Monster Hunter World – Best Dual Blades [Updated 2019 – Pre MHW Iceborne]

Looking for the best Dual Blades for MHW Iceborne? This is a quick compilation for the current Best Dual Blades in Monster Hunter: World Meta (Pre-Iceborne)

Current best MHW Dual Blades:

  • Zireael
  • Kjárr Dagger “[Insert Element here]” 
  • Taroth Dagger “[Insert Element here]” – Often used when you don’t have Kjarr version
  • Wrathful Predation.

Some blast options:

  • Bazelhawk Rookslayer. 
  • Empress Dagger “Styx”


I started with Dual Blade way back in the Ancient Leshen collaboration event and used Zirael since then. If you just starting out with Dual Blades and has completed the Ancient Leshen Event, you already have a pretty good Dual Blades.

If you just decided to pick up the Dual Blades as you heard it is good at elemental damage, and elemental damage is the main focus for MHW Iceborne. We will go through the raw damage Dual Blades first before taking a look at the element ones. This is because all the elemental dual blades are from the Kulve Taroth tree (Taroth and Kjarr weapon)

MHW Raw Damage Dual Blades 

For MHW Dual Blades, as you will spend a lot of time spamming the Demon Dance, you will eat away that Sharpness bar in a matter of second. A good Dual Blades build will need to take this into factor. This makes skill like Master Touch and Sharpness boost sync well with Dual Blade gameplay.

For armor set, you will never go wrong with the full Drachen set. This set bonus includes Master Touch and Elemental Airborne. This also come with five points in Critical Eye, add in Weakness Exploit, and you basically have the infinite Sharpness weapon.

Zireael – The all-around Dual Blade

This is the latest Dual Blades for the current meta. Getting the inspiration from the Witcher series, you will get a small sword and a long one when using this Dual Blades. The animation of dashing will changed to the movement of the “Lady of space and time”

I could watch this all day!


Strength Weakness
  • High Damage (Lower than Diablos Clubs II)
  • 0% Affinity
  • Great Synergy with Drachen set
  • Don’t have those fancy elemental spark?
  • Need Release Jewel if you need that Dragon element.
  • Hard to get if you don’t like the Ancient Leshen fight.

For how to get this Dual Blades, check out my guide on the Ancient Leshen below

Wrathful Predation (Deviljho)

This is essentially not a “Raw” Damage weapon as it comes with 180 Dragon element. However, with 308 Attack Damage, you can basically use it on almost anything.

Similar to Nergigante weapon tree, the Deviljho weapon tree is capable of giving the highest damage weapon with Dragon Element. This may due to the nature of both monsters being the eater of all other species.

Wrathful Predation has the standard damage of 308 (Highest in Dual Blades Weapon Tree) and of course, this is countered quickly by the minus Affinity (30%) You can still build a decent element build-out of this.

Strength Weakness
  •  Look pretty badass
  •  HIgh base Attack Damage
  •  Will need some help to take down the Deviljho first time
  •  May bore you after a while
  •  Minus Affinity

Bazelhawk Rookslayer (Bazelguese)

If you are new to Monster Hunter, it is easy to mistake Blast as an elemental effect, but well it is certainly not. Blast element is similar to Sleep or Paralysis and will require build-up time before the “proc” This alone makes the fast-hitting weapon a natural choice for a good blast build.

And who can give you the best Blast Weapon than the flying-bomb-dropping-plane?

Bazelguese - Rewards

Dealing with this guy to get a blast weapon!

The Bazelguese fight is your first introduction to High Rank, but over time, it will be a trivial fight (I still got carted time to time by his bombs though!)


Strength Weakness
  •  Easy to craft
  •  Good for end game content.
  • You need to take that B52 down!
  •  Will be obsolete when you finish the main story.

MHW Best Elemental Dual Blades

Being one of the fastest weapons in Monster Hunter series, time and time again Dual Blades has been the first choice for the hunter who prefers to utilize the elemental aspect of the weapon.

Before we start, here is a quick note on the elemental meta of the current MHW (6.6)

To have a good Elemental Build, you will need the Critical Element. If you don’t have Kjarr Weapon, you will then need the Critical Element by wearing two pieces of Rathalos family armor (This including Azure Starlord, Rathalos, Rath soul and Rathian armor) Due to the armor skills, the Azure Starlord Waist (Beta) and Rathalos Chest (Beta) is often considered as the best option.

For Taroth Dagger, after getting Critical Element from two Rathalos pieces, you are now cannot get Master Touch bonus from Drachen. This leads us to Kaiser Gamma set (Teostra) which gives Master Touch as a bonus for three pieces.

Kulve Taroth Dual Blades

Introduced as a 16 hunter siege. This mission main objective is to break the horn of the gold-plating Kulve Taroth. Upon completing the quest, according to reward level, and at the end of the run, you will then obtain a random weapon from the pool.

Taroth Dagger “Rage”

Looking for the best Dual Blades build for MHW Iceborne? Here you go.

This Kulve Taroth weapon not only has high Fire Damage, it also gives you 294 Base Attack damage. When you need more fire, simply add in Fire Jewels, other time, you ca

Strength Weakness
  •  Easier to get than Kjarr Dagger
  • High Attack Damage
  • RNG drop. The time to get this weapon entirely depends on your luck
  • Only powerful against some foes


Kjárr Dagger “Rage” 

If you manage to get your hand on Kjarr Dagger, you can safely ditch the Kaiser Gamma and return to the Behemeta again.

Strength Weakness
  •  Innate Critical Element on the weapon
  •  Strong synergy with Drachen set
  • Pretty hard to get and require a lot of grinding.
  •  Look pretty generic after a while.

The elemental builds for Dual Blades is essentially the same for element sent. Each weapon can be powered up with the elemental jewel, You can swap out the jewels that suitable for the current monster. Below is a combination for each monster

This is basically the main set for a Dual Blade builds.

MHW Monster Elemental Weakness – Dual Blades

  • Nergigante – Kjárr Dagger “Spark”
  • LunastraKjárr Dagger “Ice”
  • TeostraKjárr Dagger “Water”/ Taroth Dagger “Mire”
  • DaoraKjárr Dagger “Spark”

For other more general monsters, you are safe with Zirael or Wrathful Predation.

You can check out all the meta builds for Dual Blades here. Tribute to the Reddit community sharing this! 

Image of build above is from honeyhunterworld

Prepare for Iceborne? 

MHW Iceborne is released on September 6th. The latest developer diary update from Capcom has been dropped with several changes to weapon behavior. For Dual Blades, the most visible damage is the modification on the

If you are already a Dual Blades hunter and is eager to test your new weapon in the upcoming Iceborne expansion (September 6th) Then make sure you have a good ice resistance armor set and a Fire Base weapon! This makes Taroth/ Kjárr Dagger “Rage”  is definitely an option for battling Velkhana.

Need some proof? Check out this awesome video from CantaPerMe



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    stronger, and that idea is a central part of Monster Hunter. You don’t improve by leveling up, you improve by making gear from the monsters you’ve hunted. This gear lets you display your feats in a meaningful way, and it makes weapons and armor more aspirational. I’ve crafted weapons in Generations Ultimate just because of how cool they look. I’ll never use them, I just wanted to own them. The weapons in World have had the opposite effect. I actively avoid ugly but strong weapons just because I hate the way they look, and I know I’m not the only one. I want my character to look The Glavenus switchaxe in Iceborne and Generations Ultimate. Look how they massacred my boy. (Image credit: Capcom)

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