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Dark Moon Greatsword Build Elden Ring

The Dark Moon Greatsword is one of the most classic weapons in the Souls series. Initial appears in Demon Souls, this weapon appears in almost every Souls game so far.

In Elden Ring, Darkmoon Greatsword is also one of the legendary weapons in the game that scales with Intelligence. Dark Moon Greatsword also come with the Moonlight Greatsword skill – imbue your blade with Ice and increase Magic attack power.

This is the best weapon if you are looking for the best Int build in Elden Ring.

Check out this page to see how to get this weapon.

Dark Moon Greatsword Build – Stat Distribution

  • Intelligence – Your main stat to scale damage for this build. Intelligence also provides access to all of the spells in this build.
  • Mind – Increase your FP to cast more spells
  • Vigor – After all the remaining stat is fulfilled, put all your points here. This will help you to have more survivability in NG+

Dark Moon Greatsword Build – Talismans and Flask

For Flasks, as you will have a lot of Focus Point for your spells, a focus on FP flasks are required to have an optimal playstyle.

This build

For Talismans, the following are used:

Dark Moon Greatsword Build – Armor

Any armor that keeps you at medium rolling is good enough. Some recommendation is as follow:

  • Spellblade Set

Dark Moon Greatsword Build – Spells, Skills & Playstyles

As this is an Elden Ring Int Build, you will spend most of your time casting spells, but as a Mage with a big Sword, most of your spells will involve swinging the Dark Moon Greatsword first (To trigger the buff and look cool) and bombarding the screen with Magic Particles.

  • Glintstone Pebble – A cheap and easy-to-get spell early game. This should be your main tools to level up at the beginning of Elden Ring
  • Magic Glintblade – One of the earliest spells that you can get. With just 14 Int requirements, this is your main leveling skill early game. This spell is great for almost all small enemies and deals damage based on your Intelligence
  • Greatblade Phalanx – A more powerful version of Glintblade – Great for big foes.
  • Loretta’s Greatbow – The most badass spell for a Mage. This lets you snipe from afar with a powerful shot. Who needs arrows when you have a Giant **king magic arrow?

Support Spells

  • Unseen Form – A good utility spell for traversal. This also makes you harder to detect, allowing you to avoid those nasty range enemies.

If you are looking for an Intelligence build for your next playthrough of Elden Ring, then this Dark Moon Greatsword Build is one of the best to pick.

While Dark Moon Greatsword is the main weapon for this build, you can also use Sword of Nigh and Flame – a weapon capable of casting two different spells at the cost of FP.
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