Minecraft Dungeons Katanas | All Unique Katanas in Minecraft Dungeons

This post is specified for Katana – One of the 16 weapons types in Minecraft Dungeons, you can check out the list of Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Type here.

Aside from the standard Katana, Minecraft Dungeons also has two Unique Katanas that a little hard to come by.

  • Master’s Katana
  • Dark Katana

Master’s Katana

Master’s Katana is the strongest Katana in Minecraft Dungeons. This is thanks to it’s powerful unique ability – Increase Critical Hit Chance. If you pick Master’s Katana with another Critical Enchantment, you can double this chance and call it a day.

Master’s Katana can be enhanced with Sharpness enchantment – which increase your melee damage by 33% at level 3.

Dark Katana

Dark Katana has a bonus damage to Undead. This effect is the same one from Smiting enchantment.

Aside from this, Dark Katana has pretty high base damage. If you happen to obtain this with Sharpness, don’t hesitate to pick it for enchantments. Katana doesn’t sync well with Critical or Radiance due to it’s slow attack speed.

Minecraft Dungeons | How to find Unique Katana?

All these unique Katana has a chance to appear by trading with the Black Smith, but the chance is lower compare to actively grinding for it. If you want to grind for these Katanas, Obsidian Pinnacle mission is the best mission to grind for these two

Minecraft Dungeons Katana Build Guides

Katana has a lower attack speed compared to other weapons. Despite this, Katana is a multi-hit combo weapon (3 to be exact) The last hit deal the highest damage.

You can also enhance the last hit of the combo with Shockwave or Swirling, these skills indirectly increase the damage of your Katana.

Shockwave increase damage of the last hit of the combo. For Katana, it is the 3rd horizontal slash

Both Shockwave and Swirling are powerful enchantments – Which only appear in Adventure and Apocalypse difficulty.

Minecraft Dungeons Guides & Builds Series

If you are looking for a good build on grinding, check out our builds guide below:

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