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“Thunder Knight” – Build sample

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Thunder Knight

For my Charge Blade experience, I personally use the Dante’s Devil Sword most of the time, as it’s is the most powerful Charge Blade I have at time. After some hands on experience and research. This build provide a pretty decent damage from both the normal attack and the AED/SAED

Just as in previous post, in case you want to know how to build set from the beginning check out this quick walkthrough.

Walking your way to High-Rank

In Monster Hunter World. The journey from HR 1 to HR 16 (23 in some case if you spend lot of time hunting monsters instead of progress) can be done via the main story pretty easily. For Charge Blade or any other weapons, after mastering the basic moveset, you will need some basic weapons to get the job done.

If you want a quick run-down on Monster Hunter World basic – check out my post here: Monster Hunter: World – Hunting 101

In previous post of Sword & Shield – MHW Sword & Shield Guide I mentioned the Jagras weapons tree. This time, for Charge Blade, the focus is a little different.

During the story, you also encounter Diablo. You will surely meet this guy a lot if you want to master the Charge Blade. Diablo at low rank is a formidable monsters for new players, but it will provide some training for his moveset (Charging, Tail Swing, Head Swing…)

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Diablos Fight
One of the classic monster of Monster Hunter universe

You will surely need to meet this guy at High Rank, as Diablo provides the material for the Diablo Set. This armor set will grant you the Non-Elemental Boos. One of the best armor skill for Charge Blade user.

Charge Blade Guide - Non Elemental Boost

I personally don’t use this set, due to the look of it 🙂 I will wait for the RNG to roll me the charm instead.

When you first joining the High Rank – your main goal should be getting the essentials items to make the hunter stronger. One of the first thing the game won’t tell (or very ambiguous) is the Power/ Armor Charm items.

These little items can be purchased in the Tradeyard shop. You can also upgrade these two items with Bazelgeuse part – which mean this flying-dropping-bombs monster should be your first priority target for HR.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Bazelguese
Bazelguese – the first HR monster you need to spend some time hunting

After this bomb dropping guys, your next target should be HR Diablo. This is to get the material for the strongest Charge Blade in the game – the Diablo Tyrannis II.

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Diablos

But that’s not all, Diablo has it’s own classic color variant, and Diablo Tyrannis II require both of them to craft.

Actually this weapon is a very common use for Charge Blade user due to it’s all around versatility. However, if you like something else, feel free to grab it. The best weapon is the one you love!

To me personally, the purpose of fighting the Diablo family is to familiar with the blocking mechanic of the Charge Blade. Or more precisely, for the Guard Points learning.

This monster like to charge a lot and is able to deal exceptional damage to hunters. With that said, if you want to practice your Guard Points skill, this is a great target. You will surely have some great session with this “trainer” in the Wildspire GYM.

And again, you will also face the Nergigante. This monster provides some way of testing your skill during High Rank, and provide the materials/ parts needed for some highest DPS weapons in game. Actually it’s pretty sweet for Capcom to create a monster that can be used for any builds. The weapons and armor from this guy is pretty dope.

After these monsters you may already familiar with the Charge Blades. Your next target is the RNG systems – The All fathers of the monsters in Monster Hunter World. Need that particular gems? Just keep hunting and praying…

With everything setup out of the way, let’s see what parts make up this build:

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