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MHW Meta Charge Blade Builds [Fatalis + AT Velkhana Meta]
Updated Charge Blade (CB) Build Guide. True Fatalis Charger is the king!
MHW Best Sword and Shield Build | SnS Fatalis Builds
MHW Best Hammer Build | Hammer Fatalis Builds
MHW Meta Gunlance Builds [Fatalis & AT Velkhana Meta]
A compilation of Gunlance Builds including True Fatalis Gunlance, the mother of all Gunlance
Looking for a meta Lance Build for MHW? You come to the right place.
Insect Glaive Builds Compilation [Fatalis + AT Velkhana Meta]
MHW Meta Bow Build Guide [Pre Fatalis]
This is the end of meta in MHW. Fatalis is here! Have you switched of your coating and craft the best bow builds?
MHW Dual Blades Meta Builds [Pre & Post Fatalis DB Builds]
MHW Dual Blades Build is always all about elemental since it's release. Alatreon's fight confirmed this one more time, all Raw Damage builds become useless at the face of the Black Dragon. This makes DB slightly has an edge over Alatreon, but did you have yourself the best DB Builds?
MHW Iceborne Switch Axe Build [Alatreon Meta]
MHW Fatalis Guide
Struggling with the Black Dragon? Check out the best ways to deal with Fatalis - the most dangerous monster of Monster Hunter!

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