Monster Hunter Raise Gunlance Guide

Monster Hunter Raise Gunlance New Moves

Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance

Gunlance Quick Guide for Monster Hunter Rise

ShellingGunlance attack can be followed with an explosion by pressing A after an attack (X)
Shell can be reloaded by pressing ZR + A
Shell Attack can be charged by holding A
Quick Reload can be performed by pressing ZR + A Mid Combo
Wyrmstake CannonA powerful attack that stick a Cannon to the monster. This cannon hit multiple times before explode
Wyvern’s FireA powerful charged attack that deal a massive amount of damage to the monster
Hail CutterA Silkbind Attack that let you jump up and deliver a powerful slam. Can be followed up with Burst Fire
Guard EdgeA counter guard that fill up weapon’s sharpness and set you up to follow up with various attack

Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Control

Generally, Gunlance doesn’t change much from previous Monster Hunter titles. Your Thrust can be followed by a Shelling blast. Depend on your Shelling type (Long, Wide, Normal) you can pick between alternate Shelling, or a Full Burst with use up all the Shelling type.

Wyrmstake Cannon can still be performed by pressing A after 2 shelling attacks. When the monster is downed, remember to user Wyvern’s Fire to deal a big amount of damage.

Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Silkbind attacks
  • Hail Cutter

A Silkbind attac activated by pressing ZL + X. Perform a Rising Slash and then an Overhead Smash. Each usage reduces cooldowns of Wyvern Fire.

  • Guard Edge

A Silkbind Attack by pressing ZL + A. A well-timed guard generates a weapon’s sharpness and can be followed up with various attacks.

Hail Cutter focuses more on the offensive side, where you can quickly leap into the air and follow up with a Power Slam, this attack can be followed up with a Full Burst (A)

Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Combo

Gunlance Shelling Combo
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