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Meta Great Sword Build Guide [MHW Iceborne Pre Fatalis]
The best compilation of current mhw meta builds for Great Sword, including Frostcraft as well as non Frostcraft build!
MHW Builds | Hammer Build Guide [Pre Fatalis]
A compilation of MHW Iceborne Hammer Build. This will guide you toward the final update of Iceborne expansion - The Fatalis!
MHW Lightbowgun Build Guide [Updated Fatalis meta] [Fatalis LBG Build]
Fatalis is here. It's the end of the world, it's also the end of meta! Check out all LBG Builds Pre and Post Fatalis!
A compilation of all HBG Builds in MHW Meta after Fatalis update, including Vor Buster Builds - the best HBG build in the current meta.
Best Longsword in MHW Iceborne [Pre-Fatalis]
A compilation of best Longsword in MHW Iceborne. With the latest Alatreon meta, make sure to have all of these Longsword in your inventory!
MHW Longsword Builds Compilation [Fatalis Longsword Build]
A detailed build guide on Longsword . Not sure how to fit jewels to Fatalis Armor? We got you covered.
MHW Iceborne SnS Build [Pre Fatalis]
MHW Iceborne Best Dual Blades (DB) [Pre-Fatalis Meta]
Top Hammers in MHW Iceborne [Pre Fatalis]
Nioh 2 Splitstaff Build Guide – The Warrior Monk Reincarnate
Looking for a Splitstaff build for Nioh 2? We got you covered. Splitstaff is the latest weapon for Nioh 2 - The Action RPG set in Feudal Japan

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