Minecraft Dungeons Gauntlet Build – Martial Artist

In today’s guide, we will check out a build that utilizes one of the fastest weapons in Minecraft Dungeons – The Gauntlet.

Minecraft Dungeons Gauntlet Overview

Gauntlet does not appear until Adventure difficulty, making this build is only viable from Adventure difficulty onward. Gauntlet is the shortest range weapon in Minecraft Dungeons, and it’s attack consist of multi-hit combo finish with a quick uppercut.

Gauntlet weapon type is often paired with Critical – a powerful enchantment that increases the critical hit chance of weapon.

Minecraft Dungeons Build – The Martial Artist


This build utilizes the speed of Gauntlet and empowers it with Critical Hit, Radiance, and a little enhancement from Deathcap Mushroom.

This build is pretty easy to pick up and play. The only weakness could be that it take a little grinding to get the right gears (And enchantments roll) for the build.

The Weapons

The best gauntlet for this build is Fighter’s Binding. This unique gauntlet will appear from Adventure onward. This is also the strongest Gauntlet in Minecraft Dungeons.

While the damage number is not that impressive, what makes this powerful is the speed it provides when you equip it.

Pair this with Critical and Radiance, pop that Deathcap Mushroom and you can basically kill any bosses in a matter of second.

If you don’t have Fighter’s Binding yet, Soul Fist is also a good alternative for this build. This gauntlet has lower attack speed compare to Fighter’s Binding but has a bonus to Critical Chance depend on your Soul Bar.

Both of these gauntlets can benefit from the following enchantments

Critical Hit

As Gauntlet weapon type has high attack speed, triggering Critical hit happens while often and you can easily deal around 5k damage (Apocalypse difficulty) with just one combo

This can be boosted further with Deathcap Mushroom. You can keep two or even three at them for Boss fight so you can finish the grind even quicker

Soul Fist can often come with Critical, this is your first pick for the enchantment on this weapon. For your second enchantment slot, I recommend the Radiance enchantment for survivability.

The Third enchantment slot can be anything you like. Below are some good addition for this build

  • Stun

How to find Fighter’s Binding in Minecraft Dungeons

How to find Soul Fist

Gauntlet weapons are dropped in Soggy Cave and Cacti Canyon. For the best chance to get Soul Fist, you should spend some time in these missions.

Looking for an easy build to grind through All Difficulty? Check out this build!

Fighter’s Binding is harder to drop compared to Soul Fists, however, it is still possible to farm for. As Gauntlet is one of the weapon type dropped in … Fighter’s Binding will have a small chance to drop in this mission.

The Armor

Minecraft Renegade Armor

Minecraft Dungeons Renegade Armor Location

This build used Renegade Armor – The unique version of Mercenary Armor. The 25% Melee Attack Speed is the main attraction of this armor.

As this is the upgrade version of Mercenary Armor, before this drop, you can pair the above weapons with any Mercenary Armor with decent stat.


If you already paired your Gauntlets with Radiance, Cowardice can increase your damage by 40%. This is the highest melee damage bonus in Minecraft Dungeons.

Best enchantments for Armor in this build

Almost anyone touches you will be stunned. This is an indirect way to reduce the damage your receive from mobs

Minecraft Dungeons Cool Down Enchantment

This speeds up the cooldown of your most used Artifact – The Deathcap Mushroom!

Protection enchantment is also a good pick for this build, but I prefer the above set.

Ranged Weapons

I prefer using a Scatter Crossbow combine with Torment Arrow artifacts for this build, but this is entirely depend on your liking.

Any Crossbow that excel at group damage is a good pick. Both Scatter Crossbow and Explosive Crossbow is equally good for this build

Unique Scatter Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons (Dropped in Soggy Swamp)

  • Harp Crossbow – 5 Arrows at once
  • Lighting Harp Crossbow – 3 Arrows at once with Ricochet

Unique Explosive Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons (Dropped in Fiery Forge and Secret mission)

  • Imploding Crossbow
  • Firebolt Thrower

For a full list of Unique Crossbows in Minecraft Dungeons, check out this guide

The Artifacts

  • Harvester
  • Torment Arrow/ Firework Arrow
  • Deathcap Mushroom

The harvester can help you occasionally with it’s a powerful blast and can clear out a group of mobs pretty easily.

Deathcap Mushroom should be used prior to every boss fight to speed up your kill time.

Torment Arrow is then combined with Lighting Harp Crossbow or Harp Crossbow for a quick knockback to save the day.

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