Elden Ring talismans – Stargazer Heirloom

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Stargazer Heirloom

Stargazer Heirloom Weight

Affinity : 0.6

Stargazer Heirloom Effects

Affinity : Raises intelligence

Stargazer Heirloom is a Talisman in Elden Ring.
Talisman provides effects and buff when equipped in Equipment slots, you can equip two Talismans at the same time

Stargazer Heirloom Effects – Raises intelligence

A talisman engraved with the legend of a queen.Raises intelligence.The young astrologer gazed at the night sky as she walked. She had always chased the stars every step of her journey. Then shemet the full moon — and, in time, the astrologer became a queen.

How to find Stargazer Heirloom in Elden Ring

Found on a body lying at the top of theDivine Tower of Liurnia.Map Link.

Stargazer Heirloom Guide

Sell Value:1000

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