Best Bleed Build in Elden Ring

Why Bleed Build in Elden Ring is so popular?

Bleed Build has been one of the most common build in Souls series. One of the reason is dealing just raw damage is never fun.

Aside from all the fancy Ice, Fire & Poison build-up, Blood loss has long been one of the most effective builds in any Souls game. In Elden Ring, this remains the same.

In Elden Ring, all Katanas moves have also received new animation and new skills (Mostly thanks to Sekiro 🙂 ) Making Bleed Build even more fun.

This is the Ultimate Guide for Bleed Build in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Bleed Build Weapons

Below are a list of weapons you can used for this build. If you prefer using the classic katanas Bleed build, then Rivers of Blood or Nagakiba will be a solid choice. If you prefer a more modern approach, make sure to check out Eleonara’s Poleblade or Godskin Peeler

  • Rivers of Blood – This katana is pretty easy to get, and also come with Corpse Piler this is one of the weapon that doesn’t require Ash of war, as it’s already come with Bleed effect.
  • Eleonara’s Poleblade – A good option for end game build, as it requires a combination of Arcane Dexterity & Strength.
  • Nagakiba (With Bloody Slash) – A powerful Katana that is ideal if you want to play this build dual wielding.

Bleed Build for Beginner

What about a new game weapon? We got you cover, if you are just starting out in Elden Ring, then Scimitar with the Warrior class is one of the best early build in Elden Ring as well.

 Elden Ring Bleed build weapon for beginner

If you just starting out with Bleed Build, then Scimitar is the best option. Wearing two Scimitars at the same time will also let you use the Jumping attack with L1 (4 hits) This will help with the build-up of the Blood loss status and also let you practice triggering the Blood-loss more often.

Please make sure to equip Bloody Slash with all both Scimitars before running out!

The best class to start out with this build is also Warrior – which has two Scimitar right of the bat.

Stat Distribution

In Elden Ring, you can respec your character using Larval Tear. As you progress through the game, the stat distribution will need to be change. For Elden Ring Bleed build, the beginning does not require a lot of stat, but after level 80, you will need to put some point to Arcane to have a more powerful end game build.

Bleed Build Level 1 – 50

In the beginning, you will need to get used to the aggressive playstyle of Bleed Build, so you will spam your attacks a lot to proc the Blood Loss effect. Endurance will help with the Stamina increase, as well as all those fancy jumping attacks.

  • Endurance (>40) – As you will need to be aggressive all the time, and also dodge whenever the situation call, a high Stamina bar is required.
  • Vigor (~30)- You will need some HP to sustain damage, in case your attacks when wrong. Keep this at 60 as it will have little to no effect after this limit.

Level 50 – 100

At this stage, you will have access to some talismans, making the build less dependable on stats. You can now try min maxing your stat to have optimal damage, most weapons in Bleed Builds will scale with Dex (If you prefer Katanas)

  • Vigor (~60) – Continue boosting your Vigor to have more survivalbility, but after 60 the effect is barely noticeable
  • Dexterity (>40) – Dexterity is still needed for some end game weapons.

Level 100+

You will now have more stat to spend, so Arcane can be one of the stat you can focus on. This stat also help you equip powerful Dragon Spells (From the Dragon Church) giving you more tool to deal substantial damage.

  • Arcane (>50) – This is mainly for spells and some unique weapon. If you decide to mix in some Dragon Spell, you will surely need Arcane.
  • Dexterity (>50) – Just for the damage
  • Faith (Enough to wield incantation) – Siding with the Dragon Communion in the end game is one of the way to improve your build further.

Bleed Build Armors

 Elden Ring Bleed build Armor for beginner
  • White Mask (Head Piece) – The must have for any Bleed Build in Elden Ring. This mask increase your damage by 20% as soon as Bloodloss is triggered – which is a thing you should be master by now
  • Raptor’s Black Feathers (Chest) – Increase your jump attacks, this enhance your moveset.

Other Armors

  • Royal Remain Armor Set – This is just for the look of it. It does have some HP recovery attributes, but overall doesn’t increase your Bloodloss damage or improve bleed build-up
 Elden Ring Bleed build Armor for beginner

Elden Ring Bleed Build Skills (Ash of War)

  • Bloody Slash – This is one of the earliest skills you can get. You can apply this on both of your Scimitars. However, this is mostly used in certain situations only, and should not be your main source of Blood Build Up. This skill is only used to increase the Blood Build up in your weapon, so attacking with your weapons is still the main option for this build. Another reason of using this skill is the change to Arcane scaling – which will let you use other spells and also increase your damage at the end game.

For Elden Ring Bleed build, Bloody Slash is also the corner stone skill for all weapons.

 Elden Ring Bleed build Skills
  • Seppuku – Another great skill for Bloodloss build up. Seppuku will increase your Bloodloss build up rate, and also look cool!

Bleed Build Talismans & Spells

Elden Ring Bleed Build Talisman – Lord of Blood’s Exultation

Elden Ring Bleed Build Incantations

Why do I need a spell for a melee build? In Elden Ring late game, you will have more stats to use, making combine build with certain stat like Arcane or Faith easier. These stats also comes with some very powerful skills, so itcan boosts

  • Dragon ClawA good incantation for new joiner of the Dragon Communion. This is just a basic physical attacks.
  • Rotten Breath This will add another status effect to your build – Scarlet Rot.

All these Incantations weakness are the same – they are super slow to cast!

Best build Elden Ring for Beginners

If you are just starting out with Elden Ring, then this should be the build for you. At the beginning, this build will only focus on dealing damage through normal attacks. This will help trigger Blood-loss status, making boss fights a lot easier

Later on, when you grant more levels and can upgrade more stats, this build can scale with Arcane or Faith, unlocking more powerful spells in the end game.

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