Nioh 2 Builds

Best Nioh 2 Builds for both new players and seasoned samurai. Below are the current Nioh 2 Builds on the site.
– Onmyo Build with Switch Glaive
– Hatchet Fire Build
– Water Odachi Build
– Katana Build with Onmyo Magic

A detailed guide on Nioh 2 new weapon from Darkness in the Capital, featuring Limitless - the most powerful Fist skill of all time.
Nioh 2 Splitstaff Build Guide – The Warrior Monk Reincarnate
Looking for a Splitstaff build for Nioh 2? We got you covered. Splitstaff is the latest weapon for Nioh 2 - The Action RPG set in Feudal Japan
Nioh 2 Build Guide – Sword – Sword King
Nioh 2 Sword Guide The Sword is one of Nioh base weapons (Spear, Kusarigama, Dual Sword & Axe) Sword is also very friendly for new player to the series. The Sword has a very fast attack speed, as well as powerful High Stance combo. In Nioh 2, Sword still retain it’s old moveset and mechanic....
Nioh 2 Build Guide – Kusarigama – Ninja Warrior Build
This is my first build for Kusarigama, this build is done after I finished my second playthrough on Dream of the Strong Nioh 2 Kusarigama Guide Despite the unique design and rarely see in Video Games, the Kusarigama is originally one of the five main weapons of Nioh, prior to DLC weapons like Tonfa &...
Nioh 2 Build Guide – Spear – Thousand Thrust
Check out my Nioh 2 Builds compilation here Nioh 2 Spear Guide Spear is one of the five main weapons back in Nioh (prior to the DLCs) Spear is very friendly to new players as it’s main stat is Constitution – which provides the biggest increment to your HP Bar. Spear has good reach and...
Nioh 2 Odachi Build – Water Element Odachi
A coffee for the writer! Check out Nioh 2 Builds List here (Will be updated periodically) The Odachi is one of the two DLC weapons of Nioh. This weapon makes a come back in Nioh 2 as one of nine weapons in the game. Nioh 2 Odachi Guide Odachi is introduced firstly in Nioh as...
Nioh 2 Build Guide – Dual Sword Build – The Cross Swordsman 2.0
After Hatchet Build and Odachi Build in my previous guides, I decided to return to one of my favorite weapons in Nioh – The Dual Sword. A coffee for the writer! Nioh 2 Dual Sword Guide The Dual Sword originally appeared in Nioh as one of the five main weapons (Sword, Dual Sword, Spear, Axe...
Nioh 2 Build Guide – Hatchet Build – The Fire God
I have just created the Nioh 2 Stat Calculator! With the quarantine, I am not sure what to do so I have decided to develop a calculator similar to the level up screen. Select the weapon on the right table – As Nioh Damage scale with your level, this should be input by your choice....
Nioh 2 Build Guide – Switchglaive Build – Onmyo Glaive Master [2020]
A Magic focus builds using Nioh 2 Switchglaive – a new weapon in the game. Want to check what stat scale with what weapon a quick glance? Check out my Nioh 2 Stat Calculator here! Nioh 2 Switchglaive Guide The Switchglaive has the ability to transform between three forms when it is folded with quick...

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