Monster Hunter World – Top Heavy Bowgun [Updated 2019 Pre Iceborne]

Looking for Best Heavy Bowgun in Iceborne? Here you go.

Best MHW Heavy Bowgun [2019 Meta Pre-Iceborne]

The short answer for the Best Heavy Bowguns  of the current MHW meta:

  • Taroth Assault ‘Glutton’ – Spread 3 
  • Taroth Assault ‘Support’ – Pierce 3 
  • Dark Devourer – Cluster 3 
  • Kjarr Assault ‘Water’ – Pierce Ammo 3
  • Magda Gemitus II – Sleep + Para + Cluster Combo 

I have also updated my Heavy Bowgun builds for the list of current Best Heavy Bowgun builds. If you are new to Monster Hunter World, feel free to read on, but if you are looking for an end-game Heavy Bowgun Builds for Iceborne preparation,  check out my Heavy Bowgun Builds Compilation.



As covered in my last guides & builds suggestion post for MHW Heavy Bowgun The Heavy Bowgun is a popular pick of hunters because of the power and the customization abilities.

If you came up to this articles from the vast world of the Internet, then I reckon you want to try the Heavy Bowgun for a change. If that’s the case , check out my guide for MHW Heavy Bowgun below

Grasp some basic Armor Skills then You can later revisit this article for a list of the best Heavy Bowgun you can pick from. In today article, we will take a look at my personal list for best Heavy Bowgun in Monster Hunter World (divided base on the Special Ammo Types and how it can support your playstyle) Remember the best weapon is the one you love and familiar with! 

Heavy Bowgun Quick Guides

  • Remember to reload your Heavy Bowgun! Utilize the “reload all” (by holding the reload button) at the right time. While melee fighter need to sharpening, you will need that gun to fully loaded at all time.


  • It’s also a good practice to bring some Level 1 Ammo and Gun Powder Level 3 in your inventory (Even when your current Heavy Bowgun cannot use it, it can be used to craft level 3 ammo) just for the sake of crafting the most powerful ammo on the hunt.


  • For starters, try to put up some back up in your stash and come back between Monster’s phase if you running short on those powerful ammo. You don’t want to use that normal ammo against those Arch Tempered Monsters…


  • You can also use the mid-air fire (Firing when jumping off a cliff) to negate the recovery animation (or the recoil of heavy ammo types) However, this take some practice.


  • Know your Ammo! If your Heavy Bowgun support Sleep & Paralysis – use it! Your team mates will thanks you for that. Spread and Pierce are ammo that benefit from the Spread shot and Pierce Shot armor skills. Choose wisely.


  • Don’t forget the mods! A little tinkering with the mods will save you from those long reload and big knock back.

Wyvernheart Heavy Bowgun Tree

Destruction’s Fusillade

Starting off with 285 Damage, this Nergigante weapon also offers Spread Ammo Level 3 and Sticky Ammo (Level 2 & 3)
Water/Freeze/Dragon is also supported
Finally, you can also utilize Sleep & Paralysis just for the purpose of dealing huge damage in a short time.

Note on materials:

  • Xeno’jiva + Nergigante Horn – For MHW Heavy Bowgun, getting horns should be your specialties, mix up the Sticky Ammo and Cluster Bomb (to the head of course) You can also add in Sleep Ammo and Wyvern ammo for the best result.  For Xeno’jiva, utilize those chances when this special mission appears on your quest list.
  • Nergigante Gem – Rare materials from Nergigante. Took me 10+ hunt to firstly get this.
  • Nergigante Talon– Can easily be gathered when hunting Nergigante.

Teostra’s Flame

Harness the power of the Elder Dragon Teostra, this cannon comes with 270 Base Damage. Sticky Ammo and Cluster Bomb of all levels can be used with this weapon, giving it the best contender when it comes to explosion fest.

Notes on Materials:

  • Xeno’jiiva Soulscale – Common material when hunting Xeno’jiiva
  • Teostra Horn+ – Try to use Sticky Ammo, Cluster Bomb on that angry face
  • Teostra Claw+ – Common material when hunting Teostra
  • Teostra Gem – If you are lucky, this can get on the 10th+ Run

Dark Devourer (Deviljho)

Deviljho is one of the most dangerous monsters in current meta. It’s pretty self-explainable that the weapon from it is also powerful.

Notes on materials:

  • Elder Dragon Blood – Obtain via hunting Elder Dragon (Teostra, Vaal Hazak, Kushala Daora) 
  • Deviljho Gem & Fang – Of course, it needs a gem 🙂  This is rare, so mostly depend on your luck. You can mix in some set that increases the rewards
  • Deviljho Scalp – Common materials when hunting Deviljho

Right off the bat, both Pierce and Spread ammo are supported, making it a pretty safe choice for both playstyles.  This scary looking Heavy Bowgun comes with 345 Base Damage (Highest damage in the HBG Tree) and the ability to shoot out both Level 2 & 3 Sticky & Cluster Bombs. You can also put in Sleep ammo to double the damage dealt. Slicing & Dragon Ammo is also supported, in case you wish to cut that Dragon’s Tails! The downside of this weapon is only the minus Affinity ( can be fixed by augmenting or Weakness Exploit. ) and missing Paralysis ammo.

Wyvernsnipe Heavy Bowgun Tree

Check out my Crimson Sniper Build here – A balance Heavy Bowgun Build that focus on the Special Ammo Wyvernsnipe!

Gamma Cannon II

Notes on materials:

  • Fire Dragon Scale+ – Rare material by Teostra, mostly obtained via carving.
  • Dodogama jaw – Obtain by breaking Dodogama Jaw
  • Dodogama Tail – You may need Slicing Ammo for this
  • Wyvern Gem – Rare gem when hunting Wyvern.

If you are just starting off with Monster Hunter World, you probably want to get your hand to some easier to get Heavy Bowgun, while maintaining on some decent damage. If that’s the case, the Rock-Eating-Blue-Lizard got a gift for you. This Heavy Bowgun starts off with 265 Base Damage and All 3 levels of Sticky & Normal Ammo. If that’s not enough, Cluster Bomb is also supported (Level 1 & 2) If you want to test out the Wyvern ammo combo with Sleep Ammo, this Heavy Bowgun cover that as well.  The downside would simply the safeness of this, nothing much special about this one compare to other Heavy Bowgun.

Griffon Blazooka (Diablos)

The Diablos also produce a super-cool looking Heavy Bowgun. If this is not badass, I don’t know what is.

Notes on materials:

  •  Xeno’jiiva Tail – This is a little troublesome to get as a Heavy Bowgun user as Slicing ammo take some time to finally cut out that tails
  • Black Spiral Horn+ – Breaking Black Diablos Horn.
  • Black Diablos Carapace – Common Material hunting Black Diablos
  • Dragonbone Relic  – Rare material on Bone Pile.

Specialize in Pierce Ammo with all three levels supported. This Diablos Heavy Bowgun also comes with a pretty decent base attack 330.  However, there are some downsides for this one. Both Cluster Bomb & Sticky Ammo are only supported on level 1.

Magda Gemitus II (Zorah Magdaros)

One of the best choices in my opinion for Heavy Bowgun. A balance in both power and versatility – this Zorah Magdaros’s product can be picked and play with ease while blasting away those nasty monsters.
This is also the main weapon I used in the Crimson Build in my Heavy Bowgun Guide.

Notes on materials:

  • Zorah Magdaros Heat Scale – Common rewards with the mission Guiding Zorah Magdaros
  • Zorah Magdaros Carapace –  Common rewards with the mission Guiding Zorah Magdaros
  • Zorah Magdaros Magma – Obtain by mining the ore around Zorah Magdaros
  • Zorah Magdaros Gem – It’s gem, so it’s your luck decide when to have it!

The versatility of this Heavy Bowgun is endless thanks to the support of almost all ammo types. Poison/Sleep/Paralysis/Exhaust are supported at level 2. while Spread/Sticky/Cluster/Piercing are all level 3. You can also support your teammates with Armor Ammo.  The main cons of this weapons lie in the lack of level 1 and 2 support for some ammo types, and that’s mean you will need to carry some extra level 1 ammo and Gun powder level 3 to tinkering on the go.

Empress Cannon “Styx”

Just like Teostra, Lunastra is also a monster that can give the best Heavy Bowgun. This Blue Cannon offer a wide range of powerful ammo and can also serve the support side of combat.
The last variant of this weapon offers all 3 level of Cluster Bomb.

Notes on materials:

  • Research Commission Ticket – Obtain after finishing the quest at HR 100
  • Lunastra Tail – Slicing ammo to the rescue!
  • Xeno’jiiva Horn – Sticky Ammo, Cluster Bomb and Mega Barrel Bomb is your main arsenal to obtain this
  • Xeno’jiiva Gem – Pray to the RNGesus…

Starting off with just 285 Base Damage, this Heavy Bowgun quickly compensates that with 0% Affinity – leaving a lot of room to implement your Affinity Build. Pierce Ammo is fully supported on all three levels and you can also sneak in several Cluster Bombs whenever you like with all three levels.  Sleep + Wyvern is also available here. And finally, this beast gives you one of the most powerful skills for Heavy Bowgun

  •  Razor Sharp/Spare Shot – For bows and bowguns, shots have a chance not to expend coatings or ammo.

This can be translated to “Give you free ammo occasionally” and this happens more than one.


That’s my personal list for the best Heavy Bowgun in Monster Hunter World. If you are just testing the water, I strongly recommend the Magda Gemitus II (Zorah’s weapon) or if you prefer the Spread shot, try the Destruction Fusillade.  In the end, the best weapon should be the one you like and comfortable with.  Check out my Monster Hunter World Weapons Guides here: Ranged Weapons Guide

Melee Weapons Guide

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