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Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade Guide
The best weapon for solo play? Charge Blade is back with the many quality of life upgrades in Monster Hunter Rise.
MHW Meta Charge Blade Builds [Fatalis + AT Velkhana Meta]
Updated Charge Blade (CB) Build Guide. True Fatalis Charger is the king!
Monster Hunter World – Top Charge Blades [Updated 2019 – Pre Iceborne]
With the current meta, the best Charge Blades are as below: Elementless Build (Impact Phial) Diablo Tyrannis II  Taroth Strongarm “Horn” – Basically Diablo Tyrannis II with gold plating and higher defense.  Elemental Charge Blade (Power Element Phial) Kjárr Strong Arm “Ice” (vs Behemoth, Lunastra)  Kjárr Strong Arm “Spark” (Nergigante, Kulve Taroth phase 1 to...
Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds
{:en}So after a while playing with Sword & Shield, I managed to get my hands on the Devil May Cry event and finish it with several red orbs that allow me to craft Dante’s armor set – minus the wig of course. While I don’t have the full set, a rare drop of Odogaron’s gem...

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