Elden Ring Greatswords – Dark Moon Greatsword

Elden RingDark Moon Greatsword image

Dark Moon Greatsword

Dark Moon Greatsword Requirement

Str: 16
Dex: 11
Int: 38

Dark Moon Greatsword Scaling

Str: D
Dex: D
Int: C

Dark Moon Greatsword Attack & Guard
Phy: 82
Mag: 98
Fire: 0
Ligt: 0
Holy: 0
Crit: 100
Phy: 57
Mag: 63
Fire: 31
Ligt: 31
Holy: 31
Boost: 44

Dark Moon Greatsword is a Greatsword in Elden Ring. Dark Moon Greatsword has None Damage Type and comes with the skill Moonlight Greatsword

A Moon Greatsword, bestowed by a Carian queen upon herspouse to honor long-standing tradition.One of the legendary armaments.Ranni’s sigil is a full moon, cold and leaden, and this sword is but a beam of its light.

Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword Location

The Dark Moon Greatsword weapon can be found at the following location:

  • Found below the Cathedral of Manus Celes after giving Ranni the Dark Moon Ring.
  • You obtain the Ring by progressing Ranni’s Quest, which is complex and requires you to do quite a lot of content. This is also one of the best quest line in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword Guide

Weapon Skill: Moonlight Greatsword

This weapon cannot be infused with Ashes of War

Can’t be enchanted with Magicor boosted by Consumables.

Dark Moon Greatsword can be upgraded by using Somber Smithing Stones

Causes Frostbuildup: (55)

This weapon has a unique R2, which fires a projectile when buffed by its skill.

The projectile does 35 stance damage.

The buffed R2’s Projectile is affected by Godfrey Icon, Warrior Jar Shard and Shard of Alexander talismans. Axe Talisman has no effect

With Update 1.07, the weapon’s blade itself was given damage detection while imbued with its skill. This allows the Axe Talisman to activate if using charged attacks against an enemy if the blade is within distance.

Power stances well with Helphen’s Steeple, as both weapons share similar stat requirements and scaling

Sell Value:1000

The Dark Moon Greatsword is part of the moonlight sword archetype of weapons appearing in other FromSoftware games. It debuted in the King’s Field series as the Moonlight Sword and has since appeared in the Armored Core series as Moonlight laser blade, in Demon Souls as the Large Sword of Moonlight, in the Dark Souls trilogy as the Moonlight Greatsword, and in Bloodborne as the Holy Moonlight Sword.

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