Monster Hunter: World – Hunt or Capture?

So… I am back, after two months of no new post guys 🙁 Was super busy with my full time job hehe. Anyway, I managed to get back at a great time to Spring Blossom festival!

Actually I did have some time to play Monster Hunter World and piled up some material for posts, just doesn’t have time to post it all.  finally finished MHW, – I know, I know, it’s not even started 🙂 but well it’s something. So I was thinking of many topics that you guys may interest on to get back on my track. Let’s pick one of the things on my list:

Hunt or Capture? Which one gives more loot (materials)?


So we need to choose one monster to start our test, at the time I started, I have unlocked High-Rank quest – or so-called “6 stars” mission, I was in need of some better armour set and weapon. Looking around, the big red dragon seems to be the coolest armour to have and the skill is also awesome. This is the stat of the full armour set: (Alpha & Beta variation)

Monster Hunter: World - Weakness Exploit

Weakness Exploit – Boost your critical chances greatly when you hit weak spot.

So I was aiming for some quick comparison, originally I was aiming for ten hunts with five slays and five captures. But due to some time constraint I can only finish 8 hunts and without gem -What a sad story. Anyway, it’s still something to give us a quick look.

One thing to note here is that Rathalos maybe a challenge for first timer jumping to High Rank, I chose this bad boy because I am familiar with it and it’s become easier to hunt if you know all of the stages. If you want to test out your self, be sure to choose a familiar monster so that you don’t need to spend time on being carted.

Monster Hunter hunt vs capture material graph

Rathalos Weak point and material drops


If you need a quick run-down on items in Monster Hunter: World, check out my post here

Monster Hunter: World – Hunting 101

The Tools

So why slaying is pretty straightforward, Capture a monster require some more planning, specifically in resources preparation, you will need traps to immobilize monsters and Tranq bomb to capture it.

Two traps of your choices:

  • Shock Trap Thunder Bug + Trap Tool
  • Pitfall TrapIvy + Spider Net + Trap Tool

The pill to bring back the monster:

  • Tranq Bomb Sleep Herb + Parashroom
Monster Hunter hunt vs capture - TranqBomb

Tranq Bomb – The sleep pill for the baddies

And the ultimate weapon of Rathalos’s family genocide…

Monster Hunter World - Flashbug

Flashbug – Small but powerful!

  • Flash Pod – Flash Bug
Monster Hunter World Flash Pod

Flash Pod, made from Flash Bug, a very effective item against flying Wyvern

This is one of the most critical items in Rathalos (and other flying wyvern ) hunts A well-placed shot (actually not that hard, just fire it in front of their faces ) will make that big bad dragon fall out of the sky. Given that Rathalos prefer flying than Rathian, this will save you a lot of time.

You can either go on a harvest marathon using your gather set with Botanist skill or become a farmer by cultivating these materials.

I prefer the latter option where you have some base materials and start cultivating mid-quest, where you go on for a hunt, this will make the cycle easier and more streamline.

Monster Hunter World - Harvesting

Flashbug Farm…

My armour set & setup

This is my stat at the time I started the hunt, using Jagras Garotte II which can be crafted after some initial High-Rank hunt with most-beaten-monsters in MHW – The Great Jagras.

Have you obtained enough Red Orbs? Monster Hunter: World, the Devil Hunters enter the battle!


You can either pick the investigation or optional quest to start the hunt, or even better pick it out of the bounties list (As these give you additional slots for reward)

Monster Hunter World - Choosing Mission

MHW – Capturing Rathalos Mission

Try to unlock the Ancient Forest Camp prior to the hunt as this is the highest chance location chance where you can encounter Rathalos right at its net.

After the hunt started, pick a meal of your choice, I often picked the Damage buff meals, if you have some fresh materials, mixing it in for some greater HP boosts

Mosnter hunter World - Meal

Choosing a Meal

Here is my typical hunt of Rathalos, noted the Flash pod usage give me some free damage every time.


Monster Hunter hunt vs capture - Result sheet

The result after my eight hunts

So at a quick glance, we can easily see almost all materials are higher in Capturing run but noted that the number of Bone is higher in Hunting runs.

Although there are no gem/ ruby in these runs, but please noted that the hunter’s note clearly states that this can only get with carving (Something you can do more when slaying the monster)

I will try to experience more with this approach for another monster, What’s your experience? Drop a comments






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