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Monster Hunter World – Heavy Bowgun Guide and Builds [Updated 2019 With HBG Meta builds]
So I returned to Monster Hunter World after a long break, and check out what I am going to do next. This time I want to change the pace a little bit, covering these two babies in the next two posts MHW Heavy Bowgun and Light Bowgun - which I haven't dared to pick up since playing Monster Hunter World. 
Monster Hunter World – Gunlance Guide & Builds [Updated 2019 – Pre MHW Iceborne]
This is just updated as the current meta has changed. If you are looking for a best GunLance builds now, Check out the GunLance Meta Builds section below. GunLance has also got an update on the moveset in the upcoming MHW Iceborne release (26 – September for Consoles) Did you check it out?  Looking for...
Monster Hunter World – Bow Guide & Builds
Hello again, continue off with my detailed guides streak. Today we will go through one of the beloved weapons of the series – The Bow! This also introducing two different builds for this weapon – The Azure Dragoon and Tyrant Archer. If you haven’t read my previous build for Insect Glaive, here is the link!...
Monster Hunter World – Insect Glaive Guides and Builds
Overview Insect Glaive – A Weapon of two parts, the glaive and the kinsect – use to gather extract depend on the part of the monster you hit. Sound cool, but is it hard to use? Let’s find out! If you take a look at my initial post for this weapons in Monster Hunter World –...
Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds
{:en}So after a while playing with Sword & Shield, I managed to get my hands on the Devil May Cry event and finish it with several red orbs that allow me to craft Dante’s armor set – minus the wig of course. While I don’t have the full set, a rare drop of Odogaron’s gem...
Monster Hunter World – Sword and Shield Guide and Meta Builds [Updated 2019]
In the mean time, check out the best Iceborne Sword and Shield so far! MHW Iceborne Expansion will be released on September 6th for Consoles! The Sword and Shield this time has a new combo. Do you know how to perform a Perfect combo for SnS?   MHW Sword and Shield is a weapon with...
E3 2018 – Playstation Recap – What to expect for our library?
PlayStation Conference at E3 is a huge success for Sony fans, and once again confirm that PlayStation still hold its place when its come to exclusive AAA titles, thanks to the effort of the developer's company and the support of SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment).
NIOH – BUILDS – The Man with the Guardian Spirits – Living Weapon
At the beginning, Living Weapon often associate with Kusarigama and the infamous "Blade Spin" skill. However, after the nerf from Koei Tecmo, that build has been faded for a while, after some careful testing by players, Odachi came up as a viable weapon - if not best for Living Weapon. This is also because of the speed increase in Living Weapon for Odachi, as well as Moonlit Snow can be used even in LW mode.
NIOH – BUILDS- Moonlight Swordsman – Odachi
Today, we will add another "sword" style to the Sword family - the Odachi, new weapon added in Dragon of the North DLC.  This build focus on your ability to take over your opponent in an aggressive way. So if you like tanking mobs, this is the build for you.

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