Discussion 3

Monster Hunter World – Vũ khí hạng “nhẹ”

Bài viết trước đã giới thiệu các vũ khí hạng nặng trong Monster Hunter World, hôm nay chúng ta sẽ cùng điểm qua các vũ khí khác trong game, thiên về tốc độ và sự khéo léo khi sử dụng.

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Monster Hunter World – Sniper Loadout

This big gun has been with the series since the beginning along with other classics (Great Sword, Lance…) taken it’s first appearance in the very first title. Famous for it’s damage and and mostly it’s look, this weapon has been a Gunner’s favorite for quite some time.

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Monster Hunter World – Assault Loadout

We have covered all weapons for close range combat in Monster Hunter World. Today let’s kick off the range weapon list with a weapon which name say for itself – Light Bowgun a weapon introduced in the very first Monster Hunter title – along with Great Sword, Lance, Hammer and it’s brother – Heavy Bowgun