MHW Lightbowgun Build Guide [Updated Fatalis meta] [Fatalis LBG Build]

MHW LBG Build | Armor Set

MHW Light Bowgun or Bowgun in general tends to have many versatility builds. Depend on your preferable ammo type, the following Armor Sets can be picked for your build.

Brachydium Armor (Raging Brachydios)

Brachydium is one of the easiest picks for Light Bowgun builds near the end game of MHW (Before you face Fatalis) A full set of Brachydium will provide you the following armor skill

Brachydium also added two most powerful skills for Light Bowgun (And Bowgun in general)

  • Artillery Secret – Increase Artillery Level to 5
  • Agitator Secret – Increase Agitator level to 7

Both of these skill incease LBG’s damage and affinity. There are almost no flaw to Brachydium Armor for this build.

Jewel needed for this build

  • Release/ Vitality Jewel 4 x 3 – These jewels are pretty hard to come by, and it does indeed need some grinding to get all of them
  • Critical/ Evasion Jewel 4 x 2 – Evade Windows boost give you a slight advantage in hunts, but these jewels are mostly used for Critical Boost.
  • Spread Jewel x 3 – For any LBG Spread build. These increase your ammo damage.

Zorah + Nargacuga Armor (Spareshot build)

This combination is mostly used as a Transition set near the end game.

This mixed armor build has lower defense compare to another armor set, but True Razor Sharp/ Spareshot from Nargacuga and Zorah Magdaros’s Artillery Secret can increase the power of Sticky Ammo for Light Bowgun. This is also the reason why it was mostly used for Sticky Ammo Build.

Superb for online play when you already has a good DPS team. For solo play, it is generally harder due to the lower defense.

Safi’jiiva Armor + Raging Brachydios (Dragonvein Awakening & Agitator Build)

A mix between the Red Dragon and the angry Brachydios. Dragonvein Awakening (3 pieces of Safi’s Armor) and Agitator Secret (two pieces of Raging Brachydios’s Armor) gives your a proper damage boost for the Light Bowgun.

Dragonvein Awakening will increase your damage while continuously drain your HP. This means you will need to be more aggressive when using this armor.

Fatalis Armor

This is the meta now for MHW. Fatalis Armor bonus grant True Razor Sharp/ Spare Shot at 4 pieces. This in turn freeing your jewel slot for more DPS boosts.

The Icing on the cake is the Secret Cap removal, basically make skills like Divine Blessing, Artillery easier to access.

You can never go wrong with Fatalis LBG Build.

MHW LBG Builds Guide (15.1 Meta – Fatalis Update)

Below are all some variant of Light Bowgun builds that you should try out in MHW endgame.

LBG Build | Spread Ammo

Spread LBG Build
You can add four Close Range mods, but Recoil helps more than DPS alone

This build utilize Raging Brachydios Agitator bonus to increase more Affinity and Damage.

Blizzard Gust from Frostfang Barioth is picked for this build. While Drakshot was widely used for Spread Ammo build, Blizzard Gust won this contest thanks to the Recoil Bonus and high base Affinity. Blizzard Gust is also easier to farm.

The icing on the cake is also the 15% Affinity, which gives you some room for other jewels instead of pumping up on Expert (Critical Eye)

Blizzard Gust Light Bowgun has better Recoil compare to the original King of Spread build Safi’s Drakshot
Safi’s Drakshot Spread 3 Build has higher Recoil compare to Frostfant Barioth’s LBG

With that said, you can also swap this out to Safi’s Drakshot if you prefer the look of the weapon and the ability to customize those awaken skills.

Elemental LBG Builds

LBG is also good for elemental builds. With the arrival of Alatreon, you will need one of these builds to be better while playing with other hunters

Rapid Fire (RF) LBG Build

Odogaron LBG is the very first Rapid Fire Light Bowgun I have in MHW

If you prefer a faster Light Bowgun playstyle, try out the Rapid Fire Build for LBG. These builds have superb firing speed compare to Spread LBG build. To balance this, these shots generally have lower damage per hit compare to Spread builds.

Taroth “Blitz” Support is still the best Light Bowgun for Rapid Fire Build.

If you don’t have Taroth Blitz “Support” and hate to farm for it. Lightbreak Gun (from Raging Brachydios is also a solid choice for Rapid Fire LBG Build

The Lightbreak Gun comes with 364 Base Damage and the ability to Rapid Fire with Normal Ammo 3.

This build can go with the Safi’jiiva armor set build. Rapid Fire will counter the effect of Dragonvein Awakening. If you prefer a safer approach, simply switch to full Brachydium Armro and you are good to go.

Anti Alatreon LBG Build

Weapon – Safi’s Aquashot/

For the Special Assignment, you can stick to Safi’s Aquashot

After that, your focus should be farming for Alatreon Dominator

Don’t worry, even if you can beat Alatreon in Special Assignment, a 35+ Failed Quest still yield enough materials for crafting Alatreon’s weapon!

Alatreon Dominator is one of the most universal LBG in MHW Iceborne right now. Depend on the quest where you fight Alatreon, change the elemental jewels accordingly.

Below is a build that utilize Frost Ammo from Alatreon’s Dominator

LBG Sticky Ammo Build

Safi’s Aquashot remain the best Light Bowgun for Sticky Ammo Build. This build generally has lower defense compare to armor like Safi’jiiva or the Raging Brachydium Armor

Fatalis LBG Build

A tribute to Phemento, make sure to check out his detailed explanation on Fatalis LBG Build

This build has all you need, both offensive (Maximum Attack/Agitator/Critical Eye/Boosts) and defensive (Divine Blessing/Stun Resistance/Evade Window)

This is by far the most powerful LBG build in Monster Hunter World. The Fatalis armor set bonus provides both melee and ranged hunter the skills they need.

It did take a lot of grinding to get all these decorations
The skills level of your dream

Combine with the HP Boost bonus and True Razor Sharp/ Spare Shot, Fatalis armor should be your goal for MHW End Game.

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