To start off this guide, I want to apologies for not posting for a while now, my bad, I actually haven’t got time to play video games at all. Most of the detailed guides here cost me around 40 hours of playing with the weapons and 6 hours of editing. I am trying to speed this up. Thanks for your patience till now!

Anyway, I will come back with this and try to be more consistency. Starting off with this!


Insect Glaive – A Weapon of two parts, the glaive and the kinsect – use to gather extract depend on the part of the monster you hit. Sound cool, but is it hard to use? Let’s find out!

If you take a look at my initial post for this weapons in Monster Hunter World – Harvest Blade We basically had a glimpse of what to expect. But in reality, to master this weapons, it’s require sometime and a deep understanding on every part of it.

  • Jumping, dashing on air, multiple combo…
  • Fast attack speed in combine with fluidity in moveset
  • Vaulting make mount attacks easier to land
  • Can receive various buff via the Kinsect
  • Two air dashes upgrade is a great addition.
  • You can still take damage while leaping.
  • The buff duration is quite short and only on the user
  • Require timing for attacks and dodging, as there are no defensive options
  • Upgrading process may take sometime as both the glaive and the kingect is separated

Basic Attacks & Combo

  • Basic Combo 


With Red Buff

Basic combo of the Insect Glaive, starting off with a raising slash, follow by a wide slash and finish with a double slash. The Red Buff variant will increase the number of slash.

  • Wide Sweep >> Overhead Slash


With Red Buff

This is the heavy attack of the Insect Glaive, ending with an Overhead Slash, can be use to initiating the fight. The Buffed version will end with a Tornado Slash cover a wide range of effect

  • Thrust 

L Analog -Any DirectionaddTriangle

  • Dodge Slash 


A cool looking moves that serve as both an attack and a repositioning maneuver.

  • Vault


MHW - Insect Glaive Builds
The possibilities are endless…

The iconic move of Insect Glaive. Using the glaive as a pole, the hunter will jump up in the air. From there you can follow up with either of the below:

  • Air Dash – allow the hunter to quickly dash to a direction specified


Monster Hunter World - Insect Glaive Dashing
Become the ninja!


Perform a mid air slash capable of mounting monster.

  • Jumping Advancing Slash

Strong Version with Red Buff will result in the “Helicopter” style attack


Dash and perform an advancing slash

Perform a long range mid air attack. If this attack connect, the hunter will be able to jump up in the air one more time, reseting all the air maneuver – meaning you can perform another air dash again, or a Circle attack and get back in the air one more time.

This is an interesting mechanic of the Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter World. Using the Insect Glaive meaning you are suppose to be the best “rodeo” in the team, delivering airborne combat using the glaive.


  • The Air Dash and the air attacks cost stamina. Make sure you are constantly watch for that yellow bar, or bring an Energy Drink with you. 
  • Before you start flying around like a mad man, be aware that the slash reset can only be done for 4 times. 

Kinsect Moveset & Buffs

With those moveset aside, let’s move to the interesting part of this weapon – the Insect or Kinsect as MHW call. As the name said, this is a critical part of using the weapon.

  • Summon Kinsect

Playstation 4 Triangle

Normally, the Kinsect will attach to your right arm, holding L2 (to aim) and press Triangle, your Kinsect will fly out to designated position and gather “extract”.

  • Recall Kinsect and gather extract


After that you can press L2 + Circle to call the Kinsect back and consume the extract. Depend on the part that the Kinsect hit, the extracts are different. There are four types of extracts that you can gather within Monster Hunter World.

Extract Types Monsters Part Effects and Duration
Red Extract Monster’ head Boosts your attack – 90 Seconds
 Orange Extract Monster’s chest & torso Flinching Immunity – 150 Seconds
 White Extract Monster’s leg Increase movement speed – 120 seconds
Green Extract Monster’s tail Restore your HP

Notes: Combine two of these buffs at the same time will also resulting in the following buff:

  • Red + White – 8% ATK Increase 85 Second
  • White + Orange – 10% Def increase
  • Triple buff – 12% Percent ATK Boosts

With that said, when it come to facing the monster in reality, getting the specific buff can be a nuisance. Agree by most players, the Orange buff is actually one of the hardest buff to get. The most viable approach is to get the Red Buff firstly, then the White Buff, and finally the Orange Buff is when the time is right.

This also allow you to reset the timer for both the two previous buff, in turn extend the duration of all three buffs.

  • Mark Location

By pressing L2 and R2, you will “shoot” out a substance to the monster at a certain part. Your Kinsect will fly to that spot and continue attacking until it runs out of stamina(the small yellow bar below the kinsect) and leave out a dust cloud (More below)

Kinsect come in two forms >> Homing on head causing KOs

  • Mark during attacking

(During Attack) 

You can also press R2 during combo to mark. The effect is the same, but this allow you to be more flexible when attacking. This one hit swing is also categorized as blunt damage – meaning you can stun the monster … technically.

Kinsect Dust Cloud

When you mark a part of monsters, your Kinsect will attack that part and leave out a Dust Cloud at that spot. When you or your team mates attack these, an explosion will be created. Depend on the type of dust clouds, the effect will be different:

  • Poison/ Paralysis: Apply certain statuses to monsters
  • Blast: Explosion will cause blast damage to monsters.
  • Heal: Explosion will restore HP

Insect Glaive Kinsects

Advance Attacks & Tatics

The key to using Insect Glaive to its fullest is to utilize all three buffs and how to constantly keeping these up. It’s easy to notice that the combo without the buff is pretty weak and not able to be linked to long combo. Your main goal when starting every fights is to get the Red Buff as soon as possible.

Infinite Combo

After getting all three buffs, all of your attacks will hit two times. Insect Glaive has a combo that can be chained infinitely:


Triangle x 2 >> Circle >> Triangle x2 >> Circle >> Repeat

This combo can also be finished with the Tornado Slash at any time if you wish to. One of the approach is to end the combo whenever the monster move it’s position.

With the Red Buff on, the basic combo will be longer and deliver multiple hits, this is your main arsenal for dealing elemental damage or apply abnormal statuses to monsters. While it’s tempting to jump in the air and perform that infamous “helicopter” maneuver, this is not your highest dps attack, and it’s also reduce your sharpness really quick.

Instead, most of Insect Glaive highest damage moves come from the ground combo.

Manage your Kinsects

As you may already known, Insect Glaive will require your management on both the Kinsect as well as the weapon. This time, you will have a specific menu to care for these small pets on your arms.

When accessing Black Smith, you will have three options for Manage Kinsects

  • Nurture your Kinsects
  • Kinsect Elements
  • Purchase a Kinsect

For “Nurture” It’s simply mean upgrading your Kinsect to new level similar to upgrading your weapon and armor, each upgrade will cost several materials and resources. This in turn will increase three stats of the Kinsect: Power, Speed & Heal. Each of these will affect the buffs you received directly

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 6.18.31 AM.png
Look Overwhelming, but pretty straight forward

Kinsect Element, on the other hands, allow you to change the current element of the little bug. This coming pretty handy, however, it does not affect the Dust Effect and will affect base stat (Each type of element will have variation in Power/Speed & Heal)

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 6.23.36 AM.png
You can change the element of Kinsect pretty easily.

Finally, Purchase a Kingect will allow you to select some base Kinsect for starting your process of raising the bugs.

Tips: The safe choice here is go for Speed, this will increase the traveling speed of the Kinsect and allow you to grab those precious buff faster. (You can try Pseudocath III a Kinsect with the highest speed stat)

Play Style & Builds

While Insect Glaive does not offer the damage potential as Great Sword or other heavier weapon. It’s a balance between damage and speed. As the damage of Insect Glaive is oten fall in the mid range of the weapon list, it’s pretty common to see hunters choose to maximize the damage of this via Affinity focus build. Below are the skills that are needed for an optimal Insect Glaive experience.

First off, you have your classic attack boosts skills

  • Attack Boosts – Pretty straightforward, increase your attack damage by an amount, however, try to aim for the “sweet spot” . Level 4 Attack Boosts will increase your affinity as well (Monster Hunter critical chance)

For Affinity, the below is a great (if not must) addition to the build

  • Critical Eye – Increase Affinity directly (3% each level until level 4, after that it will be 5%)
  • Weakness Exploit – 30% Affinity when hitting weak spots of monsters. With the tendency to hits a lot, this is a great addition for Insect Glaive.
  • Critical Boosts – Increase Critical Damage by 30% (+5% each level, max 3 level)

Sharpness boosts

  • Handicraft – Increase sharpness by 10 each level (Max at 50 – Level 5) This boost your damage by 32% (At white level sharpness) The more sharpness you have, the better. But not all weapons can achieve white sharpness even with this skill.
  • Protective Polish – You get this from Odogaron set (4 pieces) or the Sharp Jewel (Level 2) The jewel is pretty hard to get thanks to RNG. This is a true end game skill.

Bonus Armor Skill

  • Maximum Might – Increase Affinity while stamina is full (10%/lvl cap at 30%)
  • Peak Performance – Increase Damage when your health is full. This is recommend when you already augment weapon with health. Otherwise, it’s require more skill to dodge and block.
  • Agitator – Increase attack power when monsters become enraged – I never see any calm monsters when being poked in the ass. This will give you attack power (Start at 4 and increase by 4 per level) and affinity rate (starting from 3% and increase by 3% per level) This skill can be obtained from the infamous discs cover monsters – Nergigante or the Challenger Charm.
  • Razor Sharp

Supplement for Kinsect Buffs

  • Power Prolonger – This is a nice to have for my personal taste. Increase your duration of Kinsect buff

Elemental Support Skills

  • Critical Element – Can be obtain via Rathalos Set – This skill allow you crit with Elemental Attack

Airborne Combat 

  • Constitution – Reduces fixed stamina depletion by 10% (max 50% ) You will have the fuel to become the helicopter of the team.
  • Airborne – 10% Damage for jump attack

“The Black Dragoon” – Build Sample

Monster Hunter World -Insect Glaive Guides

For the Insect Glaive, I was lucky to get my hand to the True Gae Bog – a weapon make from the gruesome Behemoth’s bones and claw. The weapon and armor set of this monster is a great addition for Insect Glaive, and is considered top – tier by many Insect Glaive user. This is thank to the affinity combination skills as well as decent damage.

Just as in previous post, in case you want to know how to build set from the beginning check out this quick walkthrough.

Walking your way to High-Rank

In Monster Hunter World. The journey from HR 1 to HR 16 (23 in some case if you spend lot of time hunting monsters instead of progress) can be done via the main story pretty easily.

If you want a quick run-down on Monster Hunter World basic – check out my post here: Monster Hunter: World – Hunting 101

In my two previous guides we have checked the Jagras Tree and the Diablos family.

Monster Hunter World – Sword & Shield Guide & Build

Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds

Today, with Insect Glaive, I picked another enemies for you – the infamous angry dog – Odogaron. The reasons? It’s one of the highest affinity set in the World, and will definitely introduce you to how affinity stack up with Insect Glaive nicely.

Monster Hunter_ World_20180830233015.jpg
You will surely need that gem

When you first joining the High Rank – your main goal should be getting the essentials items to make the hunter stronger. One of the first thing the game won’t tell (or very ambiguous) is the Power/ Armor Charm items.

These little items can be purchased in the Tradeyard shop. You can also upgrade these two items with Bazelgeuse part – which mean this flying-dropping-bombs monster should be your first priority target for HR.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Bazelguese
Bazelguese – the first HR monster you need to spend some time hunting

And again, you will also face the Nergigante. This monster provides some way of testing your skill during High Rank, and provide the materials/ parts needed for some highest DPS weapons in game. Actually it’s pretty sweet for Capcom to create a monster that can be used for any builds. The weapons and armor from this guy is pretty dope.

At this stage, you will probably got familiar with the Insect Glaive and ready to build up to become the member of the Dragoons.

With everything setup out of the way, let’s see what parts make up this build. First off, here is my full armor skills for this:

Monster Hunter World - Insect Glaive Armor Skills
Armor Skills of this build

So Critical eye is maxed out in this build. This in cope with Weakness Exploit will give you a ~100% Critical chance when fighting monster (As mostly you are hitting them from the weak spots) Attack Boosts level 4 is to grab the 5% Affinity as well. And finally, other utilities skills were added.

Armor Set

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For this, actually you can easily use the full Drachen set – Crafting from Behemoth parts. As I don’t have the full materials for the set, only Chest & Vambraces was used. These two pieces give me the following:

  • Critical Eye – level 4 15% Affinity.
  • Critical Boosts – Increase Critical Damage by 30%
  • Attack Boosts – Level 1

By equipping two pieces, I also earned the following set skill:

  • Soul of the Dragoon (Elemental Airborne) – Increase elemental damage for jumping attacks.

The Vambraces also give you two level 2 slots and the Chest Armor give you one level 2 slot. This open up many more variation. I personally added an Attack Jewel and a Physic Jewel to the Arm, and Flawless Jewel to the Chest armor.

Next off, as I still missing 2 point in Attack Boosts for the sweet level 4. Again, Nergigante come to the rescue 🙂

Nergigante armor – always good when you need some quick Attack Boost

This give me an addition 2 points in Attack Boosts and also give 1 point of Stamina Surge – increasing your stamina recovery. This is a nice addition to the heavy stamina consume play style of Insect Glaive.

Note that the Stamina Surge only come in alpha variation of the armor. If you prefer a slot – then Beta is the way to go!

Finally, for Leg, as I don’t have any cool option out of the box. A pretty standard choice was used.

I don’t recommend this leg 🙂 It’s just mine at the time of writing this guide

For Leg armor of Insect Glaive build, there are many options. The best still would be the Drachen (again)

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Finally, for head armor, your safest option would be Dragon King’s Eye patch. I also power up this little gadget with Tenderizer Jewel (One point in Weakness Exploit) and maxed out this sweet skill

Dragon King eye patch – Weakness Exploit Level 2


For Charm, I personally used Master Charm. Initially crafted from Oradogon. This charm is your go to when you need Affinity boosts.

Master Charm – Your go to charm to get more Affinity

This complete the 7 points of Affinity and give you 30% Affinity


The weapon I used is True Gae Bolg – The classic Dragoon weapon in Final Fantasy XV – This is also why the build name “Black Dragoon”. True Gae bog provide 20% Affinity right off the bat. This combine with the 30% Affinity you have  and 50% Increase in Weakness Exploit will guarantee a ~100% boosts to this stat.

The base attack of this is 589 and 300 Dragon Element. Finally, this is also an High Elderseal weapon – granting you the ability to disable some of the most powerful skills of Elder Dragon.

Monster Hunter World - Best Insect Glaive True Gae bolg

With that said, there are several options that you can considered below. And also Kulve Taroth Weapon is a good variation.

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Hope this help you picking up this unique weapon from the Monster Hunter series. This is on par with the Long Sword when it come to damage & speed balancing.

I will comeback with another guide around next week. A small reveal – It’s also focus on Affinity!

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