Elden Ring Sorceries – Unseen Form

Elden RingUnseen Form image

Unseen Form

Unseen Form Requirement

Intelligence: 16
Faith: 0
Arcane: 0

Unseen Form Effects

Makes the caster semi-invisible

Unseen Form FP Cost & Slot
FP : FP Cost 20 (10)
Slot: Slots Used 1

Unseen Form is a Sorceries Magic Spells in Elden Ring. Unseen Form cost FP Cost 20 (10) to cast and require Slots Used 1

Unseen Form – Makes the caster semi-invisible

One of the night sorceries of Sellia, Town of Sorcery.Makes the caster semi-invisible.While on horseback, effect extends to cover the mount.This sorcery can be cast while in motion.The Sellian assassins considered every option that aided their dirty work.

Elden Ring Unseen Form Location

This Sorcery can be found in Altus Plateau at the top of the Tower after completing the Mirage Rise puzzle.

Elden Ring Unseen Form Guides

Wearing the Black Knife Armor removes the visual effect, despite showing a buff indicator.

The spell still functions at reducing spotting range

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