Monster Hunter World – Best Dual Blades [Updated 2019 – Pre MHW Iceborne]

Looking for the best Dual Blades for MHW Iceborne? This is a quick compilation for the current Best Dual Blades in Monster Hunter: World Meta (Pre-Iceborne) Current best MHW Dual Blades: Zireael Kjárr Dagger "[Insert Element here]"  Taroth Dagger "[Insert Element here]" - Often used when you don't have Kjarr version Wrathful Predation. Some blast…

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MHW Iceborne – New Elder Dragon and Weapon Updates

MHW Iceborne changes confirmed so far: Monsters come back from the previous series: Barioth, Brachydios, Glavenus, Nargacuga Velkana is the main Elder Dragon for this expansion Namielle, a completely new Elder Dragon. This Elder Dragon specializes in the Water element. Monsters Subpiece will include Nightshade Paolumu (Sleep) Ebony Odogaron (Dragon), Viper Tobikadachi,  Fulgur Anjanath, Acidic…

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne – Viper Tobi Kadachi

Game Informer just dropped another gameplay video of MHW Iceborne, making the hype for the upcoming Iceborne expansion go to a new level. The video show an additional two more subspecies monsters (Previously it was Odogaron and Anjanath) You can check out the awesome video here.   MHW Iceborne Tobi Kadachi The first monster…

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Iceborne Weapon Guides

Monster Hunter World – Ultimate Guide To Iceborne Weapon Changes [Video Included]

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Expansion will be released on September 6th for console players.  Check out the latest changes here! Not sure how your belove weapon got upgrade in MHW Iceborne Expansion? I have listed out all the changes for 14 weapons in the latest expansion from Capcom. You can also see how it work…

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