Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons – Top 15 Melee Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Check out our pick for the top 15 Melee weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, ranked from the easiest to pick to the most powerful weapon.

This is base on my personal experience during my playthrough of Minecraft Dungeons. Don’t like this list? Drop a comment below!

15 – Hawkbrand

Minecraft Dungeons Hawkbrand Stat

Hawkbrand is one of the easiest unique weapons to drop in Minecraft Dungeons. This sword is pretty basic to it’s core, it provides you a slight chance to deal Critical Hit – which will triple the base damage.

Hawkbrand can appear pretty early in Default Difficulty in Creepers Woods mission. Hawkbrand is best used for early missions and is suitable for builds that do not rely too much on melee combat.

Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Apocalypse Item List

14 – Venom Glaive

This weapon has been featured pretty heavily on this site…

Minecraft Dungeons Venom Glaive | Apocalypse Difficulty

Located in Soggy Swamp, you can get Venom Glaive from Obisidian Chest (Often appear randomly in this mission) or simply fight a mini-boss (Evoker or Enderman) in this mission. Venom Glaive has pretty low attack speed, but has an area of effect damage and can be enhanced with either Shockwave or Swirling to increase area damage.

Venom Glaive also has the ability to spawn a Poison Cloud area and deal a small tick damage to a group of mobs.

13 – Flail

Minecraft Dungeons Flail Unique Mace

This unique mace has the ability to chain the enemy in place and deal a small area damage.

Similar to Hawkbrand, Flail is good for a generic starter build that doesn’t focus much on the damage. Flail can also be dropped in Default difficulty, making this one of the early unique weapons you can get in Minecraft Dungeons

Flail can be dropped in Highblock Halls mission on Apocalypse difficulty.

Highblock Halls gear drops

Minecraft Dungeons Apocalypse Highblock Halls

12 – Heartstealer

Heartstealer Minecraft Dungeons

This Unique Claymore can be found in Obisidian Pinnacle. Heartstealer allow you to leech enemy health and has a knockback effect on every hit. Heartstealer is also a one hit weapon that can be enhanced with Swirling or Shockwave.

Sharpness is also good on Heartstealer.

Minecraft Dungeons Obsidian Pinnacle Apocalypse difficulty. Heart Stealer location

11 – Storm Lander

Minecraft Dungeons StormLander Stat

This is a cheap version of the Mjolnir. Storm Lander infuses the power of Lighting to the Hammer, giving a 30% chance to call down a Lightning Bolt that can deal damage up to 3 enemies. Storm Lander can be enhanced with Sharpness, Swirling, and Shockwave to give out more damage.

Due to the low attack speed, Storm Lander is good for any build that already has a recovery mechanic (Soul Healer, or Healing Totem)

Stormlander has a chance to drop in Obsidian Pinnacle or Fiery Forge on Apocalypse difficulty

10 – Frost Scythe

Minecraft Dungeons Frost Scythe location

Frost Scythe slow mobs with every hit, allow you to deal more damage before they can attack you.

Frost Scythe can be enhanced with Shockwave to increase the reach of the weapon.

Frost Scythe is best used in any Soul Build that does not require fast attack speed or super-powerful damage. Frost Scythe can be found in Pumpkin Pasture on Apocalypse Difficulty

Souls Build in Minecraft Dungeons often revolve around Artifact Damage and increase the Souls Gauge fill up speed. Check out our Souls Build in this Minecraft Dungeons Build guide.

9 – Firebrand

Minecraft Dungeons Firebrand Apocalypse

One of the factors that makes Firebrand number 9 is it’s design, it is a simply badass-burning-ax. Firebrand attacks is simply a spin attack similar to double Axe.

Firebrand is good when dealing with multiple mobs, as the spin attack can spread the burning effect while dealing good damage to all the surrounding enemies.

Firebrand is best used with Commitment, Sharpness & Critical Hit.

8 – BroadSword

Minecraft Dungeons Broadsword

BroadSword is one of the three unique Swords in Minecraft Dungeons. BroadSword’s unique ability is “Extra Damage” BroadSword is harder to find compare to Hawkbrand or Diamond Sword, but it is generally better than the other two.

BroadSword is good for any build that wants a more classic look on the build.

If you are tired of all those fancy effects, then pick BroadSword with Critical and 2 x Sharpness.

7 – Truthseeker

Minecraft Dungeons Truthseeker

A powerful Soul Knife that deals more damage as the enemies are wounded.

Truthseeker is also found in the Soggy Swamp mission or occasionally appeared in Black Smith. Truthseeker can be enhanced with Anima Conduit if you prefer a recovery method during your grind.

Truthseeker is best used in Soul Build. For other build, it lacks area damage and the attack speed needed for a overpower DPS build

6 – Moon Daggers

This Dual Dagger comes with Soul Critical Boost, which can enhance your Critical Chance base on your current Soul Bar. Moon Daggers is good for enchantments that has percent base proc (Radiance, Critical Hit)

The above Moon Daggers are pretty good with either Sharpness or Commitment + Critical Hit + Radiance.

Moon Daggers is great for build that focus on Attack Speed (Spider Armor Build)

5 – Cursed Axe

Cursed Axe is best used after you reach Apocalypse, as the exploding ability only works best when you are surrounded, and when the mobs have some decent Health Bar.

On Default and Adventure difficulty, this option is pretty useless (Also this weapon does not drop on Default Difficulty either)

Cursed Axe, similar to any Unique Double Axe, can be farmed by griding Soggy Swamp mission on Apocalypse.

Cursed Axe syncs well with any Double Axe build. Check out our guide for Minecraft Dungeons Double Axe build.

4 – Souls Fist

Souls Fist is one of the three unique gauntlets in Minecraft Dungeons. Souls Fist has a focus on Critical Chance. This pair of gauntlet can deliver more critical hit base on your current Soul Level. Souls Fist is the best to pair with Radiance for Recovery.

Sous Fist Critical chance can be enhanced with Critical Hit as well.

The best enchantments for Souls Fist are as follow

  • Critical Hit
  • Radiance
  • Sharpness/ Commitment

3 – Hammer of Gravity

Minecraft Dungeons Hammer of Gravity

Hammer of Gravity adds just one unique ability to the Hammer Splash Damage – Gravity. This pulls in enemies with each hammer slam, and can quickly destroy a group of mobs with it’s powerful damage.

Hammer of Gravity is super easy to play and can be combined with almost any builds. Hammer of Gravity can be enhanced with Damage focus enchantment like Sharpness or Commitment.

If you want a little more spark, both Swirling and Shockwave can be used as an indirect way to add more damage to this hammer.

2 – Whirlwind

This is featured in my Double Axe build guide. Whirlwind shoots out a shock wave at the second spin attack. Whirlwind is pretty easy to put into any build and can be pretty powerful with Commitment, Sharpness, or Critical enchantment.

Whirlwind is best used with Death Cap Mushroom. This enhances the attack speed and allows you to deliver more Critical Hit. Most Double Axe drops come with pretty high base damage.

Whirlwind can be dropped on Soggy Swamp on Apocalypse difficulty

1 – Fighter’s Binding

This can be considered ‘Meta’ by now. Fighter’s Binding is the fastest weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. At power level 104, combine this with Critical Hit, Radiance, and Sharpness and you got yourself one of the best weapons for level grinding in Minecraft Dungeons.

Fighter’s Binding attack speed can be enhanced by Death Cap Mushroom, making it’s a boss killer weapon.

This also introduces builds that focus on reducing Artifact Cooldown. These builds reduce 75% of Artifact Cooldown and let you use Death Cap Mushroom throughout the level without a single downtime.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons

The best weapon should be the one that you are comfortable to play with. The list above are based on the unique ability of those weapons and how easy it is to combine the weapon to a build.

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