Best Crossbows in Minecraft Dungeons

We have check out some of the unique builds with Gauntlets and Soul Knife, in today guide, let just focus on the best Cross Bow in Minecraft Dungeons.

All Unique Crossbows in Minecraft Dungeons

  • Doom Crossbow
  • Slayer Crossbow
  • Imploding Crossbow
  • Feral Soul Crossbow
  • Voidcaller
  • The Slicer
  • Harp Crossbow
  • Lighting Harp Crossbow
  • Butterfly Crossbow
  • Auto Crossbow
  • Azure Seeker
  • Firebolt Thrower

Minecraft Dungeons Crossbow | How many Crossbow types in Minecraft Dungeons?

In other titles, Crossbow may have a generally slower firing speed compare to Bow. However, it’s not the case here.

In Minecraft Dungeons, your crossbow comes with various type of focus (Multishot, Explosive, Souls or Firing Speed)

The Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons are divided into the following:

  • Souls Crossbow
  • Exploding Crossbow
  • Scatter Crossbow
  • Rapid Crossbow
  • Heavy Crossbow

The unique version of Crossbow is the upgrade version of these Crossbow types. Below are all of the unique Crossbows and their related basic version.

Heavy CrossbowDoom Crossbow
Slayer Crossbow
Scatter CrossbowHarp Crossbow
Lighting Harp Crossbow
Soul CrossbowFeral Soul Crossbow
Rapid CrossbowAuto Crossbow
Butterfly Crossbow
Exploding CrossbowImploding Crossbow
Firebolt Thrower
CrossbowThe Slicer
Azure Seeker

Best Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons

The best weapons always depend on your build. The list below is base on how often it is to drop and how easy it can be to integrate to a build.

Scatter Crossbow + Multishot with Torment Arrow has always been a pretty easy build. As shown in this build guide.

Harp Crossbow

“An easy grind is a good grind

I recommend staying away from this Crossbow, as you may get spoil on it’s power. Starting out innocently with this line “Even More Projectiles” Harp Crossbow gives you five arrows every shot, and while not straight up powerful, it’s a shotgun in disguise.

Staying close to the enemy can give you a quick 1,000 Damage shot (in Apocalypse difficulty) Combine this with Artifact like Torment Arrow and you have one of the fastest mobs clearing weapon in the game.

With the fact that Torment Arrow does not have a cool down, you can virtually never get your hand dirty with this Crossbow.

Harp Crossbow can be enhanced with Multishot, and the result is you got yourself a 10 Arrows crossbow, which makes the combo above even stronger.

40% To get out 10 Arrows at once? Take my enchantment!

Lighting Harp Crossbow

This has a lower number of arrows per shot but can have significantly higher damage compare to Harp Crossbow. The unique bonus Ricochet also deal serious damage in harder Difficulty.

Lighting Harp Crossbow in higher difficulty can be dropped with multiple Multishot enchantments. Don’t hesitate to pick two of Multishot.

How to find Harp Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons?

Both Harp Crossbow and Lighting Harp Crossbow can be dropped from the Cauldron fight. Soggy Swamp still remain one of the best mission for farming Unique gears in Minecraft Dungeons.

Imploding Crossbow

Prefer one shot explosion over the multi shot? Imploding Crossbow is your best pick on this front. Imploding Crossbow comes with Gravity – Which often appear on Melee Weapons.

This enchantment allow you to pull the enemies in an area with every shot. Combine this with the explosion from the Crossbow, you got yourself a grenade launcher.

Imploding Crossbow syncs well with below enchantments

  • Fuse Shot – Further enhance the explosive power
  • Power Shot – Straight up increase damage
  • Multi Shot – Want more bombs?

Firebolt Thrower

Firebolt Thrower doesn’t pull in the enemies, but has a chance to fire out five more explosives’ arrows upon impact.

Firebolt Thrower are good for almost any melee builds

Imploding Crossbow can be found in Secret mission (???) and Fiery Forge on Apocalypse Difficulty

Feral Soul Crossbow

This Crossbow will be the final addition to your Ultimate Soul Build in Minecraft Dungeons. Souls focus builds are already powerful with several artifacts, but this Crossbow turns the heat up to another level.

The Souls Critical Boost empower your Souls Artifact attack.

Feral Soul Crossbow are good for Souls Builds and goes well with the following enchantments:

  • Accelerate – Increase your firing speed
  • Power – Increase your shot power

Feral Soul Crossbow can be obtained by grinding through Secret mission & Obsidian Pinnacle (Final mission)

Doom Crossbow

When all other fail, a classic high damage Crossbow is enough to call it a day. Dropping all those fancy effects, Doom Crossbow focus on one thing only – The Power.

Being the upgrade version of the Heavy Crossbow, every shot from this bow is already pack a punch. The icing on the cake is the Additional Knockback bonus. This is the easiest pick when you need to focus all your damage (In boss fights)

Good enchantments for Doom Crossbow

  • Power – Enhances Damage
  • Accelerate – Increase Firing Speed per shot. Good for boss fight or enchanted enemies

Doom Crossbow location

Doom Crossbow can be found in Cacti Canyon or Obsidian Pinnacle

What is your best Crossbows?

The above list are base on my experience during my playthrough of Minecraft Dungeons in all three difficulty. If you have a better crossbow build or simply don’t agree with the list, drop a comments below!

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