Need help building a characters? Beating that nail bitting boss? Or simply how to do that quarter circle forward combo? Look no further!

MHW Meta Gunlance Builds [Fatalis & AT Velkhana Meta]
A compilation of Gunlance Builds including True Fatalis Gunlance, the mother of all Gunlance
MHW Dual Blades Meta Builds [Pre & Post Fatalis DB Builds]
MHW Dual Blades Build is always all about elemental since it's release. Alatreon's fight confirmed this one more time, all Raw Damage builds become useless at the face of the Black Dragon. This makes DB slightly has an edge over Alatreon, but did you have yourself the best DB Builds?
MHW Iceborne Best Dual Blades (DB) [Pre-Fatalis Meta]
MHW Alatreon Guide – Tips and Trick for beating Alatreon
Alatreon comes to Monster Hunter World Iceborne as Title Update #4. Be ready for the arrival of this Elder Dragon on July 9 2020
MHW Build Iceborne – Longsword Build Guide [2020]
Here is a detailed guide on how to craft a build with one of the most popular weapons in Monster Hunter – The Longsword! I already made the best Longswords to pick in Iceborne in this post. Drop by to have a quick look at all the arsenal. MHW Iceborne Longsword Guide In Iceborne, Longsword...
Monster Hunter World Iceborne – All Master Rank Armor Set [Updated 2019]
A complete list of MHW Iceborne Master Rank Armor set with Armor Skills and Defense stat. Your one stop spot for MHW Iceborne Armor!
Monster Hunter World – Best Bows [Updated 2019 – Pre Iceborne]
Looking for the best bow in MHW? Below is a quick list of the current best bow: Best MHW Bows (Pre Iceborne) Anja Arch III (Fire) Legiana Snowfletcher (Ice) Dragon Bow III (Dragon) Kjárr Arrow ‘King’ (Fire + Critical Element) Kjárr Arrow ‘Stream’ (Ice + Critical Element Kjarr Arrow ‘Spark’ (Lighting + Critical Element) Briefing...
Monster Hunter World – Best Dual Blades [Updated 2019 – Pre MHW Iceborne]
Looking for the best Dual Blades for MHW Iceborne? This is a quick compilation for the current Best Dual Blades in Monster Hunter: World Meta (Pre-Iceborne) Current best MHW Dual Blades: Zireael Kjárr Dagger “[Insert Element here]”  Taroth Dagger “[Insert Element here]” – Often used when you don’t have Kjarr version Wrathful Predation. Some blast...
MHW Iceborne – New Elder Dragon and Weapon Updates
MHW Iceborne changes confirmed so far: Monsters come back from the previous series: Barioth, Brachydios, Glavenus, Nargacuga Velkana is the main Elder Dragon for this expansion Namielle, a completely new Elder Dragon. This Elder Dragon specializes in the Water element. Monsters Subpiece will include Nightshade Paolumu (Sleep) Ebony Odogaron (Dragon), Viper Tobikadachi,  Fulgur Anjanath, Acidic...
Monster Hunter World – Long Sword Guide & Builds [2019 Meta Long Sword Builds]
Introducing MHW Long Sword guide with the latest meta (pre-Iceborne) If you decided to pick up Long Sword as a change of pace, this is for you! With MHW Iceborne on the horizon (Release date 26 September) Capcom has also opened the Festival Fest again with all the Event Quest available. I jumped back in...

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