Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments Guide | What are the best Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments

For Armor

  • Snowball
  • Electrified
  • Cowardice
  • Cooldown
  • Anima Conduit

For Melee Weapons

  • Sharpness
  • Poison Cloud
  • Committed

For Bow

  • Fuseshot
  • Accelerate
  • Power

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantment Guide

Despite being an Action RPG spin on the Minecraft series, Minecraft Dungeon doesn’t surprise you with a complex RPG mechanic. Your character only wears one-pieces of armor, which show up as a full-body armor in-game.

You can use one weapon, a bow, and 3 different artifacts in combat. Upon level up, you can spend enchantment points to pick an enchantment for a weapon (melee and bow) or armor.

Depend on the gear’s rarity, you can get up to three enchantments slot in a gear. The enchantments are randomized for every great, although some enchantments will only show on Bow or Armor. You can get a different set of enchantments if you pick that weapon/ armor again or at a different level. Make sure to pick the most appropriate ones at the time.

That all there is in Minecraft Dungeon Combat. While simple, this is enough to provide you with some good time clearing out a large horde of enemies.

How to get back Enchantment point in Minecraft Dungeons?

Savalve a weapon/ armor and you can get the Emerald as well as any Enchantment points you have spent on that gear.

Best enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons

It depends on your build. However, below are the best combination of some situations that work well together early game as well as some good enchantments to pick

Minecraft Dungeons | Best Early Game Enchantments

Below are some of the enchantments I found pretty useful during Level 1 – 10 When you just starting out with the first 4 missions. These enchantments are mostly recovery and protection, which can boost your survivability

  • Prospector

Prospector is an easy pick as soon as you found it on one of the weapons. In Default difficulty, the fight is generally easier and is your best chance to farming for emerald, it’s always good to have more with Prospector.

  • Potion Barrier

Finally, Potion Barrier can help you grant an immunity right after drinking a potion. This can help you in a tough situation where you are swamped by enemies

  • Sharpness

If you are not sure what to pick and a weapon has Sharpness, just stick it up, you will constantly switch weapon early game, a boost to damage is always a good pick.

  • Health Synergy

This is also a good pick for recovery if you want to build an Artifact Focus hero. I don’t find much benefit of maximize this to level III though, as you can also get recovery from weapons or armor.

  • Surprise Gift

While the potion’s cooldown is pretty long, getting a random piece of apple, bread or meat is always welcome

Minecraft Dungeons | Best Mid Game Enchantments

These are enchantments that you often found on weapons from level 11 to 18. The below enchantments may not look good on it’s own, but can be combined with each other to have a powerful effect.

  • Cool Down

A common enchantment in Armor after mission 2, this speed up your time to use those powerful artifacts. For build focus on Souls-related artifacts like Evocation Wizard, this is a great boost and should be maxed out when you had some spare points.

  • Freezing

Freezing is also a good pick if you don’t have weakening on the weapon. 40% Attack Speed is a huge number in the later stage of Minecraft Dungeons.

  • Fire Aspect/ Thundering

This enchantment is pretty common in weapons drop. If you have a high attack speed weapon (Dagger) This is a great addition. At level III this deal an addition 18 Damage for each hit.

If you prefer spark and dealing damage to multiple enemies at once, then try out Thundering. Both of these enchantments are not super powerful in my opinion, but is fine to get you through the mid game of Minecraft Dungeons.

  • Weakening

Weakening does not directly affect your damage, but it reduces a significant amount of damage from mobs, letting you sustain longer in combat. This also has an AOE effect, which also affects nearby enemies.

  • Poison Cloud

This enchantment can often be found on weapons dropped in Soggy Swamp. This is a great addition when you need to constantly fight a large swamp of enemies.

  • Commited

This enchantment’s bonus sound off, but it’s basically increase more damage when the enemy’s HP is not full. This works best on bosses, but you will also need a solid defense to goe toe-to-toe with this enchantment.

  • Anima Conduit

This is a late-game enchantment (I got myself this enchantment during the last two missions of Minecraft Dungeons) While 1% doesn’t seem much, it is the strongest recovery enchantment in the game. Given all mobs kills yield a soul, you can basically recover to full HP right after a heavy combat sequence.

This only applied to melee kills with the weapon though, any other kills from arrow or Artifacts are not counted!

Minecraft Dungeons | Best Armor Enchantments

On Armor, Enchantments often comes in term of buff or aura (Damage, Life Steal…) A couple of early good enchantment for armor are as below.

  • Snowball

In my Default playthrough, I find the best Armor Enchantment is Snowball. If you picked up a good armor that syncs well with your build and has this enchantment. Don’t hesitate and maximize its level with 6 Enchantment Points.

This enchantment lets you shoot out a snowball in combat for every second (At Level 3) and is a great way for a build that has low defense. I don’t find any reason to put this out unless you run a very specific build that can kill enemies before they touch you.

It of course doesn’t work on Boss though 🙂

  • Electrified

Electrified is pretty common in Default difficulty. If you don’t have any better option, Electrified can be used as a great way to deal more damage. This is good for builds that focus on melee attacks

  • Thorns

While it does sound cool, Thorns is one of the enchantments that require a good build to get the most out of it. It is not suitable in early game or in Default Difficulty at all. Thorns can only shine when pair with a multi enchantments slot build. However, it is still one of the best enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons.

  • Cowardice

Despite the strange name, This is the best universal damage boost enchantment you can get in Minecraft Dungeons. For builds that can recover HP via Souls, or from life steal, this is a no brainer to pick this one on the armor.

Minecraft Dungeons | Best Bow Enchantments

Bow and Crossbow generally have lower enchantments compare to weapons or armor. To compensate this, most bow enchantments are pretty straightforward, it’s either speed, power, or explosion.

  • Accelerate

Sound simple, but this makes your bow turn into a machine gun. This is best used in Trickbow or any bow with pretty high damage. This enchantment sync pretty well with Powershot and Fuse Shot

  • Power

This is the Sharpness enchantment of bow, it does only one thing, increase your arrow damage.

  • Fuse Shot

Fuse Shot is at it’s best when pairing with a high attack speed Bow or Crossbow. However, it is not worth the upgrade if you are just around level 15 without any multiple enchantments Bow.

  • Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire increase Bow/ Crossbow attack speed. The end result is slower than Accelerate, but you got a more consistent speed.

  • Multishot

Multishot work best with Scattershot Crossbow. This add three more arrows to your existing shot and with no damage reduction.

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