Elden Ring Talismans

Elden Ring talismans – Red-Feathered Branchsword
Red-Feathered Branchsword Effects - Raises attack power when HP is low. A talisman adorned with red feathers, once used in ancient death rituals.Raises attack power when HP is low.The heart sings when one draws close to death, and a glorious end awaits those who cling so tenaciously to life.
Elden Ring talismans – Stargazer Heirloom
Stargazer Heirloom Effects - Raises intelligence A talisman engraved with the legend of a queen.Raises intelligence.The young astrologer gazed at the night sky as she walked. She had always chased the stars every step of her journey. Then shemet the full moon — and, in time, the astrologer became a queen. Elden Ring Stargazer Heirloom in game description
Elden Ring talismans – Radagon Icon
Radagon Icon Effects - Shortens spell casting time A legendary talisman depicting the Elden Lord Radagon. Shortens the casting time of sorceries and incantations.As the husband of Rennala of Caria, the red-haired Radagon studied sorcery, and as the husband of Queen Marika, he studiedincantations. Thus did the hero aspire to be complete. Elden Ring Radagon Icon in game description

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