MHW Iceborne Weapons

MHW Iceborne expand the weapon tree to the whole rarity 12! And each one comes with a new unique look and deliver more power than ever. Make sure you pick the right weapon for your next fight!

MHW Builds | Hammer Build Guide [Pre Fatalis]
A compilation of MHW Iceborne Hammer Build. This will guide you toward the final update of Iceborne expansion - The Fatalis!
MHW Iceborne SnS Build [Pre Fatalis]
Want to stop bashing the monster skull and playing some melodies for the team? Or doing both at the same time? Check out the current best Hunting Horns for MHW iceborne as well as the best Hunting Horns Meta build in this post.
What is the current Heavy Bowgun Build meta in Monster Hunter World Iceborne? Check out all possible Heavy Bowgun builds as well as the best HBG in MHW right now.
A revisit to Light Bowgun build with the latest meta Kulve Taroth. The Taroth "Blitz" Support returned?
MHW Iceborne Best Hunting Horn [Updated 2020]
Best Iceborne Hunting horn in the current meta, including a guide on how to build with the Hunting Horn.
MHW Iceborne Best Gunlance [2020]
Best Iceborne Gunlance Queen’s Panoply – Normal Shell Broken Silence – Wide Shelling (Before Ruinous Nergigante) Ruinous Eradication – Wide Shelling (Ruinous Nergigante) Safi’s Shatterbuster – (Custom Shelling Awaken Skills) Looking for the best Gunlance Builds? Iceborne Gunlance New Move All fourteen weapons of Monster Hunter World got a new move. For Gun Lance, the...
MHW Iceborne Best Switch Axe [2020]
Best Iceborne Switch Axe Safi’s Shatteraxe Golden Crescent Undying Axe Ruinous Light Best Iceborne Elemental Switch Axe Lohenbeil – Fire (Anjanath) Hector Glacia – Ice (Legiana and Velkhana) Thundercleave II – Lighting (Zinogre Switch Axe) Deep Lagoon II – Water (Coral Pukei Pukei) Deathedge Vaal Demios – Dragon (Blackveil Vaal Hazak) Best Switch Axe Builds?...
MHW Iceborne Best Bows [2020]
Best MHW Iceborne Bow Glavenus Arrow II – Fire Icicle Blizzard II/ Alluring Evelia – Ice Laguna Shot II – Water Thundering Strikebow/ Despot’s Early Bolt – Lighting Deathbow Vaal Velos – Dragon Safi’s Shatter Bow – Blast (Raw Damage) While the bow receives some nerf with the release of Iceborne, the new meta still...
Best MHW Iceborne Charge Blades [2020 Safi’jiiva Edition]
Below is a quick list of the current best Charge Blades in Iceborne. For more detail on each of the Charge Blade and a guide on making the best build in current meta, read on! Non-Element Charge Blade Thanatos Force Inescapable Karma Melting Grasp Element Charge Blade Glavenus Bardred – Fire Deep Schnegel II –...

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