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Need help building a characters? Beating that nail bitting boss? Or simply how to do that quarter circle forward combo? Look no further!

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Monster Hunter: World – Hunt or Capture?

Actually I did have sometime to play Monster Hunter World and piled up some material for posts, just doesn’t had time to post it all. finally finished MHW, – I know, I know, it’s not even started 🙂 but well it’s something. So I was thinking of many topics that you guys may interest on to get back on my track. Let’s pick one of the thing in my list:

Hunt or Capture? Which one give more loot (materials) ?

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Monster Hunter World – Vũ khí kỹ thuật

Hôm nay, chúng ta cùng tiếp tục điểm qua các vũ khí kỹ thuật – Technical Weapon của Monster Hunter – một trong những dòng vũ khí phổ biến nhất Monster Hunter, khi các vũ khí có thể biến đổi hình dạng và có các kỹ năng khá riêng biệt.