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Monster Hunter World – Piercing Dragon

While the name hunter alway give us an impression with bow, this weapon does not appear in the first Monster Hunter version. Introduced in Monster Hunter 2 in 2006, this weapon is the third ranged weapon in the game (After Light Bowgun & Heavy Bowgun) and since then has become one of the main weapon for players who prefer dealing damage from afar (not so far to be honest)

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Monster Hunter World – Hi monsters, meet my machetes

You guys may feel a little heavy and slow by now, today, let’s change the pace to another level, using the weapon that is well known for it’s lighting speed and badassery – The Dual Blades.

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Monster Hunter World – One Two Knockout

Slow and heavy at first, but is one of the best raw damage weapon in the game. To add insult to the monster injury, since Monster Hunter 2, this weapon have had the ability to KO monster when landed certain of hits to the monster head – earning the infamous title “KO King”

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Monster Hunter World – Spirits, come to my blade!

This Odachi-like weapon first appearance can be traced back to the very first Monster Hunter title, being a cosmetically different Great Sword. This only earned its position since Monster Hunter 2, where it officially become a main weapon in the series with moveset and abilities. Nimble and deadly, this weapon has been famous for it’s “Sprit Combo” since then.

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Monster Hunter World – Switch The Axe

Another iconic weapon in Monster Hunter series, first appear in Monster Hunter Tri. This technical weapon start off with an impressive appearance, but don’t let that fool you, it’s categorize as “Technical Weapon” for a reason.

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Monster Hunter World – Fire that Lance!

First appear in Monster Hunter 2, this technical weapon join the family with a blast – literally. Combine the characteristic of Lance with the explosiveness gunpowder, this weapon is capable of dealing massive damage at close range while keeping the hunter safe from the monsters.

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Monster Hunter: World – Hunt or Capture?

Actually I did have sometime to play Monster Hunter World and piled up some material for posts, just doesn’t had time to post it all. finally finished MHW, – I know, I know, it’s not even started 🙂 but well it’s something. So I was thinking of many topics that you guys may interest on to get back on my track. Let’s pick one of the thing in my list:

Hunt or Capture? Which one give more loot (materials) ?

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FREE Playstation Plus Games – March 2018

Life always has its up and down, so as the titles Playstation Plus offers each month, and March is a big susprise for our gamer out there as one of the biggest PS4 exclusive title is available for download. First off lets check out the normal list for each region