Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade

Charge Blade is one of the most popular, hard to master weapons in the Monster Hunter series. I believe almost all players have picked it up once.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Charge Blade got a boost to damage and counter attack ability. We will surely see more highlight with Charge Blade soon enough with these new updates.

Charge GaugeSword attacks build up energy.
Once it turns red, you can store energy in phials y perform a “Charge”
ChargeStore build up energy into phials for Axe form
Element Boost Use the phial’s energy to boost up your shield by performing an Elemental Round Slash
Sword BoostAfter your shield is charged. Perform a Condensed Element Slash to boost your Attack in Sword Form
Element DischargeRelease the power store in phials during Axe mode
Amped Element DischargeA powerful attack in Axe form
Release stored energy in phials
Upgrade to Super Amped Element Discharged if your Shield is charged (Element Boost)
Morph SlashCan be performed during Sword or Axe form.
Change into the corresponding form once finish
Morphing AdvancePull you forward while performing a Morph Slash (Sword >> Axe)
Cannot be knocked back during the animation
Counter Peak PerformanceA counter guard using Wirebug
Being hit during this will charge your energy to max level
Axe HopperInterchangeable with Counter Peak Performance
Allow you to jump forward and unleash a Element Discharge while airborne
Charge Blades Quick Guide for Monster Hunter Rise

Charge Blade Control in Monster Hunter Rise

Charge Blade can easily be the most complicated weapon in Monster Hunter series. You got Sword Form, Axe form and “that-move-that-shoot-out-explosion”

When it comes to controls, in contrast to it’s technical weapon brother – The Switch Axe, Charge Blade starts in Sword Form. While it’s maybe tempting to use it as Sword and Shield, but Sword mode’s attacks generally have slower speed compare to SnS, and the Shield cannot perform the Falling Bash.

Your main goal in Sword mode is to charge up the Phials, whenever the Gauge turn red, press ZR + A to Charge up the phial. All these phials can then be stored in the Shield by using the Elemental Round Slash.

For all Charged Attack with Charge Blade, holding the attack button does not increase damage, you will need to release it at the right time to deliver more damage.

In Axe mode, if you have filled phials, your attack will discharge elements. You can also release all of the phials by performing Amped Element Discharge (Super Amped Element Discharge if the Shield received Element Boosts)

Charge Blade Silkbind Attacks | Monster Hunter Rise

  • Morphing Advance – Quickly pull forward and switch to Axe form. A great close-in move when the monster is down can help you deliver those Element Discharge combo faster.
  • Counter Peak Performance – A counter move that fill up your phials to maximum once it’s connect – Great for setting up Amped Element Discharge.
  • Axe Hopper – Charge Blade’s Switch Skill, can be changed with Counter Peak Performance for an offensive attack.

Charge Blade Combo & Playstyles

  • Weak Slash >> Double Slash >> Spinning Slash >> (Charged)

This is the main combo for you in Sword form. This combo let you quickly fill up the phial. Once it’s full, you can charge it by pressing ZR + A. If you don’t do this, all of your attacks will be bounced.

  • Double Slash >> Shield Thrust >> Amped Element Discharge >> (Element Boost Spinning Slash)

This is the main combo if you want to deliver massive amount of damage.

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