straightforward, increase your attack damage by an amount, however, try to aim for the “sweet spot” . Level 4 Attack Boosts will increase your affinity as well (Monster Hunter critical chance)
  • Critical Eye – Increase Affinity directly (3% each level until level 4, after that it will be 5%)
  • Agitator – Increase attack power when monsters become enraged – I never see any calm monsters when being poked in the ass. This will give you attack power (Start at 4 and increase by 4 per level) and affinity rate (starting from 3% and increase by 3% per level) This skill can be obtained from the infamous discs cover monsters – Nergigante or the Challenger Charm.

Sharpness boosts

  • Handicraft – Increase sharpness by 10 each level (Max at 50 – Level 5) This boost your damage by 32% (At white level sharpness) The more sharpness you have, the better. But not all weapons can achieve white sharpness even with this skill.
  • Protective Polish – You get this from Odogaron set (4 pieces) or the Sharp Jewel (Level 2) The jewel is pretty hard to get thanks to RNG. This is a true end game skill.

Guard Points improvement

  • Guard/ Guard Up – In case  Guard Point has been your main arsenal, these skills will boosts the blocking ability to a new height, allow you to easily counter with the AED/SAED.

Bonus Armor Skill

  • Maximum Might – Increase Affinity while stamina is full (10%/lvl cap at 30%)
  • Peak Performance – Increase Damage when your health is full. This is recommend when you already augment weapon with health. Otherwise, it’s require more skill to dodge and block.

“Thunder Knight” – Build sample

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Thunder Knight

For my Charge Blade experience, I personally use the Dante’s Devil Sword most of the time, as it’s is the most powerful Charge Blade I have at time. After some hands on experience and research. This build provide a pretty decent damage from both the normal attack and the AED/SAED

Just as in previous post, in case you want to know how to build set from the beginning check out this quick walkthrough.

Walking your way to High-Rank

In Monster Hunter World. The journey from HR 1 to HR 16 (23 in some case if you spend lot of time hunting monsters instead of progress) can be done via the main story pretty easily. For Charge Blade or any other weapons, after mastering the basic moveset, you will need some basic weapons to get the job done.

If you want a quick run-down on Monster Hunter World basic – check out my post here: Monster Hunter: World – Hunting 101

In previous post of Sword & Shield – MHW Sword & Shield Guide I mentioned the Jagras weapons tree. This time, for Charge Blade, the focus is a little different.

During the story, you also encounter Diablo. You will surely meet this guy a lot if you want to master the Charge Blade. Diablo at low rank is a formidable monsters for new players, but it will provide some training for his moveset (Charging, Tail Swing, Head Swing…)

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Diablos Fight
One of the classic monster of Monster Hunter universe

You will surely need to meet this guy at High Rank, as Diablo provides the material for the Diablo Set. This armor set will grant you the Non-Elemental Boos. One of the best armor skill for Charge Blade user.

Charge Blade Guide - Non Elemental Boost

I personally don’t use this set, due to the look of it 🙂 I will wait for the RNG to roll me the charm instead.

When you first joining the High Rank – your main goal should be getting the essentials items to make the hunter stronger. One of the first thing the game won’t tell (or very ambiguous) is the Power/ Armor Charm items.

These little items can be purchased in the Tradeyard shop. You can also upgrade these two items with Bazelgeuse part – which mean this flying-dropping-bombs monster should be your first priority target for HR.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Bazelguese
Bazelguese – the first HR monster you need to spend some time hunting

After this bomb dropping guys, your next target should be HR Diablo. This is to get the material for the strongest Charge Blade in the game – the Diablo Tyrannis II.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Diablos

But that’s not all, Diablo has it’s own classic color variant, and Diablo Tyrannis II require both of them to craft.

Actually this weapon is a very common use for Charge Blade user due to it’s all around versatility. However, if you like something else, feel free to grab it. The best weapon is the one you love!

To me personally, the purpose of fighting the Diablo family is to familiar with the blocking mechanic of the Charge Blade. Or more precisely, for the Guard Points learning.

This monster like to charge a lot and is able to deal exceptional damage to hunters. With that said, if you want to practice your Guard Points skill, this is a great target. You will surely have some great session with this “trainer” in the Wildspire GYM.

And again, you will also face the Nergigante. This monster provides some way of testing your skill during High Rank, and provide the materials/ parts needed for some highest DPS weapons in game. Actually it’s pretty sweet for Capcom to create a monster that can be used for any builds. The weapons and armor from this guy is pretty dope.

After these monsters you may already familiar with the Charge Blades. Your next target is the RNG systems – The All fathers of the monsters in Monster Hunter World. Need that particular gems? Just keep hunting and praying…

With everything setup out of the way, let’s see what parts make up this build:

Armor Set

Here is how the armor skills look like

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Popular Skills

You can easily notice that Artillery is not part of this build. This is mainly because I don’t have the jewels or charms for this skill at the time. The armor that give you this skill is the Anja, Dodogama & Lumu. All these sets have variation that give you 3 level of this skill.

Keep that in mind that Artillery and Raw Damage buff is the “curren meta” of Charge Blade build. This approach will empower both the SAED/ AED and your normal attacks. But as I don’t like the look of those above armor. I personally choose this. I will definitely test other variant and give you an update later.

This set contains three pieces of Nergigante Armor – Hands, Waist & Leg. This provides the following key Armor Skills:

  • Agitator Level 3 – Grant attack +12 & 9% Affinity when monster is in Rage mode
  • Attack Boost Level 3 – Grant attack +12 and 5% Affinity
  • Maximum Might Level 1 – Increase affinity by 10% when stamina is full. A nice addition to this set.

With three pieces, we also earn the Set Bonus skill below:

  • Nergigante Hunter – Regenerate HP as the hunter continuously attack the monster.

For Head Armor, I go with Dragonking Eyepatch Alpha –  a safe choice when it’s come to High Rank armor, this provide you with tone level 3 slot which can give you some more customization.

  • Weakness Exploit Level 2 – 30% Affinity when you hit weak spots. Pretty decent already.

Damacus Mail alpha is my Chest Armor. This provide with another core skill:

  • Focus Level 2 – Increase Gauge fill rate by 20% and reduces charge times by 20%
  • Defense Boost Level 2 – Some more defense!

Some variations:

  1. You can switch the Waist Armor for Damascus Coil Beta (add one more level of Focus and three Lvl 1 Gem slots) as well.
  2. Damacus Mail Beta also provide you with 2 level of Focus while add in three lvl 1 Gem slots. This enables opportunities for other utilities skill. But it doesn’t have the cape!!

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Damacus Mail

Charms and Jewels

Follow other builds this is  basically your side kick for the main set. I personally use Charms as an add in for the build. However, most of the “good” armor skills Charms are pretty late game. It will take you quite sometime to get all the needed components.

In this case, depend on your choices, any decoration that help enhance the above Core skill is possible. I personally use the Capacity Charm for one point in Capacity Boost – add one more phial (extra damage)

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Capacity Charm

You can also equip Exploiter Charm to maximize the Weakness Exploit but it’s entirely your call. 🙂

For Jewels, as I don’t have many end games Jewels yet, it’s pretty a hit or miss, I add one attack jewel to the weapon to get Level 4 Attack Boosts, and one Thunder Attack boosts to the weapon as well.

As best jewels only happen in late game, it may take some of your time to find these shiny decorations. Basically the end game content is just to get these sweet loot!


I have just compiled a list of my favorite Charge Blades here! Monster Hunter World Top Charge Blades Take a quick look and decide what suit you the most!

As mentioned from the start, what bring me to the Charge Blade is the Dante’s Devil Sword, which you can get from the Event Mission Code: Red

As Summer Festival is on-going now. If you want to get this weapon and Dante’s Armor set, now is the time! Check out my previous post on the detail of this event:

Monster Hunter: World, the Devil Hunters enter the battle!

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Dante's Devil Sword

This is one of the events that doesn’t give a medicore armor/ weapon. Dante’s Devil Sword stat is pretty good, starting with 720 Base damage, in cope with two gem slots and a 150 in Thunder element. Finally, its hold Impact Phial which can give KO damages.

If you want to give MHW Charge Blade a chance and somehow don’t have the materials needed for some of the end-game gear out of the box. This is your choice. While it’s not offer the best potential for Charge Blade as true damage from Non-elemental boosts It’s enough to get you familiar with the powerful Charge Blade.

In Summary, you should opt for the highest raw damage Charge Blade on the tree. If you take a quick look around, Diablos Charge Blade or officially name Diablos Tyrannis II is a pretty common choice for Charge Blade user.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Diablos Charge Blade

This is mainly because of the number, 828 Damage is the biggest number of Charge Blade today. Combine this with Non-elemental Boosts and Artillery you surely got yourself a cannon. The downside of this is the minus Affinity (-30%) Meaning you will need to sacrifice some slot for Affinity skill boosts.

Again, Nergigante weapon and Devil Jo is also a great choice. Provide good damage with some Dragon element, make those two one of the best for hunting Dragons.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Nergigante Charge Blade
Nergigante provide good weapons for almost any builds


Monster Hunter World Charge Blade earn it’s place as one of the popular weapons in Monster hunter World. This is thanks to the looks and the mechanism behind it. Above cover all the basic things you can do with this technical weapon, as well as the Armor Skills you need to use Monster Hunter World Charge Blade to it’s fullest.

Of course it will not provide the best build as I am still on my way for 400 hours of Monster Hunter: World. I believe it provides enough information for anyone who want to pick this weapon. Feel free to comment what I miss, I will surely update this frequently if there are new updates.

Check out my Monster Hunter World Weapons Guides here:

Have some ideas? Please share!