Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Bow

Not sure what to pick between Light Bowgun & Heavy Bowgun? Prefer a more classic way with Ranged Weapon but still love mobility? The bow is your best option in this case.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Bow’s mobility is boosted with the addition of Wirebug manuever and other powerful Silkbind Attacks.

CoatingUnlike Heavy Bowgun or Light Bowgun, Bow use Coating to boost shot
For each type of Coating, you will need to press a button to “Load” the Coating.
Dragon PiercerBow’s new attack since Monster Hunter World.
A powerful charge shot that goes through the monster.
You are pinned down while performing this move.
Charge Level & Dodge ChargeBow’s shot can be charged by holding down ZR
Another way to charge up the shot is dodging (B) right after a shot and follow up with ZR
Focus ShotCost 1 Wirebug
A new Wirebug move in Monster hunter Rise
Evade backward and recover stamina
Can nullify monster attack during the evade animation
Herculean DrawCost 2 Wirebug
Dash forward and boosts your attack damage
Aerial AimInterchangeable with Focus Shot
Shot can be fired while airborne

Bow Control in Monster Hunter Rise

Bow’s controls are the same as in previous entries. If you already played Monster Hunter World as a Bow main, you will feel right at home in Monster Hunter Rise.

Coating is still the same, Close-Range coating is limitless but has a restriction on range. Power coating is still the main source of damage for those who like to use the classic dodge-charged combo with Bow.

The addition of Silkbind attacks requires you to press Right Button (R) + X/A as ZL is already reserved for aiming.

Bow Silkbind Attacks | Monster Hunter Rise

  • Focus Shot – Despite the name, this is actually an evasive maneuver. After the evade, your stamina will regenerate. Use this move wisely to make sure you never run out of stamina during the fight.
  • Herculean Draw – Another confuse name for an attack. This 2 Wirebug moves will pull you forward and give you a quick damage boost. A great tools for close in on downed monster.

Bow Playstyle & Combo

The bow is probably the single-ranged weapon with a combo system in the Monster Hunter series. You can quickly charge up the shot by alternating between shooting and dodging (Charging sidestep)

The biggest drawback with bow is definitely the stamina issue. With Monster Hunter Rise, the Focus Shot allow you to negate this. This new move also serve as a defense mechanic for Bow player.

Herculean Draw can be used to quickly gain an advantage at the beginning of the fight, or when the monster is downed and you need a quick boost to attack power.

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