MHW Iceborne Safi’jiiva Siege Guide

The very first siege of Iceborne has arrived! Facing the mature version of Xeno’jiiva will definitely be a challenge.

Quick Safi’jiiva Siege Guide

Ethical Hunter Guide

  • Get yourself a healer! or be a healer yourself – The fight will require you to constantly heal the one who gained Safi’jiiva Aggro.
  • Make sure to have at least the armor of end game Elder Dragons (Master Rank) – This is basically the minimum to join the siege without worrying much on carting!
  • Defense focus build is not useless now (Divine Blessing) but also Attack focus build. You will need both to be the tanker (or a DPS when Safi’jiiva’s ire is maintained)
  • Mounting also makes a huge difference in the fight – If you have fellow Insect Glaive/SnS Hunters, bring them in for some rodeo time with Safi’jiiva!
  • Blast and Poison are pretty powerful against the Safi’jiiva – A poison proc can trigger 100 Damage for a brief period, for Blast proc, you can expect 600 Damage for each proc.
  • Part Damage Armor Skills is critical – If you don’t have the highest DPS, consider maximize the Part Damage armor skill to deal more damage.

Safi’jiiva Awaken Weapons Guides

From Draconite to Awakened Weapons!

This time Capcom also gives out a video capturing all the keys notes in the siege!

Safi’jiiva Siege Guide

Senpai Notice Me!

The very first thing to notice is the attack focus mechanic similar to the Behemoth fight (FF XV Collaboration event in World) During the siege, the monster will target the hunter that currently deals with the most damage.

While the visual cue is the same, this is essentially different compare to the previous hunt with Behemoth.

  • The hunter that attack it the most – This can be anyone from your team, giving the tanker tactic is not suitable in this fight. Regardless of your beefy defense, Safi’jiiva still target the hunter that currently has the highest DPS (Or constantly hitting the target)

If you already have a team, the person that to tank the monster will need to have both the Attack and the Defense stat. This is to keep the monster continue attacking this hunter and allow him to not dying when doing so.

The Agro mechanic in the Safi’jiiva siege is also to keep it from unleashing other devastating attacks. If somehow, this attention is lost, Safi’jiiva will perform deadly attacks more often. So keeping Jeff Senpai attention is also a key mechanic!

Is it dying or healing?

One of the main mechanics in the fight (mentioned briefly in the Recon mission) is that the Safi’jiiva is constantly absorbing the surrounding area’s energy to heal.

But actually, it is a sign that you deal enough damage. Most of Safi’jiiva attack will require it to use the energy (Indicating by the blue glowing energy every time it attacks)

The main goal is to make it use up all the energy in each area, which will then make the Red Dragon move down to a deeper level. In the first area, you will need to use all the surrounding mechanics to make this happen.

The fight will move to the next stage when he finished off with the current area. The main point of the fight is to keep this process gradually progressing until Safi’jiiva is slain.

Useful Skills

Of course, whoever is tasked to tank the Safi’jiiva will require to have a beefy defense, a build with a focus on the Divine Blessing skill will have a chance to shine here. In this video, Capcom also highlights the benefit of the Guard Up skill.

As the mature version of Xeno’jiiva, this monster love to use the nova blast, which can essentially take a huge amount of your HP.

Shielding the Gunner with Lance Power Guard while he performing the Wyvernsnipe attack? Talking about things that never happen in my life.

  • Part Damage – A maximize Part Damage is preferred in this siege. This is to speed up the Breaking part process of the fight, for each Part broke, you can increase the reward level for the whole session and also causing the Safi’jiiva to lose energy faster.
  • Blast and Poison Build Up Skill – If you decide to use any of these two elements, make sure you maximize the utility skills the come with it. A Single Blast proc deal 600 Damage to Safi’jiiva, while Poison build will deal 100 Damage per second.
  • Wide Range – You don’t need to have level 5 Wide Range all the way, but if you can spare off some slot for this skill, your team will benefit greatly.
  • Divine Blessing – This is to minimize the Safi’jiiva nova blast (Or almost all of it’s attacks)
  • Boost Up your Attack! – With this siege, the goal is pretty straight forward – Kill the boss as soon as possible, you will need a boost to your DPS for a better chance to finish the run.

Sapphire of the Emperor

OK, that is hand down the coolest name for an attack move.

Updated 16 Dec 2019

  • The issue where Safi’jiira performs Double Sapphire of the Emperor does indeed happen, and on a regular level as well (Many hunters have reported this)

There are two possible causes of this:

  • At the time of the Next Ultimate Attack, there was no person keeping the monster’s attention (Aggro)
  • Another group has finished off the monster – This is to prevent materials farming?

Either way, your best chance is to keep the monster aggro at all time, and somehow manage to deal the most damage to Safi’jiiva – to make sure it’s dead before casting the second ultimate.

While the video may give you a different impression. The TL;DR version is that it is the Epileptic Meteor all over again (The Behemoth ultimate move) This time, instead of hiding behind the meteor, you will need to look for certain crags inside an area.

These crags will occasionally drop down during the fight, and provide a shelter to hide.

See the crag? Sorry for the low-quality image!

It is also reported by several hunters that this dude occasionally goes total berserk and unleashes two nukes in a row!

Which I found not surprising at all

Safi’jiiva Meta?

Below is the full list of Safi’jiiva material

Of course, the monster is nothing without the weapons and armors that you can craft from them. In this aspect, Safi’jiiva loot is more in line with the Kulve Taroth siege, where you will obtain weapons at the end of the siege.

You can check out a full guide on Safi’jiiva Weapons in below Post

These weapons will start with some basics but have the ability to be “Awaken” which further enhancing the skill on the weapon.

But what makes these weapons unique is the ability to “re-roll” the skills and stat that offer on the weapon. Other specific armor skills that often come with a set can also be applied to!

This is entirely worth another long post, but basically, you can customize the weapons skills to your liking, making it the most powerful weapon so far in the game.

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