Anthem is an action RPG developed by Bioware. Set in a sci-fi world where the world is already a remnant. Players battles in the Javelins – an exosuit type of armor.

Anthem – Latest Patch Notes and Issue

I didn’t write much on Anthem in the past few days. The reasons? I could not get past the title screen guys… Playing on my […]


Anthem – Colossus Overview

We got introduced to the first Javelin Ranger in my previous overview. While Anthem Ranger served as a starting point for the new player, Bioware sure knows how to diversify their classes for a classic Action-RPG Game.

Anthem – Ranger Overview

All things said and done, what about the actual classes that you got to play on? Anthem employ the exosuit – a powerful armor that makes the freelancers become the Ironman themselves. We already knew there are 4 types of Javelins in Anthem. Let do a quick overview of the abilities and how you can play each of them to their full potential.

Anthem – Loot Systems & Difficultites Overview

I have summarized some of the key points of Anthem – the upcoming action RPG from Bioware. 

While we have a glimpse at how the loot system work. During the Progression live stream, the developers of Bioware also shared some interesting details on the equipment that I haven’t cover enough details in the last post. Let’s fill up the void today.