MHW Iceborne Best Dual Blades (DB) [Pre-Fatalis Meta]

The current MHW meta has a big focus on the elemental build. With the arrival of Alatreon, elemental builds are even more important. This also makes weapons that are good with elemental shine, and Dual Blades are surely on the wagon.

TL;DR – Kjarr Dual Blades all the ways!

Below are the best Elemental Dual Blades and

Kjarr Dual Blades

The best Elemental DB in MHW Meta right now is Kjarr ones. All Kjarr Weapons comes with Critical Element – which is your most powerful skill for an elemental build. Using Kjarr Dual Blades also lets you change up your Armor, open up for more powerful builds.

Aside from certain element (Dragon/ Ice/ Blast) All Kjarr Dual Blades are solid picks for a decent Dual Blades build.

This compilation list out the best

Kjarr Dual Blades

A full list of all Kjárr Dual Blades
Kjárr Dagger “Rage”Fire
Kjárr Dagger “Water”Water
Kjárr Dagger “Spark”Thunder
Kjárr Dagger “Ice”Ice
Kjárr Dagger “Dragon”Dragon

Other Best DB

Frostfang Barioth

The Frostfang Barioth currently provides the best looking weapon in MHW Iceborne


Alatreon Madness (Alatreon’s Dual Blades)

From the elemental Dragon himself. This Dual Blades start things off with 392 Damage and 480 Dragon element.

You can slot in Critical and Tenderizer Jewel to this Dual Blades (Two Level 2 Jewel Slots) and you are good to go.

Where is my Light Break Safi Blast Dual Blades

As mentioned in my previous posts, MHW’s current meta put a strong focus on Elemental Builds, making weapons like DB even stronger with their elemental game. If you have decided to play DB main in MHW, be ready for a grind.

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