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Virtua Fighter 3 is the third fighting game in the Virtua Fighter series. Two new Japanese characters were added to the roster of fighters: Aoi Umenokoji, a beautiful Japanese woman and a childhood friend of Akira Yuki who used a nimble form of Aiki-jujutsu as her fighting style of choice, and Taka-Arashi, a Sumo wrestler from Japan. Taka Arashi would not make another appearance in the Virtua Fighter series until Virtua Fighter 5 R; the series’ current producer, Hiroshi Kataoka explained that the removal of Taka in subsequent installments was due to the technical implications of having a substantially larger character.

Publisher: Sega AM2

Publisher: Genki

Developer: Sega

Virtua Fighter 3 Release Date


JP – Nov 27, 1998

EUR – Oct 14, 1999

NA – Oct 18, 1999


JP – Sep 01, 1996

JP – Sep 1996

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