Minecraft Dungeons Builds Guide | Best Build for Default Difficulty

This is the first guide in my Build Guides for Minecraft Dungeons – an Action RPG twist on the critical acclaim Minecraft game from Mojang Game.

Minecraft Dungeons – Build and Difficulty

You start off with Minecraft Dungeons in Default difficulty, which are pretty easy to pick up and you can go through all 9 missions without a hassle. This will introduce Minecraft key mechanic in combat:

That’s basically all there is to Minecraft Gear system, your character only wears one piece of armor and equip one melee and one ranged weapon. While simple, each weapon, and armor contains several enchantments that require a point to upgrade. These are our main focus in these build guides.

Minecraft Dungeons Build | What is the best Armor for Soul Build?

Minecraft Builds can be divided by the type of Armor you are currently using. Due to the simplicity of the armor system. All armors come with options that gear toward a specific playstyle. Some will straight up boosting your Melee Damage and comes with some Life Stealing boost, others will boost your Artifact Damage and increase your souls recharge rate.

In this build, we will use Grim Armor – one of the armor in the game with a focus on Souls collection and give you a bonus on Life Steal.

Another good pick for this build is Soul Robe – which also gives you more souls and increase your Artifact Damage by 50%. This armor shines when you pick up more powerful artifact near the end of game (Lighting Rod…)

This is the full stat of this build. You will need Grim Armor, Souls Knife Scatter Crossbow

Grim Armor– Snowball
Soul KnifeAnima Conduit
Scatter Crossbow/ Purple StormPower + Multishot (Scatter Crossbow)
Accelerate + Fuse Shot (Purple Storm)
Torment Quiver
Flame Quiver

Grim Armor increases your obtain souls (100%) Which will speed up the soul bar and allow you to use those souls artifacts more often. The healing aura doesn’t cause

Grim Armor’s Enchantments

  • Snowball

Minecraft Build | Armor Enchantments

Snowball is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons. This enchantment alone makes those stun enchantment on melee weapon pretty much useless. At level 3, you will automatically stun anyone who comes near. This reduces your chance of dying and can let you get through the mission with ease.

Of course, this does not has any effect on bosses. However, almost all bosses in games will spawn some kind of minions – which can be stunned so you can get to the boss more easily.

With this power, Snowball is also pretty hard to comes by during your first run on Default Difficulty. You will get Snowball more often around mission 7 to mission 9.

For your second enchantment, it can be anything that boosts your survivability, if you prefer some more offensive, Burning is a good pick. However, I don’t find it much effective during my playthrough.

A better option would be Electrified – which deal way more damage than burning, and trigger every you dodge, which can add some more reasons to use the dodge feature.

Minecraft Builds Melee Weapons

For melee weapon in Default playthrough, you are good to go with whatever you pick early on and progress until mission 8 or 9. You can then switch to Soul Knife – This weapon type increases your souls and can come with the following enchantment.

Anima Conduit

3% Max Health per souls at level 3.

This enchantment alone can let you get through those end game missions pretty easily. As all of the kills will yield soul – Which means your HP will always recover by this skill.

The Souls Knife has very low attack speed (Although it looks like a dagger – which is basically very fast in other similar game) The attack speed is compensated by it’s high damage – which can let you finish off any enemies that come near you.

Minecraft Build Guide | Ranged Weapons

Purple Storm

The Purple Storm is the first Unique Trickshot bow that you picked in Minecraft Dungeons. It comes in default with Fire Rate increase and has a pretty high chance to have Accelerate on one of the enchantments options. This bow also syncs pretty well with Fuse Shot.

If you don’t have Purple Storm, any Trick Shot bow with a combination of Accelerate and Power are good for temporary uses.

Scatter Crossbow

I experiment with several Ranged weapons in Minecraft ranging from Bow, Hunter Bow to Crossbow, and you know what is the best one for any Souls-related build? It is the Scattershot Crossbow. This weapon comes with the ability to shoot three arrows at once. This is pretty standard at first look, but Minecraft Scattercrossbow shine with the below enchantment

Multishot – At level 3 This has a 40% chance to shoot out five arrows at once – which significantly boost your overall arrow damage. If you happen to have Power on your second enchantment slot, it is enough to get through the game.

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantment - Power Enchantment

At level 3, you will shoot five arrows almost every three shots. If this still not impress you, the following Artifact will.

The power of the Souls Arrow lie in the knockback mechanic, and it only rely on Souls. The cooldown is almost non existent. With the help of Multi shot, you can do this..

The downside of this Crossbow is that you will constantly need souls, and it’s almost useless against boss. This playstyle can be upgraded once you reach Adventure mode. We will return to this crossbow in my next guide.

Minecraft Build – Artifacts

By now, it is pretty obvious that this build rely entirely on Souls. The end game Artifact set for this build (on Default Difficulty)

  • Harvester
  • Torment Quiver
  • Boost of Swiftness/ Flaming Quiver

Harvester is pretty straightforward, you emit a blast and damage everyone around you. This is one of your first powerful souls Artifact and can introduce you to the power of Souls in Minecraft Dungeons.

This also use a quite amount of Souls so make sure you equip some gears with decent Souls boost ability (Grim Armor, Soul Robe)

Torment Quiver give you an arrow that can knock back enemy and deal continous damage when it traverses. This is great to reduce the heat and also a good way to save your arrow for the boss.

Before you get all these Artifacts, you can use Fire Arrows and Firework arrow to get through those early missions. Most of the above Artifacts can be get via normal progression and you don’t need to spend all the time farming for those.

Minecraft Dungeons Build Guide - Flaming Quiver.

Where to find Scatter Crossbow?

Soggy Swarm is the best mission to farm for a good Scatter Crossbow, you can get around 3 of them on a single run. This is by far one of the best places for gear farming as well. Both Venom Glaive and Grave Bane has a pretty high chance to drop on this mission.

Minecraft Builds – Conclusion

This build can get you through Default difficulty pretty easily thanks to the power of Snowball and the healing ability from Anima Conduit. If you prefer a good build that can let you get through Default difficulty with ease. You will feel right at home with this build. The downside of this build is that you may feel a little overpower by the end of Default Difficulty, but don’t worry the Adventure mode will surely require some better build management!

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