Elden Ring Faith Build Guide

Elden Ring Faith build is one of the most common builds in Elden Ring. All Faiths builds below can be used on the following starting classes: Prophet, Confessor.

Below are some of our picks for the best Elden Ring Faith Build.

Elden Ring Faith Build – Why Faith Build?

Faith is one of the seven attributes in Elden Ring. Faith is the main stat for Incantation.

Elden Ring Faith Build #1 | Dragonfire & Catch Flame

This is one of the easiest builds if you just starting out with Elden Ring Faith build. This build uses Catch Flame & Dragonfire as the main sources of damage. These spells can also be used on horseback.

This build is generally quite easy to use. Your main attacks will be Catch Flame and occasionally use Dragon Fire to deal with a large group of enemies.

The problem with this build is that it will be a little boring after a while. However, you can transition this build to any other Faith Build below. This is a beginner version for Elden Ring Faith Build


While Faith is the main attribute to increase the damage of the Spells, you will need more than 20 Minds to increase your character’s FP. Both Catch Flame and Dragon Fire require a lot of FP to function so FP Flasks are also a requirement for this build.

  • Mind – More than 20 – Requirements for casting Catch Flame and Dragon Fire
  • Vigor – As much as you can to improve your chance
  • Arcane – Enough to wear Dragon Fire, and a little bit more after level 50 to scale with the spell
  • Faith – The rest of your points to improve Catch Flame


  • Catch Flame – Your main source of damage for this build
  • Dragon Fire – An option for a large group of enemies


You can use almost any Sacred Seal for this build, as it is the only requirement to cast the Incantation

  • Finger Seal – Cheap and easy-to-obtain seal
  • Dragon Communion Seal – Scale with Arcane and Faith and also increases your Dragon Communion Incantation effectiveness


As you don’t invest much in other stats, Light armors are the best choice for this Faith build. You can check out some of Elden Ring Armors for choices

Elden Ring Faith Build #2 | Blackflame Build

Blackflame is also one of the most famous Elden Ring builds. This build works well with Prophet & Confessor classes. This build combines the Black Flame buff and the Bleed effect of the weapons to put out some insane damage.

The seal on the Left hand will be used to buff your melee weapons.


  • Faith – Your main focus as it enhances the effectiveness of your buff.
  • Vigor – To increases your survivability
  • Mind – You will need FP to properly boost your weapons.


Similar to our first Faith build, this build does not have any specific armor requirements. You can pick any Armor that still allows you to perform the Medium Roll.


  • Godslayer’s Seal – This is a natural pick for this build. Godslayer’s Seal increases all Blackflame Incantations effects.
  • Uchigatana – A classic weapon for Bleeding
  • Godskin Peeler – The final weapon to complete the cosplay. Godskin Peeler also has very good Bleeding


  • Black Flame/ Catch Flame- A Ranged alternative that gives you more style to this build. Catch Flame can still be used as it requires less FP to cast.
  • Black Flame Blade – This gives you more damage, but has a short duration. Good for bosses that have high HP but can further increase your damage if the boss does not immune to bleeding.
  • Bloodflame Blade – For normal enemies, this enhances your Bleed effect


  • Faithful’s Canvas Talisman – A Must have for any Faith Build.
  • Green Turtle Talisman – Boots stamina recovery speed. Good for an offensive build that requires successive attacks
  • Any other Utilities Talisman – You can also use other talismans that boost Faith or HP.

Elden Ring Faith Build # 3 | Golden Order Knight Build

This build takes inspiration from all those Knights that you encounter in Leyndell. This build is a melee build with the help of spells and skills.


  • Strength – This is a melee weapon build, so Strenght should be your main focus
  • Faith – Increase your Incantation effectiveness
  • Endurance– This build requires heavy armor, so endurance is needed to properly wear that high-defense armor.


Obviously the Leyndell Knight Set. This armor set provides a great defense against both Physical and Magical damage. It also provides you with the best look. Another good option for Armor is the Gelmir Knight set


  • Clawmark Seal – This seal increase incantation effect base on Strenght – A natural pick for this Faith Build.
  • Treespear – A safe option for this build. This Spear’s Sacred order provides a damage buff (10%) And it can also be enhanced by Magic. You can infuse this weapon with Lightning with Lighting Arnament
  • Miquellan Knight’s Sword – This Sword scale with Faith, and provides a huge amount of Holy damage. The Weapon Skill – Sacred Blade also provides you with a damage buff right after the Projectile.

Spells & Skills

  • Lightning Spear – A powerful ranged incantation – also makes you look like Zeus. Great for causing initial damage.
  • Electrify Arnament – Increase damage of your right-hand weapon (0.75 * Faith Scaling)
  • Blessing’s Boon – Gradually recover your HP. The final addition to any Tanky build.
  • Sacred Order – Incease your damage by 10%

This melee build uses the Barricade Shield skill to enhance your block, making you cost no stamina at all, allowing you to tank through almost all attacks in Elden Ring.

With this, you can perform Block Counter (Hitting R2/Strong Attack after a block) and follow up with a Finishing move.

The rest of the spells are used to enhance your stat before fights or bosses. Golden Vow is one of the best buffs in the game – It increases both Attack Power and Defense at the same time

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