Monster Hunter World – Switch Axe Guide & Build [Before Arch Tempered Nergigante]

After tinkering around with Heavy Bowgun. I thought I could continue with the Light Bowgun and call it a day. But why not try to mix thing up with another close combat weapon just for the sake of diversity?

Viewing through my materials and gauging on the interest, Switch Axe got my attention, and I picked this weapon for today.

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Monster Hunter World Heavy Bowgun Guide

Monster Hunter World – Heavy Bowgun Guide and Builds [Updated 2019 With HBG Meta builds]

So I returned to Monster Hunter World after a long break, and check out what I am going to do next. This time I want to change the pace a little bit, covering these two babies in the next two posts MHW Heavy Bowgun and Light Bowgun – which I haven’t dared to pick up since playing Monster Hunter World. 

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Monster Hunter World – Top Charge Blades [Updated 2019 – Pre Iceborne]

With the current meta, the best Charge Blades are as below: Elementless Build (Impact Phial) Diablo Tyrannis II  Taroth Strongarm "Horn" - Basically Diablo Tyrannis II with gold plating and higher defense.  Elemental Charge Blade (Power Element Phial) Kjárr Strong Arm "Ice" (vs Behemoth, Lunastra)  Kjárr Strong Arm "Spark" (Nergigante, Kulve Taroth phase 1 to…

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