Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade Guide
The best weapon for solo play? Charge Blade is back with the many quality of life upgrades in Monster Hunter Rise.
Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Guide
Check out all Great Sword Silkbind attacks in this overview guide!
Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide
Everything about Monster Hunter Rise Bow. From new Silkbind attacks to the best combo.
Monster Hunter Rise Light Bowgun Guide
Fanning Vault? Silkbind Glide? Check out the latest tricks shot for Light Bowgun in this guide!
Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Guide
Heavy Bowgun returns with the ability to deliver a counter shot!
Monster Hunter Rise Hammer Guide
The Bonk King comes back! What's the latest bonk move?
Monster Hunter Raise Gunlance Guide
A refresher overview on Gunlance - The lance with an explosive mix!
Monster Hunter Raise Sword and Shield Overview
The best weapon in Monster Hunter Rise! Sword and Shield!!!
Monster Hunter Raise Hunting Horn Overview
Hunting Horn is no longer a support weapon!
Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Overview
Still want to be a cool looking Samurai in Monster Hunter Rise? Check out our overview for the Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise.

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