MHW Iceborne Safi’jiiva Weapon and Armor Guides

So you completed the Siege for the first time, now realize that you can pick weapons instead of waiting for the randomize magic work, but what’s with all those ranting about awakening the weapon? Let’s take a look at the key mechanic

Updated with new information!

If you are new to the Siege, continue reading! But if you are just looking for the Best Awaken Skill for Safi’jiiva Weapon, I recommend checking out this video from the renown JinJinx and Tuna – who is famous for their accuracy in damage calculation for Monster Hunter World!

Safi’jiiva Siege vs Kulve Taroth Siege

Being the very first Siege since the release of Iceborne. This event is covered pretty heavily by Capcom with all the details about

For new hunters who want to see what this siege offer, below is a quick comparison table of Saffi’jiiva and Kulve Taroth Siege

Saffi’jiiva SiegeKulve Taroth Seige
WeaponsRandomize 13 weapons to pick from. You can see the stat of the weapons before pick up. Make the process more rewarding.Completely randomize the weapon pool, resulting in unwanted weapons. Take a long time to get the best weapon.
MaterialsAlong with the monster’s material are Dracolites – Specialized material for Upgrading the Saffi’jiiva weapons. Only for armor crafting.
Weapon UpgradeWeapons option can be upgraded. Up to five skill/ boost can be simultaneously applied to the weapon by using Dracolite.
The awakened weapon will change the appearance.
The best weapon will depend on your luck. After that, it is mostly the same as other weapons (Augmentation)
Time20 Mins50 mins – With a focus on the monster stage and get a perfect runs.
Ultimate AttackSapphire of the Emperor – Area attack that can cart the entire team – Same mechanic as Behemoth’s Epileptic MeteorHave many high damage attacks, but no AOE-1hit skill.
MechanicSlaying the monster during the specified time. Saffi’jiiva will drain more energy if he is aggro. Breaking the horns of Kulve Taroth during the Specific time.

Same thing of both Seige:

  • Part Damage Focus – Both Saffi’jiiva and Kulve Taroth require a heavy focus on breaking the part of the monster. This makes skill Part Damage is a must for the most efficient run.
  • Forcing Monster to move to a different area – Both Kulve Taroth and Saffi’jiiva fight will require constant damage to make the monster transition to the next area.

For Saffi’jiiva, the bottom level is the main focus of the fight. This requires a huge amount of damage to be put on the monster.

Other things to note on Saffi’jiva Seige

  • Poison Element makes a great option in this fight. Surprisingly, Saffi’jiva is susceptible to poison and you can proc this on the big red dragon pretty easily during the fight.
  • Blast is also a great choice as Saffi’jiiva also has 3 stars’ weakness to Blast.
  • Mounting will immediately result in Knock Down the monster. This makes having Insect Glaive and Sword and Shield player is a must.
The Blast Proc deal 600 Damage to the Emperor

Saffi’jiiva Weapons

The main dishes

Right after any of the team in a session finish the fight. You can obtain Saffi’jiiva rewards. The first batch of reward will mostly contain Dracolite of various levels (Dracolite Shard >> Dracolite >> Large Dracolite) The difference is the same as the armored sphere, where the amount of point is higher on the better tier.

Large Dracolite provides the greatest boost.

We will talk more about these Dracolite in the next section.

The second batch of reward is weapons. Like mentioned before, this is completely different to Kulve Taroth Siege – where you will randomly obtain a weapon on the 14 weapons pool, and also with randomizing stat and skill.

With the feedback of the community in mind, this time, Capcom is more generous on this front. The weapons rewards will allow you to pick three from the rewards – which also let you take a look at what is offered.

You can now see all the stat of the weapon before picking up three weapons of your choice

These weapons often start with one base armor skill – This can be a set bonus armor skill (Skill that only activated by wearing certain armor sets) like Teostra Secret – Master Touch. This allows you to reduce the number of armor pieces that normally needed to activate the skill.

Diablos Ambitions – A bonus skill from the Diablos set is now on your Hammer! Meaning you only need two Diablos armor and you can stun the hell out of the monster…

Awakened Weapons?

Affinity Increase VI – Looking at those shining stars and you know you got the jackpot!

You can also quickly noticed there are four empty boxes below the base armor skill. This is the additional armor skill and boosts you can add to the weapon. Using Dracolite at the Black Smith, you can level up the “Potential” of the weapon, right after that, the new armor skills will be randomized again, and you can pick the best one suit to your build.

  • Dracolite Shard
  • Dracolite
  • Large Dracolite

If all the options are “meh” to you, you can then “store” this potential. This is to save up the bonus and can give the weapon a better affix next time it got rolled. The best armor skill are at Level VI (6) – You can see this right away with all those unique visual cues!

“Store Potential” lets you build up the level and increase the chance of getting better skills.

The hunters already give out several crazy weapons with these options. Like Attack Boost Level VI and 4 other Level V Attack Boost.

Or like this…

You can change these skills at any time (Given you have enough Dracolite) by replacing the previous slot with a new skill.

With the generosity of selecting the weapon of your choice, most of the time during this event is for you to hoard a big load of Dracolite to craft your weapon of desire.

Awaken Skills Notes

All Level VI?

  • Aiming for Level VI Armor Skill on the weapon is definitely the goal, but you cannot stack two Level VI together. The maximum cap is 1 Level VI Skill and 5 Level V Skills.
  • You can also add a slot to the weapon, but only one Awaken Slot Upgrade can be added. If you want another slot upgrade, go for the normal Augmentation.
  • The Awaken weapon can also gain potential level if you use it during the Saffi’jiiva Siege. If you already had a decent weapon, make sure to bring it in the Siege!
Bring Awakening Weapon to the Siege to increase it’s potential level!

Finally, at Awaken level 23 – The weapon will change form! This is what awakens truly means. While you can get yourself a good look at how these awaken version looks like. I recommend not doing that, as looking your weapon evolve into something else is a pretty badass thing to do!

Saffi’jiiva Armor

Nothing beat wearing the boss’s armor right after slaying it!

“Monster” Hunter

With Saffi’jiiva you will get a classic Red Dragon armor look with a strong focus on resembling the look of the Red Dragon.

Safi’jiiva Alpha

Both versions give you a full Critical Boost Level 3, as well as Evade Window and Blight Resistance (Alpha variant will max out the latter along with Maximum Might Level 3)

The Beta version, as usual, has more jewel slots and allowing you to have more customizations (If you had those jewels though)

Not just another Behemoth


All hail the Emperor

Overall, this is by far the most unique hunt since the release of the Monster Hunter World. You can now pick from the skills pool and able to craft the most powerful weapon of your choice.

I am curious about what will be next for Monster Hunter, with this strong focus on the weapon, will we have another monster that has the ability to change the armor?

The weapons from this siege will surely be meta for the next few months (if not year) unless the Tempered version provides some additional changes

Additional Information

The Saffi’jiiva Siege will be available from till 02 – January – 2019. After that, we will probably have it back in a Festival event, or a tempered version of the Red Dragon?

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