Minecraft Dungeons Weapon Guide | All Unique Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

This is a compilation of all the unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons – An Action-RPG spin on the popular Minecraft series.

Please note that this list may not be complete as gears are randomly dropped in Minecraft Dungeons and susceptible to many underline mechanics (Drop rate/ Luck, Difficulty …) However, given the nature of this game, almost all of Unique weapons will drop during your playthrough on all difficulty.

How to find Unique Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons?

Similar to other loot base Action RPG, unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons are mostly dropped during your journey through the world. Another way to get unique weapons is from shopping using emerald, although this has a lower chance to give you an unique weapon.

Minecraft Dungeons Unique Melee Weapons

This ranging from classic weapons like Sword Axe and Dual Dagger to some orthodox weapon like Scythe and First (Yes you can punch the sh**t out of the monster)

The drop place is suceptible to your luck. The places listed have a high chance to drop the weapon, it is not guarantee that you will find those weapons in just one or two runs.


Swords are one of the most basic weapons in every Action-RPG game. You don’t find many improvements here, it is still one of the trusty weapons of the warrior. All Swords are capable of dealing moderate damage and have average attack speed.


Hawkbrand can be found pretty early on in Mission 2. This weapon has a bonus to Critical Hit chance and can come with some basic damage boost enchantment. Pretty good to start the journey.


This sword can be found in Mission 7. Aside from the powerful melee and area damage. This provide a small bonus to Health Recovery every time you attack the mobs. This sword also has a Powerful Pushback – which trigger a small knock back every time it is slammed on the ground

Nameless Blade

This has a bonus to weakens enemy attack and “Reliable Combo”

Nightmare’s Bite

This Dual Scythe has the ability to spawn Poison Cloud – similar to Venom Glaive. With fast attack speed, pick this up with Critical Hit and you are good to go.



Aside from the usual Souls Gathering bonus like other Soul knife, Truthseeker also gives you bonus damage for enemies that are already wounded. This further boosting the attack damage of this little knife.

Unlike similar trope in other RPG, Knife in Minecraft Dungeons come with slow attack speed.


Yes, Pickaxe is one type of weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. You can get these weapons early on with a bonus to emerald drop

Diamond Pickaxe

This Pickaxe come wit innate ability to farm more emeralds. This has a moderate attack speed and a pretty enough damage to cause some pain.

Some enchantments that sync well with Diamond Pickaxe

  • Radiance
  • Shockwave

Twin Dagger

Unlike Knife, Twin Dagger offer fast attack speed, and is generally good pick for any build that prefer critical hit build focus

Fangs of Frost

As the name says, this has the ability to slow the mobs down just by attacking them. Aside from that, there is not much of a bonus to this weapon. You can pair this with Critical hit or Life Steal to give it some nice synergy with your build.


All hammer in Minecraft Dungeons has one hit combo and can deal area damage.

Hammer of Gravity

This big Hammer is often dropped in mission 9. This come with the Pull in enemies boost. With each attacks, all the enemies will be pulled to the impact point, making your area damage more effective.

Hammer is also a one hit weapon, making enchantment like Swirling or Shockwave has a slight advantage as it will be proc every hit.

Don’t put Critical Hit or other speed related enchantment to Hammer, as it’s attack speed is super low.


Venom Glaive

Check out our previous guide on where to find Venom Glaive in Minecraft Dungeons!

I first picked Venom Glaive in Soggy Swamp. With the power of Poison, Venom Glaive has a pretty good base tick damage which can enhance your playstyle.

Grave Bane

How to find Grave Bane?

If your luck is on point in Soggy Swamp, you can get this powerful glaive just after the Venom Glaive. Grave Bane is one of the most powerful glaive in the game with a focus on dealing with Undead.

Similar to other Glaive, Grave Bane syncs well with enchantments that give you an additional hit at the end of the combo.


Jailor’s Scyther

All Scyther has bonus to Soul Gathering. Jailor’s Scythe has the ability to Bind and chain enemies – which is the same effect as the Chain enchantment

Jailor’s Scythe syncs well with any Souls build and can be used with enchantment like Shockwave as it only has one hit attack.


Soul Fists

I obtained Soul Fists from the shop in the camp. This has Souls Critical Boost, as well as Relentless Combo – the fastest combo in Minecraft Dungeons.

It is almost a no-brainer to pick this along with Critical Hit enchantment. This is to boost it’s base damage. On other enchantment slot, recovery enchantment like Radiance is also a pretty awesome build.

Ranged Weapons


I find many unique bows in my first playthrough on Default Difficulty. The main theme of these unique bows is that it comes with an existing enchantment (As a bonus aside from the normal enchantments slot that come with the weapon)


This bow can be dropped in later mission (7 – 9) This bow has a more powerful Charge Attack (which only available for Bow) and can occasionally give out a health recovery aura.

Elite Power Bow

Similar to Sabrewing this bow also has a bonus to Charge Attack, and a Greater Damage bonus.

Bone Bow

This has the same effect as … enchantment. The arrow will grow as it travels a longer distance, resulting in more damage on shot.

Purple Storm

This is by far one of the best bow for boss fight and elite enemy. This has a bonus to Fire Rate. There is also a high chance this Bow come with Enchantments like Accelerate or Fuseshot. Both of these enchantments sync pretty well together and can give you a surprise on the damage it can deal.

Master Bow

This weapon has the ability to control pet (If you have any, either via enchantments or armor bonus)

Master’s Bow also has a bonus to Damage.

Bow of Lost Souls

This come with Chance for Multishot – Same effect as Multishot enchantment, you will occasionally shoot three arrow at once. This also has a bonus to Soul collection – which is great for Souls focus build.

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Crossbow is generally stronger than bow, but has slower attack speed. There are some crossbow that comes with Fast Attack speed, but most of them are garbage.

Lighting Harp Crossbow

An upgraded version of the powerful Scatter Crossbow, this has a bonus to ricochet as well as the ability to shoot our three arrows at once. Lighting Harp Crossbow syncs pretty well with Torment Arrow enchantments or Fire Arros – both provides you a quick boost to your shot.

You can pair this weapon with the following enchantments

  • Power – Increase Arrow Power
  • Chain Reaction

Lighting Harp Crossbow can be dropped by the Cauldron boss fight in Soggy Swamp.

This boss is also has a good chance to drop good Scatter Crossbow, if you are running for a build that utilize the multishot mechanic, don’t forget to grind this guy!

Harp Crossbow

Why I love this crossbow? Check out this gameplay


This is by far the strongest Crossbow in Adventure difficulty in my playthrough. This comes with the ability to shoot not just three, but five arrow at once!

In Adventure Difficulty, there is a high chance that this is dropped with three slot of enchantments, give you various ways to customize this weapon. In our Arcane master build for Minecraft Dungeons, the below enchantments were used

  • Poison Cloud
  • Growing Arrow
  • Chain Reaction

Did I miss anything?

This list is compiled base on my playthrough on all three difficulties in Minecraft Dungeons (Default, Adventure, and Apocalypse) As my luck is not that high, there is a high chance this is not all of them. I will update this list periodically for a more complete experience

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