Minecraft Dungeons Double Axe Build – The Death Storm

In this Minecraft Dungeons Build, we will take a look at one of the weapon types in Minecraft Dungeons – The Double Axe.

Minecraft Dungeons Double Axe Overview

The Double Axe does only one thing – Spin. It doesn’t have any other fancy attacks pattern like Katana or Gauntlet. When you equip a Double Axe, your character only does one thing, deal damage in a 360 Arc, and that’s it.

That said, Double Axe is still a 2 hits combo weapons, the second spin is considered the last attack of the combo. A thing to remember for skills like Shockwave or Swirling.

What makes Double Axe powerful is it’s base damage. Similar to one hit weapons, Double Axe generally comes with high damage compared to other weapons. This alone make its super powerful once you got an Axe with enchantments like Sharpness

The Death Storm | Minecraft Dungeons Build [Double Axe Build]

WeaponWhirlwindCritical + Sharpness + Sharpness
Ranged WeaponAny Power Crossbow or Exploding CrossbowChain Reaction
ArmorPlate Armor / Mystery Armor with a good roll
Damage Reduction
Melee Damage
Deathcap Mushroom (Boss Fight)

Minecraft Dungeons Double Axe Build | Weapon

For the weapon, Whirlwind is picked thanks to it’s the unique ability – Cast Shockwave.

This saves you one more enchantment slot for other ability. Whirlwind will release a Shockwave on the second spin – the same effect as the Shockwave enchantment.

For Enchantments, the best would definitely 2 x Sharpness or 2 x Rampaging, and one for Critical Hit

This often happens on Apocalypse difficulty, where one weapon can be dropped with the same enchantment on multiple slots.

For more general gameplay, you can pair Whirlwind with Critical, Sharpness & Radiance (For Healing during combat)

Minecraft Dungeons Double Axe Build | The Armor

Your best option for this build is Full Metal Armor – An unique armor in Minecraft Dungeons

This armor provides a 30% Melee Damage as it’s unique bonus, and has 35% Damage Reduction and 30% to nullify incoming damage. The perfect choice for close quarter build.

The biggest cons of this armor is the 100% Longer Roll Cooldown. This can

As this is the upgrade version of Plate Armor, before getting Full Metal Armor, you can use a Plate Armor instead.

Minecraft Dungeons Double Axe Build – Ranged Weapons

For this build, a powerful explosive Crossbow is enough to make it powerful. The best enchantments for an explosive Crossbow are:

  • Chain Reaction
  • Multishot (Best if you have multiple Multishot)
  • Power (Further enhance arrow damage)

If you want a better version of an explosive crossbow, check out our best Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons guide.

Minecraft Dungeons Double Axe Build | The Artifacts

  • Harvester
  • Soul Healer
  • Deathcap Mushroom

Harvester can be used as a quick get away when you are surrounded.

If you don’t have Radiance enchantment, Soul Healer can be used for recovery.

Finally, Deathcap Mushroom will occasionally be used (In boss fight mostly) to enhance your DPS. The attack speed can trigger some nasty Critical Damage (If you equip Critical Enchantment) or Healing Blast (Radiance)

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