Minecraft Dungeons Build Guide | Arcane Master – Best Build on Adventure Difficulty

After finishing Default Difficulty, you will unlock Adventure Difficulty – which provides harder enemies and increase the chances for better loot to drop. In today’s build guide for Minecraft Dungeons, we will check out one of the best builds to grind through the horde in Adventure Difficulty

Minecraft Dungeons Build – What changes in Adventure Mode?

The very first thing is to try out your previous build on the first mission of the game. The impact can be felt almost immediately with the increment on the number of enemies and the number of enchanted enemies you may encounter. This also gives you a sense of what awaits in this difficulty.

Adventure mode will let you level up to around 45 (In some grindy case, this can up to 50)

The final addition to Adventure mode is the Powerful Enchantments system. These better enchantments with unique traits and can boost your build by a huge level.

Minecraft Dungeons Build Guide – Arcane Master

Minecraft Dungeons Build Overview – Arcane Master

  • Armor – Grim Armor/ Souls Robe (Snowball + Electrified)
  • Weapon – Truthseeker (Radiance + Smiting)
  • Ranged Weapon – Harp Crossbow (Poison Cloud + Growing Arrow + Chain Impact)

This build combines the power of Harp Crossbow and Torment Arrow. This combo alone can turn all of your enemies to dust in just one or two shots. The best thing on this build is that the enemies may not even touch you before they die from the knockback of Torment arrows or just from the damage itself.

Minecraft Dungeons Radiance

To top it off, the close-quarter Healing Area buff from Radiance can give you the recovery needed to sustain in harder fights.

Other alternative weapons for a Souls build

  • Souls Scythe

Check out all of Minecraft Dungeons unique weapons so far.

Minecraft Dungeons Build – The Armor

If you still stick to the Souls Build, your first priority is to equip a better Grim Armor (If you prefer close quarter combat) However, this armor does not drop until mission 6. You can still get one from the shop in camp, but it entirely depends on your luck.

The best approach is to simply pick any new armor that comes with Snowball. As soon as you find a better armor, Salvage the previous one and upgrade Snowball to level 3. This will increase your survivability in Adventure difficulty. Some of other armor that goes well with this build

  • Souls Robe – This increases Artifact Damage. If you prefer an all-out Souls Build, this should be picked over Grim Armor

For the benefit of Snowball, check out Minecraft Dungeons enchantments guide and the previous build on Default Difficulty

Minecraft Dungeons Adventure Build – The Melee Weapons

Souls Knife with Anima Conduit & Some utility enchantment are still good

You can continue with any Souls Knife that you pick during your playthrough on Adventure difficulty. If you are lucky, you can obtain Truthseeker. This is one of the unique Knife in Minecraft Dungeons

Best Soul Knife in Minecraft Dungeons (Adventure Difficulty)

This is basically a better version of the Souls Knife and can help you get through the rest of Adventure mode easily. As this build does not focus much on melee damage, you are good to go with the classic Anima Conduit build in Default. This allows you to recover lost health by killing the enemy with the knife. However, Anima Conduit can be hard to come by on this weapon. Radiance should be a better pick in this case in my opinion.

This skill triggers pretty often during close combat and can quickly restore your HP to full in a matter of seconds. However, due to the slow nature of Knife, you may get some issue to proc this healing effect, don’t rely too much on this skill.

Minecraft Dungeons Adventure Build – Ranged Weapon

With the numbers of enemies increase and their buff enhanced. I prefer something more powerful in clearing waves after waves of enemy. This is where this baby come in

Harp Crossbow – Best Minecraft Dungeons Crossbow

The Unique Version of the Scatter Crossbow. It has the ability to shoot five arrows right off the bat – letting you keep that enchantment slot for something more powerful. I went with the following enchantments for this crossbow

  • Poison Cloud
  • Growing Arrow
  • Chain Impact

Minecraft Dungeons | How to find Harp Crossbow

Harp Crossbow has a pretty high chance to drop in Soggy Swamp at Adventure V or VII. I got mine as a drop from the Cauldron itself.

Minecraft Dungeons Build Guide – The Artifacts

Torment Arrow is the very first pick on this build. This is your main source of damage and crowd control. You can get an upgrade of Torment Arrow from the shop, or grind through the mission

The second artifact is Lighting Rod – This single shot Souls blast is best used against bosses and stronger enemy. This has higher usability compare to your usual Harvester blast.

The final Artifact can depend on your liking, I personally used Boots of Swiftness to increase mobility in combat. In some harders situations, you can use Souls Healing medal to get you out of trouble.

Minecraft Dungeons Build Guide – The Arcane master gameplay

This is the typical gameplay of this build. See those massive Torment Arrow?


You can start off the mission with some quick close-quarter kills and mix in some normal shots. This is to get some souls to trigger your Torment Arrow. Use Torment Arrow to kill the mobs and save the ammo for bosses or harder enemies.

The Torment Arrow shot is excellent for a group of enemies and can push back some of those suicide mob that can one-shot you easily in Adventure difficulty.

This build shine almost entirely on your journey, the power from Torment Arrow for clearing mobs is undeniably powerful. The normal shots can deal with a huge amount of damage from close distance which makes this incredibly powerful to fight bosses.

The Multishot ability is also pretty good for deal huge amount of damage when you standing close to the enemy. This can be a quick 500 Damage shot. That’s also why you will need it for the boss.

This build does not focus entirely on Melee, but Melee attacks are your source of recovery. The buff from Radiance can let you do this. You can still stick to the Anima Conduit playstyle.

You are still not invicible though, as this build rely heavily on Close combat for recovery, you will need to occasionally swing that weapon a little to get some of those precious HP back.

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