MHW Meta Charge Blade Builds [Fatalis + AT Velkhana Meta]

Fatalis has becomes the meta now!

If you are looking for the meta Charge Blade Build now, check out the Fatalis Charge Blade Build section. This post will also cover the pre-Fatalis meta, which can be served as a progression build guide for Charge Blade players.

Charge Blade Build | Armor Set

Similar to other melee weapons builds, Charge Blade build benefit from the Master-Touch & Agitator Meta (After Raging Brachyidos updates) Below are some armors combination that you often see in Charge Blade Builds

Raging Brachydios Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Raging Brachydios provide a boost to both Artillery and Agitator, making it’s a natural choice for Charge Blade build. In early Master Rank (MR) you can combine Raging Brachydios Armor with Damascus Mail Beta for Focus 2. This helps boosts Charge Double Slash attack speed, enhance your Charge Blade gameplay.

Raging Brachydios + Teostra Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key Skills – Agitator Secret + Master Touch

Why this is used – The meta is always about to maximize the number, Agitator level 7 allows you to do just that. At level 7, Agitator provides +28 to Attack and a 20% bonus to Affinity. Raging Brachydios set also provides several starting points for skills like Weakness Exploit

Safi’jiiva + Raging Brachydios


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key SkillsDragonvein’s Awakening + Agitator Secret + Resentment

Why this is used – Dragonvein’s Awakening increase your Attack, Elemental & Ailment status when the weapon is drawn. This skill also drain your HP, making it syncs perfectly with Resentment (Increase Attack while you have the red part on your HP gauge) This build is often used with elemental Charge Blade to increase the damage from Elemental poke.

Safi’jiiva + Teostra Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key SkillsMaster Touch + Resentment + Dragonvein’s Awakening

Why this is used – Aside from Dragonvein’s Awakening bonus, you also get Master Touch, letting you use the weapon without sharpening it (After maximize Affinity with Tenderizer, Critical Eye & WEX)

Full Safi’jiiva Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key Skills – True Dragonvein’s Awakening

Why this is used -For Charge Blade, this armor set is for Savage Axe mode (Elemental Charge Blade) This skill increase Elemental damage from Savage Axe attacks. You can also recover more quickly as Savage Axe Mode is known for the multi-hit combo.

Fatalis Armor (Fatty Armor)


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key SkillsInheritance, Transcendence (QoL skills) & Whatever you want

Why this is used – All Beta variant of Fatalis Armor gives you three Level 4 Decoration slots, basically let you use whatever you seem fit for the builds. The 2 pieces bonuses Inheritance unlock skills like like Agitator to it’s max level. The icing on the cake is the HP, Stamina and Razor Sharp bonus from Transcendence (4 pieces bonus skills) This should be your go-to as soon as you reach end game. It is recommended to face Fatalis only when you unlock Augmentation for Rarity 12 weapons.

For Charge Blades, Fatalis armor decorations slot provide a lot of room for customization. You can now use Offensive Guard along with Evade Window and still have enough slots for other QoL skills.

Check out more detail on Fatalis on this guide.

Charge Blade Builds Compilation

Below builds are end game Charge Blade build (Starting from Safi’jiiva meta >> Brachydios + Master Touch Meta >> Fatalis Meta)

Raw Damage Charge Blade Build #1 (Master Touch & Agitator Secret)

Both Lightbreak Charge Blade and Safi’s Shattershield can interchangeably be used for this build. Lightbreak Charge Blade is generally easier to get than Safi’s Shattershield – which requires you to beat Safi’jiiva, grinding it for material, and some luck to get all those Awaken Skills.

If you already skip the Safi’jiiva siege, I suggest just go straight for Lightbreak Charge Blade and follow through till Fatalis.

This Charge Blade build is only good if you prefer Master Touch on your weapon. If not, check out the next build below.

Raw Damage Charge Blade Build #2 (Agitator & Artillery Secret)

This is a standard Charge Blade build. You maxed out Artillery with Brachydium Armor’s bonus and also get Agitator level 7 in the process.

Elemental Charge Blade Build | Anti-Alatreon Charge Blade Build

Despite the slow attack speed and initial bulky impression, Charge Blade is one of the best elemental weapons in MHW Iceborne. This is thanks to Savage Axe mode in Iceborne.

The easiest way for an elemental Charge Blade build is to used Kjárr Charge Blade, which requires some serious grinding to get the correct one (Kjarr Crest “Stream” or “King”)

This build utilize Elemental Bonus from True Dragonvein Awakening and the Critical Element from Kjárr Strongarm.

For other element, simply switch out the Elemental decos and pick the corresponding Charge Blade.

Anti-Fatalis Charge Blade Build

Fatalis Charge Blade Builds [Fatalis & AT Velkhana Meta]

Similar to other weapons builds Fatalis is the king of the meta now.

Fatalis Armor

With Fatalis, everything is possible

Fatalis armor is the current meta armor for all weapons in MHW Iceborne. This is the same for Charge Blade, you can pick whatever skills you needed for your Charge Blade builds with just some focus s

True Fatalis Charger (Impact)

This beast comes with 1224 Base Damage and two Level 4 Decoration slots. Depend on your fight, you can pick a focus on Elemental Augmentation (For monsters that are weak to Dragon) or follow a standard Health, Affinity & Element Augmentation

Arch Tempered Velkhana

The latest update introduces Arch Tempered Velkhana – which come with a pretty decent armor set that let you combine for some unique skills together (Quick Sheath, Critical Draw)

Arch Tempered Velkhana upgraded the infamous Frost Craft builds.

Fatalis Charge Blade build Template

Another variant of this build is using Kulve Taroth’s Wrath Beta (Critical Boosts +2)

The following skills can be added base on your playstyle

  • Evade Window – Added more invulnerability to dodge, making your little side step with the Charge Blade safer
  • Divine Blessing – The king of QoL skill. With Fatalis armor, this can be fully upgraded to level 5, letting you tank through almost all attacks with just little scratches.
  • Power Prolonger – Increase the Power Up duration of your Sword and Savage Axe, giving more DPS in the long run.
  • Handicraft – Enhance your Sharpness. With Master Touch out of the picture, a little sharpness doesn’t hurt
  • Guard – Empower your Shield. However, if you are the master at Guard Point, this can be dropped out.
  • Offensive Guard – For Charge Blade, Offensive Guard triggered when you perform Guard Point at the right time, increase your counter attack in the process.

Guard Up is generally a waste on Charge Blade build. The main reason is Guard Point basically does the same thing as Guard Up and also give you a chance to counter the monster.

Fatalis Charge Blade Build #1 | Raw Damage + Impact

This build comes with all the required skills for Charge Blade (Artillery, Capacity Boost, Focus) and other typical offensive skills.

If you don’t like Quick Sheath & Peak Performance, swap out for Kulve Taroth Wrath Alpha (Leg)

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