Monster Hunter World Iceborne Monsters – Glavenus

In the latest MHW Iceborne expansion, several iconic monsters make a return. Starting it off with Tigrex in the beta and most recent the Legendary Super Saiyan Rajan in the latest trailer from Capcom.

Today we will feature another badass monster – the Glavenus!

Remember the Fire-Breathing-Trex? Now you have the Fire-Breathing-Sword-Tail-Trex!

MHW Iceborne Glavenus

In MHW Iceborne, Glavenus is updated with a new look and more particle effect. The monster first appearance is in the quest The Scorching Blade Which is assigned automatically as you progress through Iceborne expansion.

MHW Iceborne Glavenus Quest
From Ice to Fire.

The difficulty of the quest is categorized as three stars Master Rank quest, in which separate the difficulty of the hunt from the previous first encounter like Banbaro or Beotodus (Same as the previous Barioth hunt)

Check out the monsters feature for Banbaro & Beotodus here

MHW Iceborne Glavenus Moveset

The Glavenus is a fierce monster, categorized as Brute Wyvern in MHW Iceborne. This is indicated by some of the hard parts of it’s body. Your attacks can be bounced if the sharpness bar drops to a certain level.

The vanilla Glavenus in Iceborne starts off with some charging attacks and tails swipe. Despite his gigantic size, he is pretty agile and tends to move around a lot. At the beginning of the fight, try to stay close to his side leg, and start attacking from there. Most of the tail attack is a downward slam and can be dodge pretty easily if you stay close to him.

During his enraged mode, Glavenus will then light up his tail and tend to use it more often. The most dangerous attack during this mode is when he bites his tail and unleash a 360 Degree sweep. This can one-shot you easily if your defense is not on par with the new level of armor.
This attack is pretty dangerous!

To minimize the damage of this attack, make sure to wear some high defense armor pieces of the new Iceborne expansion.

Yes, it is time to leave out those belove Gamma pieces you fought so hard to get…

TIP – Make sure you utilize the Slinger! At the beginning of the fight, try to stock up some ammo and deliver that full burst shot to KO the monsters.
Flich shot can easily KO’ed a monster.

The second attack that can give you a surprise is when he performs the jumping downward slash and quickly follow by a second attack immediately. Again, this is powerful enough to send you back to your nearest camp.

Make sure you utilize your Clutch Claw during the fight! Check out my Clutch Claw Quick Start Guide to down the monster more often!

Just like in other fights, your best option in this is to capture him first, and take him down one more time in an optional Arena Quest (Enable when you capture a monster)

MHW Iceborne Glavenus Weakness

You can see fire almost covers all of his body. Is it fair to use Ice or Water?

Yes, the Glavenus is weak to Ice and Water. If you have some time to craft some of the new Iceborne weapons, the Barioth tree can give you a good option to fence off this Fire Dinosaur.

MHW Iceborne Glavenus Armor

Glavenus Armor Skill – Glavenus Essence – Increase maximum level of Maximum Might.

I will cover more on the Iceborne Glavenus Armor in another section, but here you go. This will probably be your first best set in MHW Iceborne.

Glavenus Alpha

Similar to Low and Master Rank armor, the Alpha variant of the monster in Iceborne give you more Armor Skill in exchange for jewel slot.

You can maximize the Maximum Might Level 5 and Focus with the Alpha set. If you already have capacity and jewel

Glavenus Beta

mhw iceborne glavenus beta armor

We will go into the detail of slot and mix up in the in-depth armor section later. But just from the look at Armor Skills, this set can easily be used on Charge Blade super effectively with Focus level 3 and Handicraft (Diablo Tyrannis II like this)

With the new addition of Maximum Might Secret (Upgrading Maximum Might to Level 5), Your negative Affinity can finally get some quick boost.

The smithy in Iceborne will also give you a new Level 4 Jewel at the beginning of the hunt – Which will give you two points of Critical Eye!

Weapons that have good synergy with Glavenus Armor

  • Charge Blade
  • Great Sword

MHW Iceborne Glavenus Weapon

To be updated…

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