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Armor Set

Here is how the armor skills look like

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Popular Skills

You can easily notice that Artillery is not part of this build. This is mainly because I don’t have the jewels or charms for this skill at the time. The armor that give you this skill is the Anja, Dodogama & Lumu. All these sets have variation that give you 3 level of this skill.

Keep that in mind that Artillery and Raw Damage buff is the “curren meta” of Charge Blade build. This approach will empower both the SAED/ AED and your normal attacks. But as I don’t like the look of those above armor. I personally choose this. I will definitely test other variant and give you an update later.

This set contains three pieces of Nergigante Armor – Hands, Waist & Leg. This provides the following key Armor Skills:

  • Agitator Level 3 – Grant attack +12 & 9% Affinity when monster is in Rage mode
  • Attack Boost Level 3 – Grant attack +12 and 5% Affinity
  • Maximum Might Level 1 – Increase affinity by 10% when stamina is full. A nice addition to this set.

With three pieces, we also earn the Set Bonus skill below:

  • Nergigante Hunter – Regenerate HP as the hunter continuously attack the monster.

For Head Armor, I go with Dragonking Eyepatch Alpha –  a safe choice when it’s come to High Rank armor, this provide you with tone level 3 slot which can give you some more customization.

  • Weakness Exploit Level 2 – 30% Affinity when you hit weak spots. Pretty decent already.

Damacus Mail alpha is my Chest Armor. This provide with another core skill:

  • Focus Level 2 – Increase Gauge fill rate by 20% and reduces charge times by 20%
  • Defense Boost Level 2 – Some more defense!

Some variations:

  1. You can switch the Waist Armor for Damascus Coil Beta (add one more level of Focus and three Lvl 1 Gem slots) as well.
  2. Damacus Mail Beta also provide you with 2 level of Focus while add in three lvl 1 Gem slots. This enables opportunities for other utilities skill. But it doesn’t have the cape!!

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Damacus Mail

Charms and Jewels

Follow other builds this is  basically your side kick for the main set. I personally use Charms as an add in for the build. However, most of the “good” armor skills Charms are pretty late game. It will take you quite sometime to get all the needed components.

In this case, depend on your choices, any decoration that help enhance the above Core skill is possible. I personally use the Capacity Charm for one point in Capacity Boost – add one more phial (extra damage)

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Capacity Charm

You can also equip Exploiter Charm to maximize the Weakness Exploit but it’s entirely your call. 🙂

For Jewels, as I don’t have many end games Jewels yet, it’s pretty a hit or miss, I add one attack jewel to the weapon to get Level 4 Attack Boosts, and one Thunder Attack boosts to the weapon as well.

As best jewels only happen in late game, it may take some of your time to find these shiny decorations. Basically the end game content is just to get these sweet loot!


I have just compiled a list of my favorite Charge Blades here! Monster Hunter World Top Charge Blades Take a quick look and decide what suit you the most!

As mentioned from the start, what bring me to the Charge Blade is the Dante’s Devil Sword, which you can get from the Event Mission Code: Red

As Summer Festival is on-going now. If you want to get this weapon and Dante’s Armor set, now is the time! Check out my previous post on the detail of this event:

Monster Hunter: World, the Devil Hunters enter the battle!

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Dante's Devil Sword

This is one of the events that doesn’t give a medicore armor/ weapon. Dante’s Devil Sword stat is pretty good, starting with 720 Base damage, in cope with two gem slots and a 150 in Thunder element. Finally, its hold Impact Phial which can give KO damages.

If you want to give MHW Charge Blade a chance and somehow don’t have the materials needed for some of the end-game gear out of the box. This is your choice. While it’s not offer the best potential for Charge Blade as true damage from Non-elemental boosts It’s enough to get you familiar with the powerful Charge Blade.

In Summary, you should opt for the highest raw damage Charge Blade on the tree. If you take a quick look around, Diablos Charge Blade or officially name Diablos Tyrannis II is a pretty common choice for Charge Blade user.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Diablos Charge Blade

This is mainly because of the number, 828 Damage is the biggest number of Charge Blade today. Combine this with Non-elemental Boosts and Artillery you surely got yourself a cannon. The downside of this is the minus Affinity (-30%) Meaning you will need to sacrifice some slot for Affinity skill boosts.

Again, Nergigante weapon and Devil Jo is also a great choice. Provide good damage with some Dragon element, make those two one of the best for hunting Dragons.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Nergigante Charge Blade
Nergigante provide good weapons for almost any builds


Monster Hunter World Charge Blade earn it’s place as one of the popular weapons in Monster hunter World. This is thanks to the looks and the mechanism behind it. Above cover all the basic things you can do with this technical weapon, as well as the Armor Skills you need to use Monster Hunter World Charge Blade to it’s fullest.

Of course it will not provide the best build as I am still on my way for 400 hours of Monster Hunter: World. I believe it provides enough information for anyone who want to pick this weapon. Feel free to comment what I miss, I will surely update this frequently if there are new updates.

Thanks for reading and stay tune!

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