MHW Iceborne Monster List [Updated]

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Monster Roster

MHW Monster List will be updated periodically as I progress through MHW Iceborne. This will include upcoming armor set as well as monsters’ weakness.

MHW Iceborne New Monster

These are the original monsters that just introduced in this expansion. Featuring some interesting design and mechanic, these beasts will give you a quick tour on the ice-cold world.

Iceborne Banbaro

I think I won’t hurt this guy..

Banbaro is the very first monster since the announcement of MHW Iceborne. Combining the attribute of a moose and a bull (?) This Brute Wyvern most common attacks is the charging move. Along the way, if he encounters any obstacles, it then can be used to throw at you.

Banbaro is essentially a tutorial-monster (as seen in the most recent beta) but well, if you are not familiar with the new environment, he can still crush you with just one or two rams.

 MHW Banbaro Location
– Hoarfrost Reach
– Ancient Forest
MHW Banbaro weakness
– As the native of the Hoarfrost map, this monster is susceptible to Fire.
– Blast

Iceborne Beotodus

Another version of the Lavasioth if you ask me. This time, this beast swarm through the snow instead of mud (or lava) There is a slight difference to the head of this monster (with an addition of a horn) But this is more or less the same.  This monster can easily be located on the map just like Banbaro and can surprise you with it diving attacks.

As in the trailer for Iceborne, Beotodus does seem more aggressive compared with the rest of the family. This is slightly a harder challenge compare to Banbaro.

MHW Beotudus Location  
– Hoarfrost Reach
MHW Beotudus weakness
– Just as Banbaro, Beotudus is weak to fire, but if this monster is the same as Jyuratodus or Lavasioth, expect it’s skin to bounce your weapon attacks!
– Beotudus has a three stars weakness to Blast as well!

MHW Iceborne Elder Dragons


The main cover art for Iceborne feature Velkhana, the icon of this expansion. Compare to the previous hulky beasts like Nergigante, this new Elder Dragon is on the opposite side of the axis. Quick and deadly, Velkhana can deal huge amount of damage with it’s tail thrust. If you are too close and personal all the time? Watch out for those wide radius ice wall that can one-shot you at any moment!

 MHW Velkhana Location  
– Hoarfrost Reach
– Elder Recess
MHW Velkhana Weakness
– Just as almost all Iceborne new monsters, this Elder Dragon is susceptible to Fire Damage. If you currently have a Kjarr “King” or Taroth “Fire” weapon, this would be your best bet at the moment.

With that said, a combination of all your toolset is the correct way to fight this new Elder Dragon. You can check out TeamDarkside video below at Gamescom 2019, where they managed to finish off Velkhana in just around 8 minutes!

You can see the Clutch Claw is used heavily on this run, utilizing the ability to change the direction of the monster. With this ability, the player managed to take down Velkhana two times in this fight! Last but not least, just as the update suggests, Switch Axe is powerful than ever in Iceborne thanks to the new changes in the meta!

You can check out on why Switch Axe is one of the best weapons to bring to Iceborne in below post:


A new Elder Dragon with water element? Check

This is a surprise by Capcom as we definitely didn’t see this coming. The second Elder Dragon is Namielle, we don’t have much information on this entirely new Elder Dragon yet, but just from the look. This monster bears some resemblance with Xeno’jiiva, there may be some related lore between these two.

MHW Namielle Location   ???  
MHW Namielle weakness
– At this point, nothing is given about this monster yet. Just a quick demo on how it destroys the hunter.

MHW Returning monsters

After the release of Monster Hunter World, fans have always been eager to see some old faces coming back! Remember the first time the crow went crazy with Deviljho? It happens again! Below are all the monster (as seen in the trailers) that got the visual updates from Monster Hunter World!

MHW Iceborne Tigrex

This wyvern is brought back one more time to the world of Iceborne. The Tigrex has long been an iconic monster of Monster Hunter series thanks to it’s design. With blue stripe (instead of black like the tiger) and a fierce some nature of a Trex, this beast has been on the list of most wanted monsters for MHW in a long time.

Along with the swift attacks and speedy manuever, Tigrex can also dealing damage with it’s roar! The angry state of this monster is marked when it’s body glow red.

MHW Tigrex Location  
Hoarfrost Reach
– Rotten Vale  
MHW Tigrex Weakness
– Previously, Tigrex is weak to Thunder and Dragon element. This could be the same for MHW Tigrex.

Iceborne Nargacuga

A flying wyvern covered in pitch black fur. It is extremely agile, especially on the ground, moving with explosive bursts of speed – MHW Iceborne Hunter’s note-

The cover art monster of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I think this is way back when monsters still look similar to real-world animal It’s just a big bat with long and sharp teeth! Nargacuga this time can be located in the Ancient Forest.

MHW Nargacuga Location  
– Ancient Forest  
MHW Nargacuga Weakness
– ???

Iceborne Yian Garuga

What is that? Deviljho got bitch slap!?

Just introduced briefly in the latest trailer from Capcom, but long-time fan can easily recognize the familiar dodo-like monster that gives you nightmare with it’s beak. I am not a fan of this monster’s design, but well bringing back a familiar face with next-gen graphic is always welcome.

A face only a mom would love
MHW Yian Garuga Location  
-Ancient Forest  
MHW Yian Garuga Weakness
– Yian Garuga previously weak to Water, with the heavy theme of Ice and Water in MHW Iceborne. This can still be the same thing here

Iceborne Glavenus

The most badass dinosaur. Imagine a dinosaur that can breathe fire (and acidic – more below!) to it’s tail and start hacking you all the way around. You have yourself the Glavenus, a Brute Wyvern with the steel skin and a katana tail.

Glavenus also provides one of the best armor for mid way through Master Rank! Check out the Glavenus Armor set here!
MHW Glavenus Location  
– Wildspire Waste
MHW Glavenus Weakness
– Water/Ice

Iceborne Zinogre

Zinogre has just been announced recently in the below trailer from Capcom.

This monster first appearance is from Monster Hunter Tri. The bulky “lion” has returned to Monster Hunter World. And yes, despite those muscle mass, it still super fast and agile. But well, finally we had a powerful monster that associate to lighting that less annoying than coug**Kir**cough.

If you want to take some history lesson before fighting this monster, just check out this gameplay from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

MHW Glavenus Location
Ancient Forest
MHW Glavenus Weakness
– ???

Iceborne Barioth

No it’s not a lion, it’s a cat

Along with Tigrex, Barioth returned to Monster Hunter World with a fully animated fur. Categorized as a Flying Wyvern, This monster can grapple to the wall and fire ice shard at you.

MHW Barioth Location  
– Hoarfrost Reach  
MHW Barioth Weakness
– Fire

Iceborne Brachydios

One two knockout!

The greeny-slime-explosion-monster is back! The first very action of this monster is showing the poor Uragaan how to stop rolling.

MHW Brachydios Location  
– Rotten Vale  
MHW Brachydios Weakness
– ???

MHW Iceborne Monster Subspecies

Playing with color pallete and element swap…

Returning to Iceborne is the subspecies mechanic, where a monster species is updated with new element and attacks.

Fulgur Anjanath

Fire-breathing-Trex? How about Eletricity Trex??? 

MHW Fulgur Anjanath Location  
– Hoarfrost Reach Ancient Forest?
MHW Fulgur Anjanath Weakness
– The Fire Anjanath previously weak to Water, but this guy is still a mystery.

Ebony Odogaron

MHW Ebony Odogaron Location   Coral Highlands Rotten Vale?  MHW Ebony Odogaron Weakness Thunder and Ice was what the vanilla Odogaron scare. What do you think this new beast weak to?

Acidic Glavenus

MHW Acidic Glavenus Location   Ancient Forest Rotten Vale?  MHW Acidic Glavenus Weakness ???

Shrieking Legiana

This is more or less the same Legiana you know and “hate”. This Legiana is an updated version that got covered in ice.  It’s attacks are more powerful in this new state.

MHW Shrieking Legiana Location  
Hoarfrost Reach  
MHW Shrieking Legiana Weakness
Thunder Fire

Nightshade Paolumu

This fluffy monster got some steroid along with a heavy dose of a sleeping pill. As the name suggests, this time, Paolumu can send you to a deep sleep with just one shot from it’s breath.

Nightshade Paolumu Location    
– Coral Highland
Nightshade Paolumu Weakness
While the vanilla Paolumu is weak to fire. This new subspecies may be different, we are not sure which element is the best for Night Shade Paolumu, so a generic raw damage build can help you in this case…

Viper Tobikadachi

Viper Tobikadachi Location  
Hoarfrost Reach
Viper Tobikadachi Weakness

Coral Pukei Pukei (Water)

The infamous poison monster is back with even more color! This version of the Pukei Pukei is more aggressive and love to attack with water beam.

Coral Pukei Pukei Location  
Coral Highlands
Coral Pukei Pukei Weakness ????

Seething Bazelguese

Seething Bazelguese Location  
Elder Recess
Seething Bazelguese Weakness

MHW Iceborne  – What’s next?

While this is the list of all confirmed monsters so far, I am pretty sure that this will be expanded in the future. This is how Capcom has delivered us content since the launch of Monster Hunter World in 2018. One of the things I look forward is how all the armor looks like! While we have a brief look at how the master rank armor looks for some monsters, I haven’t seen any new armor pieces from those subspecies monsters!

MHW Iceborne Velkhana beta is out now! Make sure to log in and try your best to get the commendation pack when the game is out!

Want to know how to perform a new move for each weapon? We got you covered!

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