MHW Iceborne SnS Build [Pre Fatalis]

Before Fatalis updates on October 1, let take a look at all the SnS Builds in current MHW Meta.

SnS Build – Elemental or Raw Damage?

SnS is still good for Elemental Damage in the latest meta (Alatreon) but prior to Alatreon’s appearance, most hunters prefer the usual Blast Raw Damage Build. This is mostly because of the boost to Perfect Rush damage (New Combo for SnS in MHW Iceborne)

Perfect Rush

The Perfect Rush end with a thrust that let you mount onto the monster Clutch Claw style. However, due to it’s long wind up, most players didn’t finish the full Perfect Rush combo and stop at the

You don’t need to perform the full Perfect Rush, but just utilize the power of the first three hits combo.

SnS Build Guide – Armor Set & Skills

SnS Build is pretty similar to other melee weapons, you use two pieces of Brachydios Armor to unlock Agitator Secret. The rest is for Kaiser Armor (Teostra) for Master Touch.

SnS Raw Damage Build | Safi’s Shatterfang/ Lightbreak Sword

This build is the easiest one to use SnS on. This build focuses solely on Raw Damage and enhances your Perfect Rush combo to a whole new level. Can be used universally almost on any monster.

Armor Set

– Easy to use
– Can be used for almost all monster
– Safi’s Shatterfang require some grinding to max out
– Useless against Alatreon
  • Brachydium Mail + Greaves Beta (Agitator x2 + Weakness Exploit x2, Agitator Secret)
  • Kaiser Bambraces + Coils + Crown Beta (Master Touch, Latent Power, Critical Eye x2, Blast Attack x 2)


  • Challenger Charm V (Agitator x 5) – To maximize Agitator Secret.

Coalescence (Phoenix Jewel III) remains one of the easiest DPS boosts despite it’s kind of complex description. The boost at level 1 (Attack +12, Elemental Attack +30, Status Build Up + 5%) is enough for a good DPS build.

The rest of the jewels are your usual approach to any build:

Weakness Exploit >> Critical Eye >> Critical Boost >> Attack Boost

If you don’t have Safi’s Shatterfang, Lightbreak Sword can be used. This SnS is easier to find compare to Safi’s Shatterfang. Lightbreak Sword has lower base damage compare to a maxed out Safi’s Shatterfang, but has higher Blast and is better for Solo Play

Lightbreak Sword Build

SnS Paralysis Build

Looking for a multiplayer friendly SnS build? This is your best option

SnS Paralysis Build

With the fast attack speed of SnS and the buff to Perfect Rush, applying Paralysis can be a piece of cake with some practice. This build does not have the high raw damage compare to Lightbreak/ Safi’s Shatterfang build, but will make your teammates value your appearance.

Paralysis Proc can easily be applied on many monsters, and indirectly boost the overall DPS of your team.

Kjarr Slicer “Numb” is picked for Critical Element and its high base damage.

– Comfy
– Good for Multiplayer
– Pretty good for Guiding Lands Farming
– Useless Against Alatreon
– Lower Damage compare to Safi/Lightbreak Build

SnS Anti Alatreon | SnS Elemental Build

The boost of Perfect Rush damage did reduce the power of the previous SnS Elemental build. However, you will still need Elemental for Alatreon. So this can be your base set against Alatreon.

Raging Brachydios + Teostra Armor + K járr SnS

Kjárr SnS (The most common Alatreon build is Ice weapons, but his active form will change depending on the quest) remain the best weapon against Alatreon.

K j á rr SnS comes with Critical Element which boost your elemental damage on Critical Hit. This SnS also sync well with the current meta armor set.

Silver Sol Armor + Elemental SnS

The classic True Critical Element build from Silver Rathalos

This build has lower defense compare to the current Meta build (Master Touch + Agitator Secret) but it is currently one of the best Elemental Armor set in MHW Iceborne.

Armor Set

  • Silver Solhelm + Solmail + Solbraces + Solcoil – This is for the True Critical Element Boost
  • Garuga Greaves – A boost on Critical Eye (Can be changed to Escadora Waist if you beat Alatreon)

This build can enhances any base elemental weapon. For the current meta, you can use Silverbosche (From Frostfang Barioth) with this build.

The biggest issue with this build is the jewels. As you don’t have the Master Touch treatment, you will need Handicraft and Sharp Jewel to keep up the DPS.

For Alatreon, Kjárr SnS are preferred thanks to Critical Element, but if you don’t have one, the below can do the trick.

  • Silverbosche (Frost Fang Barioth SnS)
  • Shining Wyvern Blade (Fire SnS)

The easiest one to get is the Frost from Frostfang Barioth, just a couple runs on this quest and you can craft one of these.

After beating Alatreon, make sure to craft Alatreon Sword – One of the best weapons to face Fatalis!

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