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Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Ultimate Guide [Before G Rank 2021]
A complete guide on Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise. Long Sword is currently keeping the record for the best weapon for speed run. What changes in Monster Hunter Rise that allow Long Sword to do this? Let's find out
Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe Guide
Switch Axe Overview and Guide. One of the best technical weapon to pick in Monster Hunter Rise?
Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade Guide
The best weapon for solo play? Charge Blade is back with the many quality of life upgrades in Monster Hunter Rise.
Monster Hunter Rise Lance Guide
Your trusty Lance is back! Did you know you can know jump toward the monster endlessly?
Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Guide
Check out all Great Sword Silkbind attacks in this overview guide!
Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide
Everything about Monster Hunter Rise Bow. From new Silkbind attacks to the best combo.
Monster Hunter Rise Light Bowgun Guide
Fanning Vault? Silkbind Glide? Check out the latest tricks shot for Light Bowgun in this guide!
Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Guide
Heavy Bowgun returns with the ability to deliver a counter shot!
Monster Hunter Rise Hammer Guide
The Bonk King comes back! What's the latest bonk move?
Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive Guide
Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive is still the best weapon on mobility. Monster Hunter Rise also enhances this by allowing you to dance around more freely with the Wirebug. Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive Quick Guide Kinsect Gather buff and boost your statRed Buff: Attack PowerOrange Buff: Increase KnockbackWhite Buff: Increase Speed...

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