Minecraft Dungeons Scatter Crossbow

This post is a mini post on one of the Crossbow type in Minecraft Dungeons. Scatter Crossbow is one of the five types of Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons. This crossbow features multishot as it’s main power

Minecraft Dungeons Scatter Crossbow Location

Soggy Swamp is the main mission you want to grind if you want to have a good Scatter Crossbow. This is also where you can find Harp Crossbow and Lighting Harp Crossbow – two unique versions of the Scatter Crossbows

Minecraft Dungeons Scatter Crossbow Best Enchantments

Best enchantments for Scatter Crossbow

  • Multishot (x 2 or x 3) if you are lucky
  • Power – Increase Arrow Damage
  • Chain Reaction – Add a chance to fire out five arrows on impact

The best enchantment for Scatter Crossbow is definitely Multishot – which increases the number of arrows you can shoot.

While this may sound overkill for a weapon that already comes with this ability, the reason is that it is stacked, and can shoot out a lot of arrow with the right combination.

Best Artifacts for Scatter Crossbow

Firework Arrow

Firework Arrow is one of the first artifact that can be used along side any Scatter Crossbow. Firework Arrow typically have ~2000 Damage in Apocalypse mode. Multiply this number by 3 or 5, or even 10, and you can easily deal nearly 20,000 Damage in one single shot.

This type of playstyle sync well with Cool Down Reduction focus build, which can speed up the time you can fire those Firework Arrow.

Torment Quiver

Torment Arrow is a Soul Artifact which turns your arrows into knock back projectile. This has a longer reach than the traditional arrows and can knock the monster off the cliff.

Torment Arrow damage is not related to the power of the Ranged Weapon you equip. It is considered as Artifact Damage. If you want to increase the power of Torment Quiver, equip armor that boosts Artifact Damage.

Soul Robe is one of the armor in Minecraft Dungeons that increases Artifact Damage. The upgraded version of Soul Robe is Soul Dancer Robe.

Minecraft Dungeons Scatter Crossbow Build

Scatter Crossbow can be the perfect addition to any build you are currently using, thanks to it’s versatile in combat.

If you are looking for a build that sync well with Scatter Crossbow, check out the below Minecraft Dungeons Builds

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